1. MelliCapensis

    Verify a Tiktok Shop account, I'm not US citizen neither resident

    Hi everyone, Recently I acquired a Tiktok account US-Based with 5k followers and the Tiktok Shop program already enabled, now I need to verify this account and they ask the last 4 digit of a SSN, as the title says I cannot get a SSN. I explored many ways, create a Seller Central account and...
  2. P

    hi all

    Hi all, I'm new here, but I see that there are a lot of people here who are engaged in traffic I am engaged in it including as well as I can offer people from the conditionally free traffic (tt/reels/shorts and other platforms )to give an offer on gambling smartlink so you will not lose traffic...
  3. C

    Youtube Shorts

    Hello BHW i was looking to start uploading youtube motivational shorts instagram reels and tiktok videos.Is that good way to make some passive income ? Its my first time trying it but i feel like i will success in it ? Any tips are helpful and opinions ! Thanks
  4. O

    Can I bulk create tiktok accounts and do massive post uploads?

    Hey fam hope all is well. I am curious to ask to see if it possible to bulk create tiktok accounts and do bulk uploads. I understand this would require bulk emails aswell. But curious to see if it is even possible, ik there are lots of geniuses in here in regards to this. Please reply if you...
  5. J

    Can I upload videos to tiktok from Safari browser on Iphone after successfully creating an account from another region?

    Hey. I managed to create a TikTok account with a US audience focus from a country in the EU with access to the Creativity Program Beta. I created the account using a VPN, then waited 24 hours, added some videos but the videos were not going to the US. So I used tello e-sim. Now 95% of my...
  6. hapacol

    How can I check which country my tiktok account is in

    Hi everyone, I have a question " How can I check which country my tiktok account is in?" I have several tiktok accounts from Asian countries. In the settings, there will be a current region section to know the location, but for accounts targeted at the US and Europe, that section will not...
  7. Alexandr1997

    Journey TikTok + CPA 2024

    Hello, everyone. I've decided to test TikTok + CPA. I have: 1)virtual USA sim card 2)iPhone 11 3)time Unlike other journeys, I will share almost everything, except usernames of my accounts. This way, everyone can repeat the process and achieve the same results, whether positive or negative:)...
  8. seba5141

    Unban tiktok account

    Hello everyone, does anyone know the emails for tiktok support that will help me unban my account? I found a few on the internet, unfortunately most of them don't work.
  9. SerjioSerjio

    Hey everyone! TikTok Hustler is here.

    Hey there! My name is Serjio and I'm (with my co-founders) doing b2c startup (iOS&Android app) on USA market (but I'm currently in Europe). We already achieved 3M+ installs from tiktok zero-cost marketing (just by uploading tiktok videos and getting millions of views). But, unfortunately, our...
  10. P

    Error logging in.

    Mam problem z zalogowaniem się, ciągle wyskakuje mi ten komunikat. Wykorzystano maksymalną liczbę prób. Spróbuj ponownie później.
  11. P

    Trouble logging in

    mam strI'm having trouble logging in, I keep getting this imessage. The maximum number of attempts has been used. Please try again later.
  12. Ecodor

    TikTok Video Downloader by Hashtag

    I checked the forum but everything is outdated and don't work. Probably others are searching this tool too. So i want to ask the gurus are there any free tools that can do this job easily? I provide hashtags and i get the videos from those hashtags? Thanks
  13. V

    About Tiktok Performance

    Hello everybody i hope u fell good i want to ask today of someone now ow good using bot or automotoon for make money with tiktok actually i use Ninjatok and Zefoy but zefoy as Tracked of someon can give me a advice how i can use zefoy or other tool yesterday i havec 2500/1 000 000 view For y...
  14. K

    Multiple tiktok accounts

    WHello, my task from my mentor is to post 8 videos every day on 8 new accounts on tiktok. There's some way to make newly created accounts stand out, because even when I record the floor, it doesn't pop out, it's 0uv.
  15. F

    Tiktok U.S Audience Target from India

    So I'm from India, I need to turn on the vpn to even log onto tiktok, since it's banned here. How do I use a simcard without getting vpn turned on. Wouldn't I get banned if I use a vpn? And if I use the sim card, do I need to stay on the vpn after adding the sim card?
  16. K

    The problem with follow

    WHello, since the correction of argorhythms by tiktok I have a problem with Follows, because my videos reach 600,700uv while they have less than 10follow. How to improve it?
  17. K

    Problem with tik tok.

    Why do my tiktoks stand out at 600-700uv, and I only have 5-10 Follows on them, so that the content lockers I promote gain only 30 visits in the panel with 25 tiktoks?
  18. E

    if i create a tiktok account in english while living outside the US, will my videos show to people from the usa?

    if i create a tiktok account in english while living outside the united states, will my videos show to people from the usa? Without using proxies and temporary numbers
  19. Shadow77

    Tiktok bans video

    I see other profiles uploading gambling videos, they are gaining a lot of views, I tried to download the same video unique them and when I published a ticktock immediately banned, although on the other channel this video is still gaining views, how to bypass this?
  20. C

    "Too many login attempts" / shadowbans on IOS

    Hi there! I'm currently using a tiktok app on IOS to manage and create around 30-40 accounts. A colleague of mine used to do it for a long time and had almost no problems. Here are the problems I run into: - A few accounts that my colleague assigned to me got banned (they share the same...
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