tracking code

  1. M

    Need a pro web developer/cloaking/coding expert.

    Must know/have experienced how to set up cloaker. advanced level preferred. Must have experienced in making google ads tracking link. I will provide the cloaker and guide how to use the cloaker. I will tell in more details after you reply. Thanks.
  2. M

    tracking number methode no hold

    hey evrone i want to buy methode of tracking number
  3. Eholic

    UA Google Analytics code in YouTube Channel

    Hello, I have watched quite a few Youtube tutorials on where in my Youtube channel to paste the UA Google Analytics code. The location to paste the code from the videos is one that I am not seeing in my Youtube Channel. In the videos it tells me to go to the advanced settings and scroll right...
  4. N

    Affilitest Tracking

    Hello Team, How does track country and device wise custom offers with Perfect Redirection. Is there anyone know about the system how its work please provide your suggestions. Looking forward from you.
  5. S

    Tracking Traffic From Google Places Listing

    We have one website and offer identical services in multiple cities and have a Google Places listing for each city with URL pointing to the home page of our website. We eventually will build unqiue landing pages for each city but for now, we are using the home page. We suspect we are getting...
  6. CrazyAnimal

    Suggest me to track my demo login page

    hi, Here i want to add analytics code to my sub domain site, For example., abcd[dot]website[dot]com Hence i have redirected that to my aspx page [Login screen], For example., http:// 192 . 168 . 87 . 250 / domainname / login[dot]aspx [we are using IIS Server] Shall i add my universal...
  7. Z

    PPV Extreme Tracking?

    Hi guys, Just wondering.. Regarding PPV.. Is there a way to track referrer URL and a click on the Landing Page? Without an "intermediate" page (containing tracking javascript) or a destination URL... Example: I embed the Google Search bar on my landing page. Thus, there's no "intermediate"...
  8. P

    Best way to add google analytics code in a wordpress site.

    I have been trying my level best to add analytics code and i was able to succeed after i used a plugin (All In One Webmaster) and i was able to check the details on real time basis.. it shows the no of visitors on the site but it doesn't reflect total number of visits under audience... can...