1. thesyndicate

    2024 What is the best company for t-shirts design & selling worldwide?

    Might some Joe Rogan content Do not want charge backs What's your best solution for 2024?
  2. JohnKowalski

    Looking for any t-shirt company that pays in crypto

    Hey , Looking for any t-shirt company that pays in crypto, been checking many but they pay with paypal, payoneer, etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. A

    Looking for free Course to find Good Niches on Amazon

    Looking for free Course and Strategy to find Good Niches and keywords for Merch by Amazon
  4. Muha07

    Help me tell the site make a T-shirt mockup generator

    Help me tell the site make a T-shirt mockup for free use without any limit, Thanks hopefully you guys can tell me, sorry if my English is bad enough
  5. M

    Apparel Dropshipping Business - Nische found, but what Plattforms

    Hi there! I am looking forward to start a Apparel Store for a nice nische I found. I am a Content Producer Senior in my main job and I have also a lot of experience in webdesign (wordpress) and Graphic Design / Video - so I think its a good start. BUT: What plattform to create the store on...

    Best T-shirt campaign strategy India?

    Hi all, I have designed a few trendy t-shirts PS- its based on a popular web series. I want to know how can I promote this, what channels would give good ROI. I am guessing Instagram, Please let me know if you guys have experience with T-shirt selling. My budget = 10000rs = !50$
  7. kweiss

    Amazon Merch Hack

    This is my first thread! Hope it helps. I applied for a merch account a few days ago and was accepted almost instantly. The problem I faced immediately was the number of shirts I could have live at one time because I am on tier 1. Basically, I can only have 10 designs live on Amazon on tier 1...
  8. A

    The Trick to Sell a Lot of T-SHIRTS [BH]

    Hello Using fb ads spy tool i found how some guys doing money on facebook in the T-shirt niche and i decided to share it with you . I 've seen this trick on Twitter, and Pinterest but Facebook ads seems to be most effective The idea is to create a nice T-shirt design of your favorite...
  9. Jeevs

    [JV] Got any traffic source? Let's Bank!

    Hi there! In Short: A more economical and flexible Print On Demand that offers assistance in designing as well. About: I own a Private Limited company based in India and we sell a wide range of merchandise on our e-commerce store under our registered brand name. We sell 10+ types of t-shirts...
  10. J

    Shopify or not? What do you recommend? 2000$ to invest, sending design for help

    Hello everyone. Because of one topics on the forum that interested me about selling t-shirts by FB ads, using sites like TeeSpring, I decided to try that. I successfully sold till this moment tshirts with profit about 150$ this week. As I could read, good way is using shopify as a center store...
  11. googlebis

    What's the best service for t-shirt printing (other/better than teespring)?

    Can you tell me what is the best t-shirt printing website that is way better than teespring?
  12. Pixel Groot

    Have any magical niche :)

    Hi fellows! Last day i got an email from merch by amz they approved my application in a short 3 days review session. Bye the way I wanna upload my first artwork. But didn't find any niche or trendy idea based on US merket as I'm not familiar with us men interest or fashion sense regarding...
  13. HeyTamal

    If I Want to Start as T-Shirt Designer, What would be the Opportunity?

    Hi Guys, I want to know what's the future opportunities for a T-Shirt Designer? And... How much a T-Shirt Designer can earn per Graphics?
  14. mouka000

    what is the best print on demand site?

    Hi Friends I'm really confused in which site is better now I m using Teespring but I m searching for something better .
  15. anas hanine

    Company has no problem with trademark

    is there're any T-shirt company has no problem with trademark
  16. anas hanine

    mockups for T-shirt and mug and hoodies

    does anyone know where i can find free mockups for T-shirt and mug and hoodies
  17. Jiung

    [Merch by Amazon Journey] Using Social Media to DOMINATE Merch! Goal to 16k tier!

    Let's keep it simple. I have 2 Merch by Amazon accounts and want to make use of them. I know about their passive income potential, but as this is a NUMBERS game (more shirts = more sales), I want to tier up as much as possible. To do this, you need sales and getting sales to tier up from 10 is...
  18. Marque Overseas

    Branded clothing for wholesale.

    Hi, I'm Saurabh from India. I deal in BULK inventories for branded clothing. Currently, I've some very interesting inventories of brands like -: SUPERDRY, ZARA, JACK & JONES, DOROTHY PERKINS, AUTOGRAPH, ANN TAYLOR, GUESS, MANGO, TOMMY HILFIGER, NEXT ETC. I'm solely looking for wholesalers and...
  19. D

    Journy to Shopify T-shirt art store.

    Hey you all!, so i will start about my self, I'm an young artist and doing lot of blackwork drawing and tattoo styled drawing. In the last year i had a dream of opening a store with screen printed T-shirts with my own designs and drawings on them. so I have started researching and learning...
  20. Vehemos

    Query regarding Tshirt business

    First of all Hello! to BHW and its members :) I have been stalking this forum for over a month and decided to register a few days back and I totally love it! However I have a doubt I wanted to clarify, I searched over on forums and google to no avail. I don't want to make it a long post but I...
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