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  1. johnhustle007

    Does This Weird Twitter Method Still Work?

    I’m thinking about starting a twitter army for my blogs... The idea is every time my interns post a blog article, I want my twitter army to tweet out the link & RT the main account tweets. While the accounts follows & engaging with other accounts to grow... I’ve done this before successfully...
  2. mnkassier

    Good SEO VPS with Already Installed SEO tools?

    Hi, I've been around on BHW for some time but, just now I registered here as I really need your help now guys. As I have no much money to spend on all the seo tools I decided to buy a seo vps for now. I won't be heavy using as I am a noob for these automated stuff so, I guess seo vps es will do...
  3. C

    Current State of Tweet Adder 4

    Tweet Adder 4 seems to not really get any new updates anymore, and sucks compared to Tweet Adder 3. It still does have some good stuff, it is just manual. I heard some rumors about some macros being available for it in the tweet adder forums but the posts were deleted. Does anyone know how to...
  4. P

    Twitter apps to grow suggestions? Batter App gone, please help

    PLEASE GIVE YOUR SUGGESTIONS... What Twitter programs do you recommend for twitter growth? Please suggest some, and any for Facebook growth on LIKE pages? Suggest some here with your experiences. I need good solution for Twitter that won't result in my accounts getting suspended. Batter App...
  5. webhostingproviders

    Internet Marketer Mobile Apps

    Looking for best mobile app - which works on auto mode - something like Tweet Adder, Blog Commenter etc.... Please help
  6. whitewar2001

    Tweet attack with dedicated server

    Hi, i want to purchase the new version of tweet attack pro. I want to find out if it is possible to use it on the cloud, i mean like with a dedicated server or something like that?
  7. Zartan

    Need Mass Twitter Follow Tool?

    I want to follow 1k daily users in major cities only like New York, LA, London, etc. Can anyone recommend a tool or site (free or paid) that can follow Twitter users in a specific location? A bonus would be to follow users who were active in the last 5 days. I use Tweet Adder 4 but it doesn't...
  8. A

    Tweet Demon working? Or Twiddium? Twitter follow un follow bot advise required

    Hey BHW, Since the demise of Tweet adder 3 there had been a lot of discussion about best twitter bot to follow unfollow users. The short list appears to be the following: Tweet demon: Apparently can do all the things TA3 could do but large amounts of accounts were getting banned (according to...
  9. A

    Tweepi Bot - whats the verdict ?

    Hey all looking for an unfollow follow bot to manage about 25 accounts, I had tweet adder 3 before its sad demise to tweet adder 4.0. I have been looking at this Tweepi bot see (SEARCH TWEEPI BOT IN GOOGLE FOR SAID VIDEO) now the comments on the youtube page are very positive.... Oh wait they...
  10. T

    Leaving Tweetadder V3 / need list of followed account

    I was previously using tweetadder V3 and I am going to move to a new tool. Anyone know how to retrieve the list of people we have followed with Tweetadder to move them to an another softawre. They are located in the acount_name.ta3 file. I am afraid to follow again people I have already...
  11. yaleinnovator

    Surpassing the Twitter Follow Limit

    I am still using tweet adder 3 for automation, but some things about tweet adder 4 have come to my attention. Since tweet adder 4 runs directly of the twitter API and follow actions are now performed manually, it can be taken that twitter would assume that the follow/unfollows might be more...
  12. withatwist

    Tweet Adder Users, Where/How do you get your tweets?

    Here's my dilemma, I just bought 100 Twitter accounts. My goal is to get these accounts to 1,000 followers each and then move on and buy another 100 twitter accounts, so on and so on until I get to 1,000 accounts overall with all of them having at least 1,000 followers each. All in all, I...
  13. M

    Full Tweet Adder for BHW

    download the set up from Official website tweetadder and use any of this keys for registration Registration Number: yxhajG8j6-ZG7u-aQwD-vCTy Registration Number: w8JWBANqf-5C89-YPXd-DRj7 Registration Number: bvJNmWDZu-KSnd-tBPk-pNHq Registration Number: hXEBbCrLX-Xh6y-6En7-jnFD...
  14. L


    I was wondering if anyone is familiar with using Tweet Adder? I'm looking for a way to send Replies rather than spam every single person with a Direct Message. No one really looks in their DM box any more because it's nothing but spam! Also I have two extra 5 profile accounts if anyone is...
  15. kittyfranklin

    TweetAdder experts, I need your help about running over 100 twitter accounts on it.

    This is pretty urgent so if you know anything about tweetadder, please respond with your tips, knowledge, experience, solutions, etc. I am new to posting at blackhatworld (but not new to reading here), so thanks for welcoming me into the blackhatworld :) So far I have 50 accounts running on...
  16. painreliefbullet

    How Do Mass Twitter Follower Fiverr Sellers Handle Proxys?

    How Do Mass Twitter Follower Fiverr Sellers Handle Proxys? I've heard so many things, I've searched, I don't get what the guys selling 100k accounts are using or doing. Private proxys would be extremely expensive. VPN's are just 1 ip until you manually switch right? What the heck are they doing?
  17. SEOwned

    Don’t Get Banned on Twitter - *100 Post Milestone*

    So it's my 100th Post, I know that's not huge but still a small milestone for me, I've only been with BH since April 2012 and learning SEO and IM since then. I've learnt loads of cools tips and tricks whilst discussing in these forums so want to say Thanks to all who've help me so far. I'm...
  18. 99lives

    Legality: how to avoid being sued

    After what happened to Tweetattacks, Tweetadder and others (link), what are the best practices to avoid being sued by a US based company? is enough to just don't found your company in the US?
  19. X

    Need Article On Tweet Adder and Tweet Attacks

    If there is anyone here familiar with these software packages, who use them on a daily basis then I need an article written on each one. I hate writing articles and do not have the time. What needs to be covered: Software functions, platforms they run on and how one is different from...
  20. H

    Tweet Attacks PROBLEMS!!!

    I have recently switched from TweetAdder (due to problems) to Tweet Attacks with the hope of finding a reliable auto follow/tweet software etc but it also seems Tweet Attacks will not follow users via search, from list and from .txt file. I was basically wondering if anyone else has had this...
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