1. S

    Visa payment provider, for Reddit upvotes

    I see shops like and others have visa payments linked to their website using stripe, isn't that against stripe TOS? I am just asking cuz I want to link them to my website as well, I want to give it a try and sell Reddit upvotes, will that get me banned from stripe? is there any...
  2. Qquuinn

    Is This Illegal?

    So I have done a tad bit of research and I'm aware that even though it is against TOS, you can still do certain things like selling your own account on like Spotify or Instagram. However, I saw someone selling Spotify, Xbox, YouTube, Disney+, etc personal account upgrades. It wasn't hard to...
  3. P

    YouTube - Is this allowed?

    Hey guys, so I have a simple question. I have a YT channel with huge traffic (10m views last 28days). I would like to promote on this channel a telegram group chat about gambling. Can YT delete or strike out my channel?
  4. Jay Simpson

    Am I allowed to show website in profile pic as newbie like this?

    I couldn't find anywhere against putting a site in your profile image. Is it against the rules?
  5. SEO

    [Confirmed] Google Docs Scans Your Document Content

    I know this will seem obvious to many, but assumption and confirmation are two different things. There is now complete confirmation that Google scans your documents for more than just providing data to help you out. A bug has revealed that Google is scanning your content for TOS violations...
  6. gorilla_89

    Amazon Review Group

    Hi, I'm going to start a secret amazon review group on Facebook in line with amazon newest ToS. USA only. If you're interested let me know. Skype -> [email protected] I will need some infos of you to make sure its 100% safe for everyone so please submit your Amazon Profile URL. In case you...
  7. Zwielicht

    New Forum, New Rules: Let's Update The Forum Rules

    (I originally posted this before I was a moderator, but I'll continue updating it) I've been procrastinating on posting this thread as I knew the moderators were busy with the forum migration. Now that the situation has ostensibly settled down, I wanted to suggest updating the forum rules to...
  8. Euphorix

    Can I Purchase Positive Feedback?

    Hi there, Just got a new eBay account and am thinking about purchasing 100 one cent items in order to get a blue feedback star. Think it would help kick things off Does eBay allow that? Is that going to look bad when I fill up the account to call and get my upgrade? Want this to run...
  9. Hopeful

    Royalty Free Images Use

    So, I've been cleaning up my Authority Site and trying to basically make it 100% legal in the sense that I'm not using Google images. I just started using Fotolia and their TOS is incredibly confusing. I don't understand if I am allowed to post the Medium size pictures I downloaded onto my...
  10. auxiliarus

    What's with the YouTube ban thing?

    Hey there, I viewed a lot of YouTube videos and found that most of everyone do videos just for few days because they know it's going to get banned. I wanted to make some videos too, but I want them to stay forever... I just wanted to ask does YouTube ban for random people reporting your video...
  11. T

    What's the most trouble you could get for using PPD?

    Pay per download sites usually accept any kind of conteny.
  12. S

    Need adult hosting, VPS With lax TOS

    Hello. I am in need of a VPS with loose terms of service as they regard to "non nude" and jailbait websites. I must first be clear that I do not intend to break the law. According to the law here (2257), a website is not in violation of the law simply because it features sexy girls who are just...
  13. R

    Why Youtube accepts to delete an account because of flagging ?

    - Hey ;) We know that advertissement is not allowed by Youtube but it could be tolerated in some rare cases. -> And better, we can find technics which allow us to make our video non-commercial look. And that?s what I want to figure out. How to avoid videos/accounts deletion...
  14. L

    BANS and EPN Agreement

    I understand that I can't place an affiliate link to a specific ebay auction on another website, as it's against the EPN Agreement. My question is, is it acceptable to place a link that is cloaked by my BANS script on another website. (ie.
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