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  1. H

    Itunes Top charts (EASY GIG & MONEY)

    Hi, I'm looking for someone who is able to get a song on Itunes Top Charts (Top 10-1) in any CIS country. If you are sure you can do it, please send me a message. If you don't have have done this kind of a gig before but you live in some CIS country that's fine too. I know the process so I...
  2. T

    Does Blackhat techniques maintains long term ranking?

    Can anybody tell me, is blackhat SEO technique is for long term or short term rankings?
  3. TimDawsone

    I could rank my site google top 10 - I still running GSA SER projects.Should i run more ?

    Low - Med competition niche It's a 8-page Micro niche website Monetized with affiliate program 3 months old brand new domain Blocked all crawlers I could rank my main keywords in Google's top 10 and other partial match keywords in 2nd page and page 1. It's all mixed. I have been running...
  4. patricia424

    Good Source To scrape content for Top 10 Channel

    Hi : I want to make YouTube channel like #TheTalko and #TheRichest . Can anybody guide me : Any Good Source To scrape content.Thanks
  5. B

    Top 10 Best Adult Advertising Networks 2017

    1. EroAdvertising ★★★★★ 2. TrafficJunky ★★★★★ 3. PlugRush ★★★★★ 4. Slimspots ★★★★★ 5. CrakRevenue ★★★★★ 6. AdXpansion ★★★★★ 7. HilltopAds ★★★★★ 8. TrafficHunt ★★★★★ 9. ExoticAds ★★★★★ 10. RoyalAds ★★★★★
  6. B

    Top 10 Social Networking Sites

    1 Facebook 2 Twitter 3 Linkedln 4 Google+ 5 YouTube 6 Instagram 7 Pinterest 8 Tumblr 9 Vine 10 Snapchat
  7. raitoavi

    Conclusions About Ranking Against the likes of Wallmart, Wayfair, Overstock?

    When researching keywords, what is your assumption when the top 10 results are held by the big guns (Wayfair, Wallmart, Overstock, Target etc..) and none by someone who is actually promoting the particular keyword via a dedicated site with link building. I know that seeing ebay, pinterest, and...
  8. freezeice04

    99% of Private Blog Networks Suck! Forget DA, Join the Trust Flow Train

    Private Blog Network Stats I decided to release a small portion of my blog network to the public since I have too many sites sitting around doing nothing. These are unlike your typical blog networks on BHW, I make sure each site is super high quality meaning: 1. Good metrics: -High trust...
  9. R

    IMPORTANT,on micrositemasters it shows that my website on position 7

    on micrositemasters it shows that my website takes position 7 on yahoo/bing, but when I went to check if its there,i couldn't find it on top 10 pages, does it have to take some time to appear on first page? or its micrositemasters fail? ps never had any problems with them, and it shows that...
  10. A


    I noticed there is a lot of services offering hits for google and related pages recently. I have been doing this for over a year and for me it is working which is why I would like to share it to all members. Perhaps this tool have been mentioned here before but if so not a strategic guide I...
  11. R

    An EMD one page unique content with no backlinks in top 10 ??

    All is in the title. I'm just wondering how did this guy. I checked both majesticseo and hrefs > nothing. The site is from march 2013 and in top 10 google Fr barredeson dot net for 'barre de son' as main keyword. google result 10,800,000 #8 rank before amazon Any idea about his method?
  12. takeachance

    [Keyword Research] What Domains in the SERPS Scares You off?

    As the title suggests, when doing keyword research which domains immedately catch your eye in the top 10 results that make you think twice about going for a particular key term? I am not concerned with backlinks to page simply the TLD. As an example, if you see an ezinearticle sitting in the top...
  13. U

    Social Bookmarking Revenge- 2000+ Unique Sites, 1000+ Sites with PR1 & Higher, Unique IPs

  14. IndianGrad

    [Method?] Getting top 10 in Google search

    I have realized that in general, Google tries to provide a good mixture of links on the first page from the following: 1. Authority websites 2. Forums 3. Videos 4. Blogs 5. News 6. Images 7. More that I can't think of right now Now it is not always that all these types of site links...
  15. U

    Ranking for Virtaully Any Keyword : Live Case Study/Experiment

    I have decided to document a live experimentation of my earlier Case Study HERE. My plan is to show and document the exact process that has earned me (and several of my clients) Many Top Spot Positions in Google. To make this documentation really extensive, I will be promoting 3 different...
  16. IrOnPT

    [NEED AFFILIATES] New Revolutionary Forex Software. Hot Niche - $60 per Sale! every month!

    hello, I Launched a new product and I'm looking for Affiliates, its recurring bill and not the normal single sell. Trial 9.97$ and after a 97$ month!!! Up To $60 per Sale! Every Month! Exclusive opportunity to make huge commission money with our new product!! I've got something really...
  17. J

    Way to get all Keywords ranked Top 10 for a URL ?

    Hi, Is there a way/Prog/code that we can use to find out the list of all the keywords that are ranked in the Top 10 position on Google/Bing/YAhoo for a specific URL or Domain ?. Just by typing the Url. Example : Result: Keyword 1 Pos : 2 Google Keyword 2...
  18. H

    Need massive amount of traffic to my site

    I need someone to be in charge of sending actual humans to my site. Be it with backlinks, keywords, whatever. You are the expert not me. I am already getting around 1,000 to 5,000 unique visitors per day and I want to make that into 50,000 to 100,000 Uniques per day. If this is something you are...
  19. U

    Powerful Web 2.0 Linkwheel Service @ Affordable Prices : Full Report

    If You Are Ready To Take Unfair Advantage Of Your Competitors, Then This Service Is For You. I am offering a Linkwheel service that will benefit a lot of BHW members. It is no longer a news that Linkwheel is one of the latest trend to give your business all the exposure it needs. If you...
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