1. castoro

    Can I register "" and get away with it?

    Alright, clickbait title, sorry guys :D My question is about trademark and general risks related to registering domain names with "common words": For example, Can I create a french website with a very general domain name (niche + "common word") like,,
  2. lanterns

    an Amazon brand Keep sending fake IP claims that I infrigement their trademark ? Anyone had semilar issue ?

    how to deal with a brand that actually copy my listings and then started sending fake trademark infringement and everytime I send email to amazon that I own the rights they remove the strike but then they hit me again with fake strike? anyone had similar issue? and should I deal them thank you
  3. Arsalan Nazar

    Redbubble Copy Rights All My Artwork

    Hello Everyone, I need to solve this issue recently i joined Redbubble Marketplace to earn little money. We all know that they dont pay much. I uploaded 1500+ Arts on my shop. But now a days i received mail after mail from redbubble copy right team that, their system removed my art work because...
  4. rajkala

    Received trademark infringement email from Facebook on one of the money making domain - Need urgent help

    Hey guys! I hope you are doing great! I recently received an email from a legal firm presenting Facebook ( Meta inc ) - I have checked the email authenticity and it looks real ( The IP, SPF, DMARC ) they have asked me to transfer the domain to meta asap - please suggest what can be done...
  5. Starblazer

    Cloudflare sent me a Trademark violation for Robux Generator

    I never had any issues with free Robux generators until now. But, Cloudflare sent me a trademark violation for using Roblox brand name in a free robux generator. They forwarded the complaint to my hosting provider. My site is still live and active. This seems to be a serious concern as Roblox...
  6. Sandie2018

    Question about a trademark

    Hi guys, I have recently bought an expired domain because I liked the name for my niche (for example: but then checked the companies register (UK - Companies House) and it appears that there is a company with that name as my domain (example: Smart Bubbles Limited) and also...
  7. Icey Dan

    Are These Logo Concepts Too Similar?

    Hey guys, I was hoping to get some feedback on this. I just launched a new freelance agency using the following logo I designed (after looking at various "L" logo concepts online for inspiration): Now my friend is telling me he thinks my logo looks too similar to a local construction company's...
  8. RichKIDLK

    I need to understand this trademark law in US and worldwide | Need expert advices

    Friends, I've used this website search option to check the brand names I have generated for my new app. The interesting thing is so many TM search results pop up for some terms that I have created. ex: let say I have...
  9. R

    Trademark after registration and lawyer fees

    I know some are gonna advise to contact lawyer but still I want to know based on your experience. Suppose a company's name is trademarked but their product name is NOT. In that case, is it ok to register domain on the product name? Next, a company trademarks their name after I registered...
  10. Bookmaker

    Domain Advice Help

    Hello Guys I have an important Question. If I want to register a domain name in other country extension will I get in trouble? How can I see if it’s trademarked? On ? And how I know if it’s not trademarked and I can register the name? I'm not from United States if it...
  11. S

    Anonymous trademark registration.

    Hello, i was wondering is there anyway i can anonymously register a trademark? Any country would work or if there's a way to hide my name so it doesn't show up anywhere on record.
  12. B

    Facing Trademark Lawsuit

    I am the admin of one of the sites listed in the lawsuit Being relatively new to this thing, could you guys please advice on what I can do about this?
  13. M

    Received a cease and desist letter in the mail...

    Hi guys! Long time reader, finally a member and first time poster. I received a cease and desist letter fro a lawyer representing a European professional football (soccer) club. They claim I am violating their trademark and demands a quite descent sum of money for lawyer costs + an unknown sum...
  14. r3L4x

    NEED HELP FROM EXPERTS! Google Play Violation of Trademark Infringement policy

    Hello guys, really need some help. Yesterday I got email that I have 7 days to change my app as I got Violation of Trademark Infringement policy... App is nearly 4 years old and it have nearly one million downloads. Example: they registered as trademark I have but I did...
  15. Sandie2018

    Problem with the domain I bought

    Hi guys, I am starting a dropshipping store and found an expired domain in my niche. I checked it on Wayback Machine and was happy that there was previously an ecommerce shop on this domain with the products from my chosen niche. All looked perfect, so I bought the domain. I was going to start...
  16. shuttershades

    Instagram trademark letter Real or Fake?

    To Whom It May Concern, We are writing concerning your registration and use of the domain name **********, which contains the Instagram trademark. You are undoubtedly familiar with Instagram and its worldwide renown in providing photo sharing and editing services, online...
  17. drissWazahri

    Help with Trademark infringement

    Hello Guys i have received an email on my shopify store about Trademark Infringement, i can say the product is about 2years on my store but isn't trademaked just the keyword i'm using is trademarked, how i can close this issue just by updating the keyword name of the product without removing it ?
  18. EternalFun

    How do trademarks work?

    I need to use the word "mom" and "grandma" for my design and as I was searching trademarkia .com and, I see many those two words are registered multiple times. So, if I use those words in my design, it will be like infringing, right? My design is...
  19. EternalFun

    Domain and trademark

    Hi, I'm a bit worried after seeing @mickyfu 's thread. Thing is I have a .com domain with me registered a couple of months ago and it is supposed to be my official company name with trademark too but I have not registered for a trademark yet because of the shortage of money. I plan to do it...
  20. M

    C&D Notice On Domain Name Predating Trademark

    Hi, I have been sent a C&D notice on one of my casinos. The domain name was registered before the trademark was setup. However the domain name had no content on it when the trademark was set up. What are the chances of me winning a dispute. I'm only interested in the opinions of people who have...
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