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    Hello Everyone,

    I have only been a member of this forum for a month. I am going to tell you exactly my story and how
    I finally gained the success I was thirsty for. Now if your reading this for " Methods " then stop reading now.
    This is going to point out some key points why many of you just like I was, are reading through the forums
    and wanting to bring home that cash but it just was not happening for you.

    Now to start. Yes when I first started into IM and online business I was totally after the money. I would
    read through these forums all the time searching and searching for that perfect niche or method. Writing
    down all the ideas I saw potential in. Finally I ended up with so many ideas. I would start one and then stop
    on it after it seemed like it was outdated or not working for me and start on another one. I would spend
    countless hours researching and trying to bring home that money. I had no success. Actually I spent more
    money than I made.

    But now I am making enough money that I do not have to worry about a daily grind job anymore. I am not going
    to BS you with some " I make $$$,$$$.$$ a month " crap talk. First, I am a private person. People who talk about
    how much money they make are usually full of BS. Second, What does it matter how much money I make? What
    matters is how much money your making as you read this right?? So how did I change my situation? How did I go from
    making nothing to making a decent living? I am going to tell you exactly what my faults were and hopefully you can
    read this and apply it or some of it to your own situation.

    First problem I had was always jumping to the next so called Hot Niche or new idea and never sticking to my old plan.
    You can never have success like that. You Must pick one idea and keep working at it until you make some type of profit.
    And No I did not read a bunch of BS E-books trying to tell me what to do. Your better off buying a nice lunch with the money.
    You have to ask yourself...Who are you? And who do you want to be? Do you want to be the person who is hopelessly reading
    Ebooks and methods on forums with little to no success? Or are you the person making the money from your own Ebook selling
    it to someone else? Ask yourself this...Why would someone making so much money sell ebooks to you and spend all that time
    marketing them?? There faking mostly. The Ebook is the main profit!

    I am now going to give you a list of rules for success.
    Follow them whenever in doubt. They worked for me.

    • Finish what you started before creating a new idea. (note: $1 dollar a day is better than 5 incomplete ideas.)
    • Forget the " Look at how much I am making " people. Their is always a catch.
    • Ask yourself...Are you the one paying to make someone else rich on their ebook or idea? Or are you
      the person making money from someone else?
      (you are either one or the other)
    • Do you enjoy IM and online work? (you really need to enjoy something to be a success. Have Passion!)

    Also, If you want to do something...Say buy/sell on Ebay..Then do it! Look at the listings until your eyes bleed.
    Make sure you beat everyone else and bring home the cash! Have Passion for what you do and the desire to do it
    better than everyone else. BHW is the most awesome forum for start ups to learn. You can really make money.
    But you have to concentrate your efforts. Remember theirs more information on BHW than most E-books. Sell e-books.
    Do not fall victim into reading more incomplete ideas. Most if not all of you have a idea. Stick with it! Then when it has some
    success replicate it. Do not go on to the next thing to quick.

    I hope now that you read my mistakes you can look at your own.
    Good Luck on all of your business Ideas and adventures.

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    Sep 29, 2011
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    Yeah...jumping from one thing to another really sucks...i used to be easily distracted but now i got 2 methods and i work them daily and this brings me daily money!

    Focus is very important!
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    Jun 9, 2011
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    I can't agree with you more. You outlined few good points. I'd also like to tell why I used to fail and what I realized during my failures. One of the most important thing which we need to remember is that "Money and Success are temporary things, they may not necessarily stick with us always, there might be a situation wherein you would not be able to make a single penny for months. And if you are in this field for the sake of money, then I am sorry, you won't be able to last. Money must be a secondary criteria. The foremost thing which one needs to have is "PASSION", because it is passion, which will help you cross the sea even in the worst storms. I used to give up too soon because I always thought that I am wasting time on a particular thing but in fact I was utilizing my time and learning tons of thing. Now when I look back then I realize that how important it is to join dots.

    We must regularly spend at least few minutes and try joining the dots and analyze all the things we learnt on that particular day. I am sometimes shocked because my mind says I have wasted the entire day but when I contemplate, then I realize that I have learned plenty of things. Most of us just don't contemplate, make it a habit to do so. When I used to fail repeatedly, I used to tell every person I met that I have facing difficulties and I am incurring losses. In other words, I looked for soothing words from their end for making comfortable but now when I looked back, then I realize how wrong I was. We must not keep cribbing about our losses and failures because this way we are creating a negative mindset, and you guys have read Law of attraction, then you'd also know that you are what you think. If you keep holding your head all day long and worrying about failures, then you will keep failing. The best bet would be to rather go out, have fun, enjoy with friends.

    Now when I face a rejection or I suffer a loss in business, then I go out with friends, and have loads of fun because this diverts my mind and I am not able to think about those negative things which happened to me. Last but not the least, most of us have the habit of procrastination, which acts as a slow poison. I used to suffer from this evil thing. To tell you a truth, I was a chronic procrastinator, and it used to affect my business to a great extent but procrastination can be tackled. And believe me if you tackle procrastination, then brain under your control, and you can dictate your terms. These things are very important for attaining our goals and getting so called " Real Success" . All the best guys. :)
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    This is what changed it all for me (apart from sticking to the plan!)

    "Ask yourself...Are you the one paying to make someone else rich on their ebook or idea? Or are you
    the person making money from someone else?"

    Its a mindset shift - mediocre money helping others get rich or much more substantial income with you being the 'provider' - its the way to go.....
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    nice thread buddy :) really nice. Perfect thread for making a day better, and getting thinking that ... passion + work=profit/money/success. And yes, I agree here too. The most important thing is passion, and most of the people who fail, don't know this.
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    Exactly! You have to change your mindset in order to be the success you want to be.

    Just a update...I was watching TV today which is so rare for me. Anyway I heard someone say
    " Well in the music business you have your ups and downs I think "

    Whoa...Wait a minute and think..." Music business " ? Now what would you rather be in the " Music Business "
    or just a artist who loves to create music and then in a result you receive the fame and fortune?

    Fame and Fortune should be a byproduct from your passion and dedication
    in doing what you enjoy. For instance in IM think of it as a extension of yourself.
    Enjoy doing the work. Then the money will follow.

    I really think todays music suffers for the logic of " Music Business "

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    Nov 17, 2011
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    The secret to success, is HELPING others succeed in one area or more.

    You will then have monetize your time & effort in a way that's not too snake-oil sales-like of course.

    By doing that, you will succeed.
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    Very true. Stick to 1 thing whether adsense, clickbank, or cpa and wait until your making nice money with 1 then get more.
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    May 16, 2012
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    thnks 4 the advice OP...u should have made a WSO and banked big with this rare info!!!!!
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    May 21, 2012
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    Hey your very welcome! I am not interested in Banking anything off of my fellow community at BHW.
    This community has helped me enough to help my business succeed. However I would like to point out
    that no matter how much awesome information I read here and as much I tried my real success came
    when I decided enough was enough and started making money. Good information is not good if it is not
    being performed.

    For me I am happy no longer do I have to work that daily grind. Sure I work my butt off but at least it is
    doing something I enjoy and at my time schedule. Who wants to deal with a A$$ Hole manager everyday
    for little money? Ha if anything look at your life for ambition to do better in IM and Online E Commerce.

    Good Luck Everyone!