1. T

    Anyone into Futures and Options Crypto Trading ?

    Anyone into Futures and Options Crypto Trading ? What's your Strategy? Which Site you follow for News? Which Twitter Accounts you follow for Insider News? What Factors you Focus on? I know Every Trader Do not Profit Daily But Still Curious to Know What's Safe and Best Strategy Thanks
  2. nadeer2004

    Affiliate marketing network that provides CPA and Revenue share model in the fintech niche ? (forex trading, crypto trading, indices trading)

    Hi guys, Does anyone have experience with a trustable Affiliate marketing network that provides a CPA and Revenue share model in the fintech niche ? (forex trading, crypto trading, indices trading)
  3. S


    Hi peeps. Am Simon. Am Into python coding, trading, content writing, SEO and currently working on monitizing a YouTube channel. Am looking forward developing and growing with you guys. Thanks.
  4. Streamingdegen


    Hello everyone, I made quite a killing with music streaming the last few years and now it is time to move on to something bigger! I just saw this video from Biaheza on youtube and for the first time I am really hooked on trading! The method he explains makes absolute sense compared to the...
  5. BillyScottland

    What types of cryptocurrency earning do you know?

    What kinds of cryptocurrency earnings do you know. I am asking about high-yield earnings, trading at 3-5% is not interesting, I know about many such types of earnings, I have enough experience in cryptocurrency. I'm referring to those cases where $1,000 makes $1,000,000. If you want to talk...
  6. T

    My Trading Journal to $10,000 from $100 Account

    I am creating this thread to record my journey from $100 to $10,000. I am very positive that I will hit my target. I have been trading Forex for the last few years. It has been an up-and-down journey until 2022 when I finally started to be consistent. I have attached my Trade Explorer so you can...
  7. dominyx

    Future Trading Beginner Guide

    I'm new and starting on the journey of Future Trading. Was hoping if there's any guide or advice you guys would give to those starting on the Future Trading.
  8. nohupt

    i guess i made my beer money for the week...

    and maybe some f-u money. ya know, for hookers and blow. and bail :p props to @coolsheet for callin it early. bull markets are fun
  9. J

    Looking for content creator and video editor that can do voice over

    Hello, looking for someone that could do similar content (desktop recording, editing, voice-over): I own a similar indicator/tool Requirements: Preferably 5-7 videos weekly (minimum 3 videos weekly) Video rotation: crypto...
  10. Z

    Seo Or Trading FX

    hello dear members i need sincere advice as i am Graduated in Computer science what do u recommend for career to begin as i know some basics or SEO as well As Trading what should i choose
  11. wolfman1

    [WTB] Crypto influencer email list. YouTube, Instagram, possibly LinkedIn, website owners

    Hello and thanks for your time :) Can you provide email addresses of crypto influencers who have an audience? Ideally I want YouTube influencer emails, but Instagram influencers also interest me … I’m not too excited about LinkedIn leads however. Please PM with details as I cannot reply...
  12. iimpact

    [Journey] Daily crypto trading, from 10k to Billion

    After a lot of testing I think I finally have something, but lets give it more time as I've started with this new concept only 3 days ago, I'm using hedge trading on ETH/USDT pair meaning at some points I have both short and long open. My long is currently bigger than short as the market looks...
  13. hims.000

    (Suggestion) best stock market trading course | I want to start trading

    Hi in this forum there are a lot of trading course. But i dont want to download every courses. Can you suggest me some courses for stock market trading which will be very helpful. I am from india. And any learning resources?
  14. Zed Instruments

    MY HFT Trading BOT ( 10-15%/MONTH)/ 1% DRAW DOWN + YOUR NETWORK.

    What's going on BHW... I've got private access to a HFT trading bot that's been doing 10-15%/Month for OVER 3 YEARS... It also has less than a 2% DRAW DOWN. I do not mind sharing myfxbook links, AND LIVE Meta Trader 5 Investor Logins AND sharing ether scan wallet addresses so you can VET AND...
  15. NiceDogey

    5 Tips & Steps YOU MUST DO Before Buying Any Altcoin, Memecoin or Token To Avoid Getting Scammed/Rugged

    I'm sharing 5 tips & steps ONE MUST ALWAYS do before buying whatever altcoin, memecoin, token, or whatever crypto project. Short & sweet. Step 1: Check top 10 wallets on Etherscan/BSCScan. If there are airdropped wallets (wallets that never bought) having more than 2% supply, or a few with 5%...
  16. Rakzs

    Learn crypto trading easily with this big info archive

    I found this Notion which has a lot of good info for trading, everything you need to learn to be successful. It's by Insilico.
  17. deroty

    Benefiting from offshore companies to pay lower tax.

    Hello friends. I am from Turkey and I am opening an account in forex firm "IC Markets" Seychelles branch. What I want to ask is: What and which location can I incorporate in order not to pay tax? And I also want a debit card in that anonymous company name. I looked Seychelles and it costs 600...
  18. drums

    What do you think about uranium stocks?

    Hello, has anyone invested in uranium stocks? I read some articles on Reddit. After Russia cut off the gas, European countries and other countries started to turn to nuclear energy. Many countries have started to build sites for new nuclear power generation and are planning to do so in the long...
  19. PawanYadav8511

    Scalping - Strategy/Indicator

    Can anyone here please help me find the best strategy or indicator to make 20-30 pips from the forex market on a regular basis.
  20. Kingfin

    Kingfin - affiliate program of Olymp Trade

    We are Kingfin! Naming is clear now, but what do we do? Kingfin is the official affiliate program of the Olymp Trade trading platform. The scheme is simple - sign up, bring traders to the platform and make profit using the model that suits you: CPA or RevShare. Why us? It's simple: - we...
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