1. S

    Steven Elmore (AKA Jason) of SkyMark Digital Solutions is a Thief.

    He said his name was Jason, but I should have known better when the invoice came that said Steven Elmore. He took hundreds of dollars from me and wrote me ONE SINGLE REVIEW. I contacted him and he said he needed more money and like a fool, I believed him and gave him a second payment. Over the...
  2. alexcooly

    Need to catch thief

    Hi All, So one of my mates camera + equipment was stolen (roughly 8k worth). Was wondering if anyone knew a service or program that we could put the description of the camera into, so if the thief placed the item say on eBay it would flag it for us. Thanks heaps! Alex
  3. L

    Scammed by User: Viraff Skype: virtualcrunetworks out of $485

    Hello, I made a posting here looking for an Aged adwords account. On November 11th, I was PMed, by BHW user: Viraff screenshot: Red flag 1...
  4. natedogg

    Never Had So Many Shopify Scammers!

    I have multiple stores with shopify. I have dropshipping websites and have a website that I create my own products and use fulfillment centers. Anyways, I have this women who emails me 2 times a day telling me she got charged twice from my shopify store. First of all her name doesn't even exist...
  5. S

    In need of some serious help!

    Hello Black Hat World, I'm sampson, a single dad of 3 boys, after my wife died in a car wreck by a drunk driver last year. I've always made money online in different ways, ever since I was a young lad. I'm a chemical engineer, yet I do not have the skills as the mass majority of this forum...
  6. L

    I am now a laptop thief!

    I agreed to build a website to a client. I was supposed to work at their premises and use their computer, but the place was an old barn and there was no heating or toilet facilities. I got ill. I informed the client that I will finish the website as we agreed but working at my home. The client...
  7. A

    Hello everyone i want to tell you about user BdicOne freelancer on many site

  8. browsing_hosts

    rohit071427 - scammer on BHW

    Everyone beware of this guy sending messages about being able to get you certain amount of clicks per day for $50 etc. I sent him the money and got shit all.
  9. J

    Scammer alert!

    I am not sure this is the right place to report a thief I met on this site that ripped me off and disappeared. I searched for their posts to report, but couldn't find them, but I'm certain they are still here, and may have changed up their info to hide. I paid for fb services, and have been...
  10. S

    THIEF Jr VIP Justthinking is a thief

    Stay far away from Jr. VIP JustThinking concerning any business dealings of any kind! Justthinking was paid over $100 up front to clone a site and I have received no communication after sending countless PM's and emails wanting to know status updates since June 7th. I have requested a refund...
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