1. M

    Title tag too long with site name at the end?

    Hi all, I use Yoast to append my site name after my post titles. As a result, my title tags look like this: Come And Read My Beautiful New Post - My Site Name I just noticed that my site name at the end makes the title tag too long on many of my posts. So, should I just remove the "- My...
  2. Hustlim

    Magazine about health and diets - TAGS OR NOT?

    Greetings to the BHW community! I need a advice. I own a health magazine where I have about 30-50 tags, but I don't use most of them anymore. I saw an article on SEO where they recommended using categories rather. And remove tags and redirect to new categories or articles. Do you think that's...
  3. thebotmaker

    Button on thread to see all thread posters posts (Sticky tag)

    What I'm suggesting for here is a button on the original poster's (OP's) posts, so that you can see all their posts straight away, rather than have to copy their name and do a search etc. This will help out for Journey threads particularly, where you want to gain insight from the OP and see...
  4. cdn_craigs

    [HELP] How to ADD Pinterest EVENT Tag to Button/click??

    hi guys How can i can the event tag to a button click? i cannot find this info anywhere (without using Google tag manager) I am trying to make a button click a EVENT CONVERSION (LEAD) so i know people are interested in the product. isnt there a way to fire the EVENT TAG on a button click...
  5. E

    Being Able to Subscribe To a Tag

    If members are able to Subscribe(either via Email or Alerts) to any specific tag, such as SEO. This can be a very helpful feature. What do you say?
  6. poetk

    I'm using Hootsuite's Post scheduler, can I still tag other users and my products?

    So I recently got Hootsuite to help me plan out posts in advance. I'm loading up 30 posts in advance, but as I'm creating each post, I realize there isn't a place to tag users or tag products (I have IG checkout on my page). Am I missing something or here?
  7. Xandr24

    Adult tag list

    Hello my friend, anybody can give me list with adult tags for adult videos for adult site?
  8. nuxli

    Free Ahrefs alternative?

    Is there any alternative to Ahrefs or similar programs? I am creating a website where I would sell my instrumental of songs and it has a built in SEO engine. You just have to type keywords and seperate them with a comma. I have been doing this for past half an hour and totaly drained my brains...
  9. Heisenberg's Hat

    Best Place to Research Hashtags

    I read of hashtagify me in another thread - but the price of 30$/month when paid monthly is ridiculous. Is there any other site to research hashtags for Instagram? Is it worth paying for a hashtag analyzer site?
  10. tbdrogue

    Post does not appear under Tagged Location

    I can find the photo on Hashtags, but not on the location it was tagged. This is not an active location by any means it gets maybe 10 photos per day but my photo does not show up there at all. I just noticed this happening for the first time. It's an account that always uses correct location...
  11. T

    What is rel="external nofollow"? Does this affect seo?

    Why all blogs and news websites using rel="external nofollow"? I know rel="nofollow" but What is rel="external nofollow"? I used rel="external nofollow" in my blog and news pages. Does this affect seo? If any other alternative rel="...." attribute is there? If you know the answer means kindly...
  12. Myst3ry

    What type of nofollow tag is this?

    Is this a regular nofollow tag or?
  13. E

    Shopify SEO

    SEO Optimization for Apparel Brand. IG currently has audience of 10K+. Currently using 2 Sales Channels, will share when we began discussions. We've did this in the past so we know our target audience, but we're just looking for someone to handle the Keyword Optimization and our SEO. Our...
  14. R

    What tag option is in wordpress, should I use it?

    If I should use tag option then how to use it well?
  15. A

    John Said You can use as many H1 Tag as you want!!

  16. kurosaki4d

    Looking for App that searches inside source code page

    Hi, I'm looking for an app that can look for specific keywords inside the code source of the web pages ? Does a such an app exists ? With your experience & knowledge can anybody point me in the right direction ? Thank you NOTE : i have a list of urls and i would like to search in each of...
  17. M

    Shopping on Instagram - Tag Products problem: shared Instagram photos cannot be tagged to products

    I have Business Catalog on FB (50 products fed from Shopify), I was approved by Instagram. I linked my FB shop & Instagram account. All set as per Instagram rules. I wanna check if my products are visible on Instagram: My Instagram account -> Edit -> Settings -> Products -> spinning &...
  18. Pixel Groot

    Hello BH World!

    Hi Black Hat World's Buddy! Looking for a small help, We're initiate to make a User Experience Design agency, all guys working there from different skill set but all are user experienced. We are devoted to end User experience to introduce best experience towards their livelihood. But i...
  19. gothic_0013

    Google Tag Manager and <iframe> Help needed

    I need some help from experts in Google Tag Manager. Does anyone have an idea how to implement a trigger on <iframe> element that you can't get access to? Concrete problem is: I need to put Button click trigger on the form, but the form is in <iframe> that I don't have access to so I can't do...
  20. Speppo

    Spammy or not? Instagram question

    Hi guys, i started an ig profile and i would like to know, in your experience, if it's ok to tag my followers in the picture to boost the likes or if it can annoy them in the long run
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