1. R

    Need quick answers please!!!

    I'm currently on a binance futures trade, doing long on AVAXUSDT and my liquidation price is 17. I waited till it touches 23, but I think it'll go down than that. What should I do? Should i sell in loss or should I wait???
  2. alurosu

    Terra / LUNA Ecosystem Revival Plan 2

    The main guy behind the LUNA project wants to bring it back in a different form: Here's a link to his twitter thread: Any thoughts?
  3. alurosu

    Where can I short the Russian Ruble?

    I've searched a lot of websites and I could not find where to short the Russian national currency. Most of the apps froze the option since the war started. Why I want to do that? This should explain it: I'm from Europe. The platform should work in Europe. Any ideas?
  4. PawanYadav8511


    How many of you are investing in EURUSD as currently it is sitting at the rock bottom.
  5. C

    To date, over 400 exchanges are represented on the cryptocurrency market

    To date, over 400 exchanges are represented on the cryptocurrency market. They can be divided into two types: CEX and DEX ⚖️ CEX (centralized exchange) - a centralized exchange, the management of which lies on the outside of a single organization that acts as an intermediary between forums...
  6. bestspinner

    Crypto Trading Analysis

    Post your crypto trading chart analysis here: I think bitcoin will sideways and then will go up to 50k area, but if it broke down then it could go as low as 30k. What you think, is it going to be 50k or 30k?
  7. IlyesPoke

    Find Trading signals

    Hi, Does anyone know of a good site that sells trading signals in cryptocurrency? Thank you :)
  8. R

    Binance hedge? Worth it?

    What binance hedge? I'm currently trading in binance futures with 20X Leverage, and making $25-30 daily in short and sometimes long too. I was wondering what is binance hedging? How is this beneficial for trading, and is it better than the normal trading? What are the advantages and...
  9. A

    The power of exponential growth in crypto

    A few days ago, lost all my money in crypto, but I’ve withdrawn more than the main amount I started with this year, so it ain't a problem. How do you lose what you never had?! start over. What this business world all about, right? I always hated trading/gambling in financial markets. Because...
  10. R

    Which Margin Mode? Cross Mode or Isolated Mode?

    Which margin mode is suitable and good for small trading in small coins in binance, Cross or Isolated mode? I will be trading full time, and will be doing small trades, just to keep going like 5-25$ in a day, also in a beginner so please advice me any tips too, I'll be really grateful.
  11. R

    Binance, Mana or Sand?

    Which coin would you prefer investing my $10 with 20x Leverage and 90$ on my futures wallet. So it'd be $200 investment with futures, so which coin would you prefer investing? I was thinking about SAND or MANA, I personally like SAND more and any advices would be appreciated. Also, in binance...
  12. alurosu

    No BTC under 60k panic post?

    I am shocked nobody is talking about it. Why do you think this happened? Why do you think everyone is so sure it will go up? Is that a risk sign?
  13. P

    I am thinking of getting started into trading cryptocurrency. What are your some tips that you can give me ? have any recommende books or courses ?

    I want to start into crypto trading. Do you have any tips and tricks ? Any recommended steps, courses or books ?
  14. P

    $100k to $1million trading stocks, fx, futures and crypto

    Hi, I have been on and off bhw for over 10 years lurking. Made some money back in the days with IM but then moved onto other things like trading. I want to share my journey here to document my trading journey to learn from my mistake and document what I did right. And also learn from you guys...
  15. bestspinner

    Do you play crypto game?

    So yesterday I tried to play this game account upgrade and all that, I think this game is fun. And then i tried the market to buy and then sell it again for profit and it really works i just sell the card i bought for profit this is crazy Just look at it guys, also...
  16. komo22

    Investing & Youtube Journey to 7 Figures

    Between these multiple investment streams and a YouTube channel updating the status on them, lets see how long it takes me to reach 7 figures as well as a monetizable YouTube channel. Stock Market (Taxable & Retirement Account): $91,766 Robinhood (Tecnical Trading): $2,515 Wealthfront...
  17. Toy_minator

    [Journey] Crypto Trading To $10,000 Profit in 45 Days

    I have seen lots of people making lots of money from crypto so a couple of months ago I got into it and made lots of money. I also lost lots of money, but most importantly I learned lots of lessons along the way. My aim is to trade most days and aim for 0.5% - 1.5% everyday. Many people may...
  18. Neetoo

    Journey to gain 10% per month using Automated Crypto Trading

    Hello everyone ! I'm a developer, and my ultimate goal is to gain a passive income every day on the long run ! With lot of work, I created my strategy to scalp Crypto on low timeframe and I also created my own bot in Node.js to trade on my Binance Spot Account (I'm hosted on AWS Free Tier). On...
  19. ddlmanager

    [JV] My trading EA to pass Prop firm challenges + your marketing strategy

    Hi, I have an EA that can pass FTMO and other prop firms challenges with good success rate (more than 85%). If you are in this field you already know that prop firms are HUGE right now so there is no best time than this to promote this service. Price for the service will range from $300 to...
  20. rksama

    More Bad News? Crypto Banned in China! Another bad news!! Maybe the crypto train is finally slowing down. After china ban Bitcoin will go down significantly or will it maintain...
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