1. HeMan1320

    Long Time Coming.

    Hello All, I have been a member for quite some time. I'm finally saying hi and introducing myself. I am an SEO Specialist in Phoenix, AZ. I mostly like running small test with different tools. Client work is cool and brings money in. But testing is where I have fun. So, I'm always on the...
  2. kappatrader


    Hi, I'm here to look for new IM-Tricks. Atm i'm Economics student but in max a year i'll be starting an Media company. Regards, Walt
  3. X

    [Beta Testers] QuestionPulse: Desktop-Based Quora Monitoring & Alert System

    Hi BHW, I've created a new desktop-based tool that constantly monitors Quora for new question questions with the keywords you've entered, stores them in a database, can email them and the URL to you, and can send push notifications to your mobile device(s) when new questions are found so you...
  4. EatMoney

    [Journey]Ranking Pod Parasites in 2020

    The niche I'm targeting has tons of parasites ranking on the 1st page for various keywords. Since I'm a noob when it comes to SEO, I thought it's the prefect opportunity to practice. At first I wanted to go with KGR keywords, because in theory they would rank on their own or with minimal...
  5. Cro7

    Best way to test product?

    Hi, I am wondering what is the best way to test a product that I want to sell with dropshipping? Do I need to create a store, video, edit all pictures and then try to advertise, or I need first to create an advertisement and then see results? Where would I send the customers in that case, if I...
  6. Octapad

    Question about tracking/testing/traffic [CPVLabs/Voluum/ExoClicks]

    I've done a lot of research into CPA and have applied to a handful of networks. This morning I was accepted by a couple, one of which is CPAgrip. Simple. I have my method laid out, I want to use YouTube to post vids relevant to the CPA offers and rank. I also wanna promote via email...
  7. chrsplmr

    Do G Portals Pass Link Juice Like An Iframe Anyone?

    So in past years I have enjoyed creating small G stacks to help with the power for local clients. With that said a huge aspect of this process includes iframes. My question today is has anyone here had any luck or testing to conclude if G portal passes power like an Iframe? I am testing...
  8. NiklasG.

    Beginner just "took action" with CPA-Marketing (beginners re*view)

    (I'm a beginner so I will write this "review" from a beginners view...) Hey guys, so I just took action: -spent the last month with reading forum threads, browsing the internet and learning from experts. -made the decision to go deep in cpa (I don't want to stand in the spotlight and...
  9. A

    Shopify Testing

    Hey guys! Our company is looking for Shopify sellers to test out a new product research tool we just built that offers tons of metrics. This tool helps find the top selling products on Shopify-hosted domains. The testing process takes about 20 minutes, in order to go through all the features...
  10. Arsalan Nazar

    Any Email Testing Software For Free?

    Hey Everyone, I need an email testing software. Is there any possibility I can find one? I am a freelancer and usually, I have to test 2K to 3K daily email testing on daily basis. For that task, I use Gmail ids, but sometimes I stuck because of limitation and ID blocked. So if anyone could...
  11. D

    Testing proxies against websites

    Hi, how can I test proxies I scraped to see if they work with websites like twitter and other websites? Does elite proxy switchers paid version do this or scrapebox?
  12. R

    Can someone help me how to find a manual tester job

    Guys i would like to find some part job where i can do some manual testing issues (webSites, apps, games). Can someone propose me/suggest me a site where I can apply or where to search. I am familiar with freelancer/upwork but nowdays there are posted very scum projects and also it is hard to...
  13. ahmedEL

    How to test landing pages in fb ads ?

    Hi Can you please share with us your strategy to test articles/landing pages or products in facebook ads do you test 30 40 articles to find one or two winners ? how much interest do you test per adset one or two or multiples ? and how much ads ? Thank you
  14. S

    Freelance testing platform

    I am a software tester and want to work from home and looking for opportunities where i can freelance.
  15. SethTurin

    Bot and Automation Playground for Testing

    Hey, A while ago we made a playground for bot testing for UBot Studio customers. This is a state-of-the-art web portal for bot makers to abuse and practice their botting skills. This new playground includes over dozen whole sites inside it that mimic some very well known social media networks...
  16. G

    We are Launching a new Instagram & Twitter Bot - want to be a tester?

    Hello all BHW members! We are launching a new Social media bot for Instagram and Twitter and we are looking for users to help with final stages of testing before we launch. We are looking for both experienced users and inexperienced users of bots. If you are selected for testing you will be...
  17. forwardedlandlines

    Beta testers wanted for new Content Generator tool

    One Cent Content (OCC) is the first article creator made for any budget. Using our Innovative technology you can generate SEO optimized articles for almost any keyword, and it only takes a few seconds. We are giving away for our Beta testers, unlimited usage of our application until the...
  18. S

    seo software download site

    Hi Guys, I am looking for a free SEO software download site that I can try. I want to try all types of new software for SEO. Does anyone have any good ones they used recently? If someone can give me a big list of urls to me, then you will pay $5 paypal. Please make a list out of free...
  19. J

    Migrate Wordpress from Cloud9 IDE testing environment to hosting

    Anyone know a good way to do this? I know how to migrate a regular site, but this is beyond me. Thanks
  20. A

    I need a Verizon.net email address for seed tests

    looking for a seed account, anyone able to help?
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