targeting ads

  1. Windnfire

    Reddit targeting expert ASAP

    Hi there, I am looking for a Reddit Targeting expert ASAP Long term partnerships Budget: from 1200$ and more
  2. adflex

    Magical Targeting Technique for FB

    Our goal here is entering one detailed targeting option in the Interest box instead of adding a bunch of them. The point is having results that clearly determine which targeting option is acting imperfectly and needs to be eliminated. Do this: Hover to the Duplicate option under your ad set...
  3. Windnfire

    Twitter Targeting Expert

    Hello there, I am looking for an expert on Twitter Targeting / Twitter Ads. Budget: 1000$ for test Niche: Crypto/Blockchain Let me know if you are the one whom we're looking for. Friendly, WNF!
  4. R

    List scraped from Instagram, how to advertise?

    With the restrictions on Facebook's customer list audience's, how would one advertise to a list scraped from Instagram? Hypothetically ofcorse. Thanks in advance.
  5. Adivertising

    Target visitors of competitor's website

    A client of mine offers HVAC consulting to HVAC companies. I want to target/remarket visitors of an HVAC forum via Ads and/or other (blackhat) methods. The first idea is to transfer the forum's social media followers to the client's profiles (1/5 effective) The second idea is to scrape/extract...
  6. Edvard Benk

    Best ways to target users based on location?

    I know how to target people based on their interests, with hashtags and niche followings, but what if I want to target, lets say, those who like cars, follow Nissan, Audi and Mercedes AND live in Los Angeles? I know paid instagram promotions can do it easily, but how do I scrape for local users...
  7. B

    About Connection Types targeting option on advertising networks

    I run few campaigns with some ad networks but I'm still confused when targeting connection types. Most of networks have 4 main connection types to target: Dial-up, Cable/DSL, Corporate, Cellular I almost only use Cellular connection since my target is Mobile devices. Dial-up is quite clear and...
  8. louiszhao

    Facebook Ad targeting infographic

    I just find this photo. I think it is useful for some of us. :)
  9. D

    No Reach on certain ads

    I am running a FB campaign which entails 8 ads 2 images, My overall campaign has about a .13 ctr, some of the ads are getting reach 10,000 plus, others are still at 2 and 8 , a couple at about 300 then they stopped getting any reach, I even put my max bid up to 3 dollars a click and nothing, and...
  10. egomOnia

    Display ads only if the post title contains certain keywords

    How can I display ads in relation to a certain keyword in the post title using wordpress? It's easy to display ads in certain categories only or only if the post contains certain tags. But I need a way to target ads based on a keyword in the post title.. example: "Top 10 Acne Home Remedies" ->...
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