1. Josh Saga

    Writing my own content - I want to quit - need encouragement

    Hello All, I've been writing my articles, for now, a good 30+ since 2 weeks ago. It's getting tiring, dragging my fingers to write 2-3 2k words+ a day of articles. I have a good background in Branding and Design, so re-writing the article to fit my site's narrative isn't a problem. The...
  2. SonOfBhw

    Need some tips regarding TikTok. Thanks

    so, guys, i am thinking about making some TikTok videos but i would love to hear some ideas from you guys on how to get more views on tikok?, How some people get so viral with shitty contents while some have 1-2 likes with amazing contents. Or how to convert visitors onto followers in...
  3. hackgrowth

    [TIP] Cold Calling Much?

    I recently got asked about why cold calling was even necessary, and obviously the person has not much success with cold calling. It eventually became a long message over PM so I thought I'd share it here. The context for this was that they were starting out on building an agency and wanted to...
  4. D

    10 Simple Steps to Self-Motivation and More Sales

    Hey BHW been taking a break for awhile. Wanted to drop this here for everyone... hope you guys enjoy it! Every day of your life you are selling yourself, nothing happens until you’re successful at doing that. We’re all in the selling business whether we like it or not. It doesn’t matter...
  5. JetBlack101

    Looking for Hints and Tips from your experiences on BHW

    Hello BHWers!!! What are some of the short and sweet lessons you've learned over the course of your time here that either no one talks about or that hardly get mentioned? Not: "Just work harder, longer, faster." But like: "No one told me at the start that 'Real' actually means 'looks real but...
  6. D

    [HOW TO] Get more Story Views | Only working in June

    You read correctly: This little "trick" is only working in June, so use it this month to get a little boost in Story views (as long as you're not shadowbanned). You won't boost your story views by 20%+, but my two main accs still noticed a growth of about ~15k views the last 2 days and why not...
  7. grantacus

    IG follower building strategy/method (with automation)

    Hey i'd like to share something i've been testing out for a little while now across a few different niches on instagram. First of all im using automation software (gmt2) and building instagram accounts via follow/unfollow and liking. Im not going to be talking about how im monetizing the...
  8. K

    Guest Post Suffering

    Hello everyone, I've been doing blogger outreach for the last couple of months, I've sent around 100 emails and got 2% response rate, the problem I'm facing is that it is either you send generic emails or one single email can take you 30 - 60 minutes of research to figure out a compelling way...
  9. A


    I tried to hire a freelancer to make me a Twitch View bot. I felt like it was too good to be true but I did it anyway because I'm the type of person to take chances in order to get something. The programmer required 200$ deposit money in order to get started into making the bot. I gave him 15...
  10. pr0j3ctx

    Facebook TIP for creating/managing accounts

    I've seen lots of people post things like 'just use multiloginapp' or other stuff that completely blocks Facebook from any fingerprints. You might you're safe because they can't link you to other accounts but let me ask you something Do you think a billion dollar company doesn't know about...
  11. ROCK 'N' TROLL

    [Tip] - How to Find your Facebook ID

    Well, just a quick tip for absolute noobs, but still a Tip... Not sure if this hasn't shared already either... https://findmyfbid.com/ Hope you like the tip!
  12. Poopy Pants

    How to create a referral website

    Anyone Please Help, I want to make a website that have Sign up and Log in sections Like this 1 And Once they sign up they gonna get 20$ as bonus and they gonna get a Link to refer others and get paid and they can see their earning status Like this 2 Anyone knows how to create a website...
  13. SychoMack

    First post!!

    Hello All, This is my intro post. I didn't delve into the forums so far, but I'm sure I will learn alot from you guys. if you have any tips, they are welcome.
  14. P

    hi guys i need your advice

    i need your tips about that ::: finally i make 5 dolllars from internet ,now i think about the next step my idea is that to go g2a website and buy some gaming serial and buy it . is it good idea? cuz i know making money from internet This requires having money.
  15. N

    SEO for beginners

    I just opened a Blog and it's already in the Google Index but now I need to get better in SEO. Do you guys have any tips for me? Maybe some threads I can read, some Tutorials I can watch or just basic advices for my blog. Thanks in advance!
  16. anrysouza

    I need a tip on how I can make $80 (Newbie)

    I've been researching quite the forum and found many legal methods. But I want to know any tips that you keep in mind that can help a newbie to making $ 80 to get in paypal? It would be easier for me to begin by social networks, CPA, affiliate, or anything else (not steal)? I want to know...
  17. N

    A small method if you need adsense clicks if you are just short of payout

    I dont know really if this is a method or not, But i been doing this many times and it seems to work. Lets say you are 30$ short to get paid but you are impatient and want your money now, then what i do i just go on fiverr and buy clicks for 5$ but if im like only 5-10$ im short then i just use...
  18. C

    [TIP] Transform a shitty domain into 1000 email accounts for free

    I have registered a domain and after all, I realized that I made a typo mistake. I'm glad it was a 0,99USD one, but anyways, I?m afraid it?s a useless domain. Or not? Let?s make it worthy going to: domains (at) yandex (dot) com If you don?t have an account on Yandex, create one. That should...
  19. R

    TweetAdder Tip: Put Automation back into TweetAdder

    Hey, Since Twitter has banned bulk (un)following, tools like TweetAdder have become quite labor intensive. And clicking the mouse button 1000s of times (on (un)follow buttons), isn't fun and actually starts to hurt after several 100s of rapid clicks. So, I just had a great idea and I'd like...
  20. CityTech

    A Tip That Will Inevitably Help You

    Hello. Some of you might already know this, but this is a great tip that will help you in computing in general. If you have a gmail account, and want to sign up for the same sight multiple times using the same email, all you have to do is put a dot somewhere in your email. For example, if you...
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