1. F

    propelmedia (Trafficvance) account needed

    i am want to buy propelmedia (trafficvance ) accounts if you have one or more i will pay good money for an account
  2. M

    Case Study Media Buying - Pay per Call Campaign - Google Display Network

    I thought it would give me enough motivation to run this campaign if I document my journey step by step since I lost my motivation in between due to a couple of reasons..This campaign can end up in a profit or loss but will still try to run it. It is basically a pay per call campaign and I would...
  3. S

    PPV ethical?

    Do you think it is to steal someone else's gain? What is your opinion? I read an article yesterday and the author says is to steal.
  4. S

    Should I use only adult network ads?

    I want to advertise a penis extender product.Should I use only adult network ads? leadimpact and trafficvance allow? thanks
  5. kerozin24

    PPV JV 50-50 Split

    If You have a TrafficV account which You don`t use , or don`t know how to setup profitable campaigns on it, then let me help You out! I will split test and maximize Campaigns to the Max ROI! Reply only if You are serious and want to make big money! We will split profits 50-50! Only a few...
  6. K

    Need a referral for TrafficVance

    Hi, I have been doing PPC traffic for a while and now I want to break into PPV. I started with TrafficVance due to the many positive reviews here, however I can't get them to even review my application. Can anyone here provide me with a contact, or better yet a referral to someone at...
  7. J

    Trafficvance Referral

    Sup gangsters. If anyone has a spare Trafficvance referral I would be much obliged, been trying to get in for a while now. Would pay $50 for one. Not sure if this is against the rules, if it is, just tell me.
  8. B

    monetizing ppv

    Hi everyone, this is actually my first post on blackhatworld. Nice to meet you all. I've been with mediatraffic for a little while and have tried literally everything I can think of to monetize this traffic. I've bid on strictly domains, niche-relevant keywords, signup pages for specific...
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