stripe account

  1. vassom

    HELP | Need a Virtual bank account for LTD

    Hi, as you know, it's impossible to get a bank account as a non-UK resident, even virtual banks like Starling Bank, Monzo, monese, N26 , ANNA .....don't accept non-residents, WISE is not an option anymore because of the Waitlist, the main reason why I want a virtual account is for payment...
  2. A

    Stripe Account Creation Under 1stformations.

    Hi all, I recently formed a company through 1st Formations, and my main issue now is setting up a Stripe account. Being Lebanese, Stripe isn't supported in my country. Stripe requires two key pieces of information to open a business account: a proof of address for the country where I am based...
  3. M

    Website cloaking regarding Stripe

    Hello everyone, I hope everyone is doing good. I am looking for a solution to cloak my websites from Stripe, I want Stripe to consider website A which is the legal one to be the one responsible for sales while I bring sales from my digital product websites. If anyone has any solution please help me!
  4. Malek33

    How is working with a stealth stripe looks like?

    Hey guys, i want to start selling digital products, specifically iptv subscriptions, and i need a payment gateway, I'm thinking about buying a Stripe account but some good folks told me that it won't last long. my questions are : if you purchased a stripe account, how its like? Do you just get...
  5. A

    Need payment gate way for rental (razorpay,srtipe )

    We looking woocommerce payment gate for rental basis
  6. W

    Any alternatives to Stripe in order to receive credit card payments

    Hello I wondering if there is any other platform different that Stripe that accepts credit card payments. I start to run a ecommerce business recently and I need a way to receive payments through Credit card, different that Stripe and Paypal. In other threads here people recommend authorize...
  7. A

    I'm looking for Card payment gate way for my website if any service provider here ping me

    I'm looking following payment gate support All cards payment gate PayPal Crypto If any one here ping me
  8. W

    Scammed by Divisoria for $300 (JR VIP)

    Hi, The user @Divisoria offered to sell us a verified Stripe account. We initiated conversations on Skype and he showed us the account on AnyDesk. He even confirmed via BHW DM's that it's his real Skype account and he's selling the Stripe account to us. We asked to pay half first, but he...
  9. GsenseInsider

    [JV] My UK LTD Stripe + Your Safe Whitehat Sales

    Hi there. We have UK LTD business Stripe account, it is an old account, almost 2 months old, it is completely verified along with selfie. We are looking for someone, who has stable sales, and the niche is safe, e.g does not violate stripe policies. Our account has done only one test sale, it is...

    Opening stripe accounts to friends with antidetect browser or Proxy or VPS

    Hi everyone, i had issues with stripe though im doing white hat, so now i want to open account to my friends so that i can use it, i just think my IP and name is banned, how can i avoid getting my IP adress in it ? I heard about VPS, proxy and antidetect browser whats on that Thanks guys...
  11. survivorghost

    Stripe solution

    Hi everyone, I have a problem with stripe getting closed after the first payout. I use stripe to accept payment on my website, I have 0 disputes or refunds. but at the first payout stripe checked my website and they said it violates their terms and services. and to a certain degree, it does. is...
  12. sgsgsg2323

    Stripe needed

    Hi. Looking to buy stripe account with 3 day payout or less. Preferable with some transaction history (i don’t think 3 day payout is available without previous transactions) let me know.
  13. O

    Warning for all buyers of Stripe accounts: ONLY pay after verified selfie

    This post is a mix between a warning to fellow members and also an ask for anyone who might have this as a service. In the past few months I have had numerous occasions in which I paid someone "half the price" to create a Stripe account and then the idea was that I should pay the other "half"...
  14. Great ruler

    PayPal And Stripe service provider

    I want add paypal and stripe (card payment option ) in website if service here ping me
  15. Whaylee

    Payment processor ""

    Hello, I have been doing e-commerce for five years now and have been using Stripe as my payment processor during that time. However, recently Stripe has been closing accounts without warning and freezing all funds for 120 days, regardless of whether there are any disputes or not. They are...
  16. leftyruggiero

    When Stripe asks for company infos

    Hello I created my stripe account in 2020 and stripe didn't ask me company information after 3 years of use I have 62 000€ transited by my account I have a dispute rate of 0.12% and the payout in 3 days Now the problem is that I'm not declared (I don't have a company) if one day stripe decides...
  17. M

    I need warmed stripe accounts , we would work together with pourcentages

    hello folks i need a warmed stripe accounts with instant payout if possible I'll work with percentage for huge payouts per day, reply to me I'll reach out to you
  18. leftyruggiero

    Link a bank account to a purchased stripe account

    Hello, I just bought a US stripe account and I want to link my personnal bank account (wise) The problem is : as you can imagine the stripe account is owned by another guy who hasn't the same name than me so can I be banned if I link my bank account with my name ?
  19. O

    Stripe accounts with continuous support in case of document requests

    Hello, I am looking for sellers of Stripe accounts that provide support after the initial sale has been done. Most of the sellers I came across think they can simply sell you the account and then if Stripe requests a document / selfie they tell you "it's your fault". Which of course is...
  20. SMMLoco

    verified UK LTD stripe account

    hi there i want to buy multiple stripe accounts that you can verify for me. a UK business account. My budget is 150$ or below. I will buy from the cheapest, around 2-4 per week. let me know plz telegram: @noblefella69 payment via paypal strictly.
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