1. Prostrated Marketer

    7 Easy Yet Powerful Ways to Instantly Convert Your Website Visitors Into Paying Clients

    Disclaimer: This is not my video or channel, I just share it seems it is very helpful and informative enjoy!
  2. waidas54

    SEO Trends and Techniques in 2019: What Challenges are Coming?

    It's always good to prepare yourself in advance for fighting the challenges the future will bring. Every day improving technologies and continuously changing trends mandate you for a prior preparation for all the uncertainties. Today's high-in-demand technique may get kicked-out tomorrow, as...
  3. ekmll

    Here's an eye-opening article about how they make easy money from you

    I think this article is a must-read for all the aspiring Internet Marketers. It's time to get out of the loop now. It's not late to realize the lies every IM'er you see on the internet tells. Let's be honest, how many rich people you saw in real life did it by doing affiliate marketing, by...
  4. Gloria Scott

    Need Help

    Hi i need help. can anyone tell me how to do black hat SEO.? I need to know just techniques.
  5. T

    Does Blackhat techniques maintains long term ranking?

    Can anybody tell me, is blackhat SEO technique is for long term or short term rankings?
  6. Lee Hnetinka

    It's Lee Hnetinka, and want to know, What are the black hat techniques?

    My name is Lee Hnetinka, and want to know, What are the black hat techniques? Please advise me.
  7. Reem khan

    SEO has completely changed now! What really works in 2018?

    Like before creating 10 - 15 articles for a micro niche website, doing on page adding keywords to the content and then keep making links until it gets ranked. Its over now! SEO has now completely changed. Comment backlinks will not help you now to get a higher ranking in the Google SERPs. What...
  8. Reem khan

    How to rank non-Wordpress sites ?

    Hi, For Wordpress sites, there are hundreds of plugins which identify errors and highlight suggestions for SEO like Yoast SEO plugin. But my question is " what are the best ways to do SEO on a plain HTML site?" I already have information related to meta tags, connect the site to google...
  9. Reem khan

    Site stuck on google second page

    Hi, I'm new to the SEO world, how I improve my site ranking to display the site on the first page? Please provide useful tips to improve the site SEO. Already used the meta tags, connect to the google console and analytics, external links, images optimization and page speed optimization...
  10. mounirk


    Hello BHW my name is mounir im from africa morocco i'm a student i joind this group so i can learn new things meet new people to know more techniques of making money if you have any idea to share or you need some help feel free to add me this is my facebook :
  11. S

    How To Keep Low Profile On Google

    I have got a client who wants to hire me to ensure that their website stays low profile on search engines. The challenging part is that their publication has been published by very well known names such as CNN. So here is my question: How do I ensure that these publications are not ranked on...
  12. V

    Will this technique work on bing & adwords ??

    Hey Friends :) After going through many threads, I learned that using cloaking on bing and google will definiatly ban my accounts sooner or later. So i am thinking a technique and srsly it can be stupid for expert cloaking master :) I know how to use claoking s/w like JCI & FraudBuster...
  13. S

    Black Hat SEO Techniques

    1. Unrelated Keywords 2. Keyword Stacking and Keyword Stuffing 3. Tiny Text, Hidden Text, and Hidden Links 4. Cloaking 5. Doorway Pages or Gateway Pages 6. Bait-and-Switch or Page Swapping 7. Duplicate Content or Mirror Site 8. Spam Blogs or Splogs 9. Blog Spam or Comment Spam 10...
  14. Johnny_Tsunami

    SEO tips for Agencies?

    Hey everyone, I came into the digital marketing/SEO field about 3 months ago, and I've become completely engrossed in all aspects. It's an extremely interesting field and I absolutely love it. Created an account here on BHW to further my knowledge on all aspects (white, grey, black) and become...
  15. H

    How can I bypass Audio Copyright on YouTube?

    I have problem with Audio of my video. I upload it on Youtube and it was blocked worldwide. please help me. I don't want remove audio from my video. Many thank...:)
  16. I

    Any recommended threads on SEO techniques for a niche site/blog making money from adsense?

    I've read the links at the top of the black hat SEO section, but does anyone have any other threads or collection of threads about black hat SEO techniques that could be helpful? Thanks
  17. S

    Complete Research Results on Most Effective Techniques - Grey Hat SEO

    Hi there, I will present information on some most effective SEO techniques in my book about Grey Hat SEO and will share it tomorrow for free! You can find it at amznDOTcom/B00H25O8RM I would be happy if you read and share it with your friends! Thanks to the professionals in this forum who were...
  18. F

    Hello Everyone..!!!

    My name is Angela. I am new here. I am looking for some new techniques after latest Google search engine updates. I am really frustrated and don't know exactly what to do. I have gone through some other forums and they all really don't have any idea regarding that. Everyone's point of view is...
  19. idlabs

    What BH plan ?

    Hi everyone, I am planning to use BH techniques to rank higher in the SERP and I would like your advices as I am a beginner with this. The competition is important not too high in my niche, there is only a leader who dominate it. My website is not too old (domain 1 year and site live since...
  20. P

    RipoffReports Quick Kill 3K$

    Hello Guys, Looking out for someone with excellent technique to kill Ripoffreports quickly in SERP. Get a great deal on it. PTM+