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  1. P

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  2. wirestyle

    Best Ad Networks Paying Out In Crypto (For Adult Traffic)

    Apart from the obvious Adstrerra or Clickaine....does anyone have any decent recommendations for Tier 1 adult traffic? Quire surprised Exoclick still hasn't gone back to crypto after the epayments hiccups.
  3. Josh Saga

    [Question] Best Way to make Tier 2 and Tier 3 Links?

    Hello All, Apologies, I'm still a beginner here and currently learning my way through. I'm currently working on Tier 1 with Web 2.0's for my money site. Still working on my money site as of the moment, but will be starting to create the Web 2.0's this week. I'm wondering after I build my Tier 1...
  4. scopedelta

    Web 2.0 still worth?

    hello all, Building web 2.0 backlinks for brand new or old sites is still counted in terms of SERP ranking? Can they be considered tier 1 links pointing to money site? or should be used for tier 2 and tier 3?
  5. D

    Groupon - Rank my deal advice

    Hi, i'm looking for some advice. I've got a deal listed on Groupon. There's only me and 1 other deal selling the same product. The other deal has been around a while and is ranking well and is getting more sales. The deal page is also ranking on Google (competitors deal). I wanted to know how...
  6. D

    Tier 1 & 2 Links - Advice please.

    Hi, Been lurking on the forums and reading for a while, first post. I've been reading about tier 1 and 2 backlinks to the money site. I have several outreached links that point to my site with most being DA 70+ / 80+.. I wanted to ask if doing Tier 2 links to these sites will improve my...
  7. HenryObi

    Need A Ranker X Guy

    I need a ranker X guy for a quick job that might turn to be a long term stuff.
  8. Hansj80

    scraped articles and tier 1?

    I've been using the following method for a non english website. - Scrape articles in foreign language - use google translate and translate to english - use spinner to add a small variation to it - translate back to foreign language - use the generated article for Tier 1 backlink building now...
  9. Hansj80

    checking live/dead backlinks after GSA SER / Rankerx campaigns?

    Maybe a weird/stupid question but how would you bulk check if your backlink is visible/alive after campaigns have run? or maybe after buying an backlink package from either here or other places like fiverr etc? all fun and games to post these backlinks but if a tier breaks it's useless to...
  10. Jihalab

    Creating Tier 2/3 Backlinks To Web 2.0 With No Content?

    Hey guys, Been salvaging golden nugget threads and just about to execute a backlinking strategy via Web 2.0's. I have a couple of newb questions since this is my first time doing a tiered backlinking strategy with Web 2.0's: 1. Using GSA SER & Ranker X would it be worth creating tier 2...
  11. alishakapoor

    How do you differentiate tier 1,2,3 websites

    I mean how do you decide that this is website A , B, C and these will be my tier 1 links, website P, Q, R are tier 2 and X,Y,Z are tier 3. What parameters you use. Thanks
  12. bossofthebosses

    25K Words! Only 45$/Site✅PBN/Affiliate/Main Site Creation Service✅Unlimited Discounted Review Copies

    How many times you have heard the line ‘treat your PBN site as your main site’? We have brought a new service for them who want to treat their PBN sites as their money sites :) of course, without spending too much! You can even use the same service to build your affiliate or money site. I am...
  13. udayantha11

    2nd tier kw variation help

    I have created 1 tier 10 web 2 so then i need to know for 2nd tier keyword variation. 1. first-tier keyword variation applied for 2nd tier? 2.the same keyword list of 1st tier for 2nd tier? and anchor ? -
  14. X


    . Hello, I need to know this. I run a music blog which I also added category for lyrics. Now my question is, Is it Good to use lyrics as article for a tier 1 backlink linking to my money site? What if the same lyrics is on my blog will that hurt my seo? Because each time I check the...
  15. A

    Xrumer for brand protection?

    Hi fellow BHW members how are you? I recently had an idea and wanted to share it with the forum to see if it would be of benefit and or if anyone has experience doing this. My idea is to use a tool like Xrumer to create forum profiles for a name of a site with a proper description and branded...
  16. Shropdog

    How to get good tier 1s

    I am asking what people class as good tier 1s these days. Would a page such as Yelp, yell, the phone book, relevant niche directories, social media pages etc make good tier 1 links? I imagine good relevant guest posts adele, but what else? Thanks in advance all.
  17. thebeingoptimist

    I recently started creating Web 2.0 (blogger) for Tier 1 link building?

    My dear friends, I recently started creating Web 2.0 (Blogspot) for Tier 1 link building. But I have a few doubts and I know you will help me to clear that. The problem is that I have created 10 Gmail ids from my laptop. So, if I create a blogger blog, will it cause a problem? Will google...
  18. Shropdog

    Go to links for new sites and campaigns

    Everyone has their standard link building tactics when they launch a new site, start on good tier 1s or start a new campaign etc so i was wondering what everyone else does straight away, what are the first five links you make and where? This can include social media profiles, but why these...
  19. A

    Using GSA ser for high quality links??

    Howdy everyone hope you are all doing well. Just got started on bhw and looking forward to check out some of the content here and discussions. I am new to IM and always have heard bad things about GSA, is there a way to use this tool to create high quality t1 links. Can you insert your own short...
  20. Strangilla

    What is tier 1, tier 2 and Link juice?

    Hello, From past few weeks I am creating backlinks for my website here and there with no proper connection among the backlink websites. Should I make any connection between them? What is tier 1, tier 2 and link juice? Could anyone please explain me this in detail? Thanks