1. lio7887

    Tinder only fans

    Professionals are working on dating apps for me. They are extremely knowledgeable experts on Tinder, Bumble, Reddit, Pof, and Badoo, and they are the group I put together. I would like to limit the use of this service to fans who are considering launching a new company. You can contact us if...
  2. R

    I'm being copied and I need help

    I have a website monetized with adsense, and I have some ads on Facebook Ads. Unfortunately, there are people who are copying my Facebook ads and this has really hurt me, even though I contacted the person who is copying me and asked them to stop, but it didn't resolve the issue. I will take...
  3. N

    Marketers with direct source contacts placing NSFW ads

    Looking for marketers who can mass advertise in major sources for my NSFW AI on short notice. We are interested in banners, articles, blogger collaborations, pops. We are considering primarily Tier 1 countries, we can also consider Tier 2. The audience is male, the main age of the target...
  4. Mostbet Partners

    MostBet Partners - Direct Gambling/Betting Advertiser with huge amount of GEOs

    Are you prepared to increase your profit? Join Mostbet Partners today! Are you seeking a profitable collaboration in the realm of betting and gambling? Search no more! Our partners program is an ideal fit for you. Wondering why you should team up with us? Here's the answer: ✅ Licensed...
  5. W

    Looking for a websites recommendations that got their own traffic inside platform

    Hey there I'm looking for some sites recommendations which they got their own traffic inside platform and that traffic can send visitors to the digital products/physical products listed by their members. I know sites like Gumroad, slideshare, etsy, ebay, facebook marketplace, can...
  6. N

    I'm looking for people who drive NSFW traffic from Twitter

    Hello everyone, if you are driving traffic to: onlyfans, dating, webcam and so on. If you know how to create a network of accounts and generate at least 10,000 clicks to a website per day, then you are the one I need. I have a NSFW AI for undressing and it needs traffic. I am ready to pay for...
  7. M

    ✅✅✅Get to a $50k income on ONLYFANS✅✅✅ Let's walk this path together✅

    Hey, everybody! A little history. I switched from classical marketing, which I did for more than 7 years, to the adult sphere. It was due to the war in my country, and a drop in income in the niche I was working in. I studied a lot of materials on how to work in the adult industry, several...
  8. dhamilton

    Website Technical SEO audit | Explained

    Understanding website audits extends beyond just inputting your website into an auditing tool and consistently generating and sending reports. A website audit involves using auditing tools to identify all potential errors with a website and then resolve them. An effective website audit can...
  9. Pepsito

    A way to generate 5k traffics/ per day directly from Pinterest?

    I'm looking for a quick way to generate several thousand unique visitors from Pinterest to my Blog about clothing. For those of you already in the field, are you seeing promising results with Pinterest? And if so, what are your tips for gaining maximum visibility quickly?
  10. justmeus

    HAF: dating-app automation

    Hi guys, I'm looking for someone who can help us with dating-app automation for traffic. DM me please, its a very big project that will pay well. Its for an AI project
  11. M

    Need some Suggestion on Site traffic after Algo update

    So below is the chart for my site. Before google algo update it was getting over 250 visitors per day. but after the updates it is now doing 80 to 100 visitors per day. The visitors are steady and sometimes impressions and clicks also increase. Is my site blacklisted or hit by google? Please...
  12. B

    Discovered, not indexed on climate change article

    Hi all – long-time lurker, first time poster. Don't know if this will help/interest anyone here but I found it notable. I run an old site that gets decent but dwindling traffic. And it's not due to any recent Google weirdness. This site dates back 20 years, and traffic started dipping and...
  13. Alex_Roma89

    traffic at the limit, has this ever happened to you?

    Hi all guys, have you ever had a site that at some point stops with traffic? Let me explain, I arrived with a site at 3,500 unique users per day, but I haven't moved from this figure for the past few months, even after aggressive link building. How do you climb in these moments? Waiting for...
  14. yugi_master

    email marketing discussion thread ( by using scraped email lists)

    hello everyone , i will make this thread to make everyone who want share new methods about cold email marketing by using the scraped emails lists. i hope everyone share what they learned from their journey in this marketing method .
  15. TabooLady

    "Join Me on My Journey to Success: OnlyFans Model Julia Seeks Support and Opportunities"

    Dear forum members, I am Julia, an OnlyFans model who recently joined your community. I am thrilled to be a part of this forum and hope to find ways to earn a living and generate a stable income of at least $5000 per month. As someone who left the war with limited income, financial stability...
  16. Seductiv_hat

    Looking to generate traffic from Reddit to OF

    Hello, We are an OF agency, we are looking to invest to generate traffic from SMM, Multiple domains are needed, tinder bumble ig and reddit, Don’t hesitate to contact me, more specifications to come Looking to form longterm work relations PM or hit me on telegram Thanks guys
  17. zapo

    Need help with trafic and advertising cbd online store in Slovenija.

    Hi, i run a CBD oil and other CBD products online store. We have a problem becouse its not allowed to advertize on Facebook, Instagram and Google ads. Is there any one who can help with advertising or drive traffic on my website in any way. But we only ship in our country Slovenija. So all the...
  18. sinner82

    Best source for right price, Tier 1 pop traffic to buy ?

    As the title says, the lowest price vs quality I did try popads, popcash, galaksion, uniads. Found that galksion delivers at lowest price, but only half of impressions being registered on target stats. Would be glad if anyone would recommend or tell own experience with good network you know...
  19. Novus

    What keywords should i target for my give away offer

    I have Cpa offer the niche is giveaway (offer title:earn $10,000 instantly, it's a email submit offer) which keywords should I use/target to get leads/conversations
  20. FansyEnt

    Traffic for my Onlyfans page

    Hello, I am looking for someone who handles traffic for onlyfans who can help me with marketing for my onlyfans profile. Currently my budget is very low, but we can discuss further business details privately. I'm 28 years old, female, do both solo content and content with a guy. :)
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