1. mrsmilyy

    tiktok earning and differents country

    hy everyone I live in France and I buy tiktok us account (because $ earned per view with tiktok us is better), my question is : when and earn money in tiktok should i transfer to an EU bank ? After that how and where to pay taxes ? in France ? This is not problem ? can i tranfer this money of...
  2. A

    Where can I set up a newspaper business to receive pay slips?

    Hi folks, I have a stupid administrative problem. I need a payslip. But I don't earn enough in my country to pay myself. But I need a payslip for administrative issues. In which EU country could I set up a press business and get payslips, ideally without social security and employer...
  3. mrsmilyy

    Online bank & fiscal France

    Hi team, Which online bank does not send the information to the French tax authorities? Among the neo-banks or others... Because I don't want to end up paying taxes so it absolutely has to be a bank with a non-French bank account and which we know for sure that they don't transmit information...
  4. skaz97

    Any way to pay less taxes?

    Hello, What do you think if we mention among all ways of paying less taxes on our profits? Tips, hacks, tricks, etc. I am referring to legal way to pay less taxes, LEGAL. PS: let's exclude the typical "charge in cryptocurrencies" this method is already clear XD
  5. E

    VAT on ads for europeans does LLC solve this?

    Hi guys, Europeans have to pay VAT on online advertising. If we were to sell within Europe we could claim the VAT back from the VAT paid by the customers but if we sell to USA we can't claim the VAT on advertising back because US sales aren't subject to VAT. Does setting up LLC solve this? Has...
  6. gentishady

    [Q] Dropshipping in Germany - Taxes,Business Setup,Banking

    Hello BHW fam how's a going? I will be moving in Germany in the end of the year with a work visa and I'm planning to focus mainly in Dropshipping there because back in my country nothing works in term of Paypal and so on. My question is how I can set up a small business and pay taxes? Also...
  7. S

    Setting up an OF agency in Low Tax country

    Hello. I'm running an OnlyFans agency that I haven't registered as a company yet. I'm from Eastern Europe and taxes aren't very high here, but I want to pay less than 5% tax (preferably zero). Which countries are the best options for opening an OnlyFans Management business with < 5% tax...
  8. lulolulito

    How to pay taxes in Spain with Non-Lucrative Visa?

    Hi folks, We moved to Spain on April 2021, we have a non lucrative visa that doesn't allow us to work in Spain. I own my sites based in the USA for the past 8 years and now I am making an income of $15k per month from all of them. I am not a US citizen, but my wife is, I have citizenship on 2...
  9. ScissorKing

    Do crypto loans effectively enable not paying taxes?

    Let's say I have some crypto that I want to cash out into fiat money for whatever reason. Loans are tax free. So I could take out a loan in USD with a stablecoin like USDC, that is Dollar pegged, as collateral. But I don't want to actually repay the loan with fiat money. I want that, after the...
  10. Marco Diversi

    Are You All Paying Taxes?

    Hello, I was wondering how you are all doing it with the taxes! This year I have paid a huge amount of taxes, and I feel dumb having done that, I have made a lot of money too but it's not fair I had to throw away basically the money I could buy an apartment or an awesome car in Taxes. Lots...
  11. kurosaki4d

    What's the Best LLC for my Affiliate Marketing business?

    Hello Everyone, I'm looking for creating a new company abroad and before doing that I wanted to hear about your experiences first. While searching, I heard a lot about UK LTD companies, and also about LLC in USA (Delaware). So knowing that my business is totally online, more in particular in...
  12. MrDenz

    Good day, you have 2 weeks to pay $76.400 / €65.475 / £58.872 in taxes! The day it all started... [Serbia]

    So, it all started... FOR REAL! Serbia, Europe, Oct 30, 2020. First guy who was on the "paper" is a guy that works on Upwrok, creating mobile games. He's earnings are high, but, he is nowhere close to having damn 7.7 millions RSD $76.400 / €65.475 / £58.872 in his pocket! He could pay around...
  13. BPR Socials

    Totally Theoretical Situation [Need Advice]

    Hi BHW, The following is a totally theoretical situation, I have and will forever make 0$ from Internet Marketing. Say someone had the potential of making $3k a month for a whole year, obviously this is a little bit of moolah, would one like this pay taxes in some way (US resident)?? Or would...
  14. socialmediamarketing0

    Advice on using PayPal

    Hi BHW, The past 10 minutes has seen me look for information on this forum about PayPal and how to receive money without PayPal "catching you" and subsequently limiting your account. It seems the consensus is that this will be inevitable regardless of having a business or personal account...
  15. Sandie2018

    Woocommerce shop in UK - VAT?

    Hi guys, I need advice. I live in the UK, I am making an e-commerce site (furniture niche). I am self-employed but not a VAT payer yet. How should I set the taxes in woocommerce if I don't pay VAT (at least for now)? Should there be anything in the 'taxes' field on the shopping cart page...
  16. soulless1

    QuickBooks Help....

    I'm having an issue uploading bank statements into QuickBooks.. One of the banks will only let you go so far back and download statements in a csv format. After a certain period of time, you can only download in PDF format. QuickBooks online you can not upload via PDF. Has anyone here came...
  17. T

    Is there any way to avoid taxes legally?

    I'm just wondering if there is any way to avoid taxes legally, I've though about btc but the IRS seems to be going after BTC to where you have to pay taxes.
  18. Nana Dada

    Guys from the EU: Are you ok with paying VAT?

    I am selling digital products on my website. My clients are primarily fellow internet marketers and freelancers. My payment processing provider forces me to charge VAT on all of my digital products for buyers from VAT-enabled countries (mostly for those from the EU, but also from some other...
  19. SocialRocket

    Do I have to give Chaturbate correct personal details?

    yea so I am currently not 18 yrs old and want to join the affiliate program as I just got a good idea on how to promote my link. Problem is, chaturbate wants my personal details, but neither do I want my parents to know about this (I think it´s obvious why), nor do I know shit about taxes and...
  20. the-echo

    This expearience might help someone

    Hi guys, Hope you all are doing well and getting ready to prosper even more in 2019. I came across this video of a popular marketer's experience with the tax agency so I taught it might help someone. THIS MISTAKE COST HIM MILLIONS.
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