success guide

  1. K

    Learn From Failure

    Successful People Learn From Failure One of the good things about successful people is the way they see and use failure. Yes ‘use,’ that’s right, failure could be used. Every situation and circumstance, whether good or bad, can be used to our advantage. Successful people utilize this...
  2. K

    2 Under-estimated Qualities You'll Need To Create Your Own Opportunity

    Not to start the oblivious but; "Fortune favours the man who takes Bold and Optimistic steps." Our world is full of opportunities, and your ability to see and use them determines how you profit from life. Sometimes, opportunities come our way but we don’t see them because of our worries...
  3. Focused99

    Successful Blogger Shares Advice

    What's up, guys. It's Focused. You may have heard about me from my previous thread, on how I made $57,938 from one YouTube video. You can read that thread here: Anyways, I want to share a few...
  4. Costelus

    CPA Adult+ Twitter | Success Journey | 350.000+ followers

    First of all let me present. My name is Gabi,I'm 17 years old and live in Europe. I LOVE BlackHatWorld because this forum changed my life. How that ? From here I have learned all I know about affiliates and now I'm making around 1.000$/month profit (pretty much in my country ,especially for a...
  5. N

    Nazarbobel's Journey to Pay Bills, Create Authority Site, Become the Chuck Norris of IM!

    Hello Everyone! I am not new to BHW or IM, but I am using a new account to create this journey as a symbol for a new start in my life. Personally, things have been rocky and I will not get into the nitty-gritty of it, but I am looking to start a journey not just for income, but for my life...
  6. D

    Wy Many of us fail doing online Business

    As a beginner in online busines, I have been able to figure some reasons while many of us failed initially and gave up trying out online business. I hope my findings helps a newbie like me lol. - They don't have the right mentors -They want to make 4 figures almost immediately - They give up...
  7. delboy2010

    Money Starting to Roll in, thx BHW!!!!!

    Hey everyone, another post to inspire everyone to keep moving forward and never give up! Since starting on this forum and starting my very small beginnings I now have a small Media Company in the UK - we do everything from graphic design, web design, online marketing, offline marketing and now...
  8. Tunenchi

    5 things smart and tough people do not do

    1) They don?t feel sorry for themselves They understand that complaining doesn?t make the situation better. They know that people won?t treat them they way they want to be treated, circumstances might not be ideal, and they will experience adversity; however, rather than complain about the...
  9. redclover

    Want real success? Read this!

    Hello Everyone, I have only been a member of this forum for a month. I am going to tell you exactly my story and how I finally gained the success I was thirsty for. Now if your reading this for " Methods " then stop reading now. This is going to point out some key points why many of you...
  10. GoldenGlovez

    Want to travel the world and make money? Here's a way

    This is not an online money making method, advertising scheme, or bullshit. I'm writing this from my own personal real life experience, and sharing something that has completely changed my life in a profound way. If this post inspires only one or two people, it will have done it's job. Before...
  11. T

    Become a Millionaire in 1 Year

    Hi guys, this is my first share on BHW and I have been reading this forum for about 2 weeks now and I noticed that there are a lot less successful people than successful, but I see that the unsuccessful ones still seem to stay attached to this forum and continue to research and strive for...
  12. knowledgeblast

    Kasamba Success Guide

    Hey All, I haven't been here long but I absolutely love this place:). I am wondering does anyone have the link for the Kasamba Success Guide Thanks in advance
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