1. dominyx

    Future Trading Beginner Guide

    I'm new and starting on the journey of Future Trading. Was hoping if there's any guide or advice you guys would give to those starting on the Future Trading.
  2. hims.000

    (Suggestion) best stock market trading course | I want to start trading

    Hi in this forum there are a lot of trading course. But i dont want to download every courses. Can you suggest me some courses for stock market trading which will be very helpful. I am from india. And any learning resources?
  3. drums

    What do you think about uranium stocks?

    Hello, has anyone invested in uranium stocks? I read some articles on Reddit. After Russia cut off the gas, European countries and other countries started to turn to nuclear energy. Many countries have started to build sites for new nuclear power generation and are planning to do so in the long...
  4. Conjecting

    Is anybody else here aware of what is happening with $AMC?

    I posted about this awhile ago, but things have gotten even crazier recently. Hedge funds lost close to a billion dollars on heavily shorted meme stocks... this week. Yesterday, almost half of AMC's float was traded, and it quite literally rocketed past every major resistance level, closing at...
  5. Conjecting

    Anybody here invested in AMC?

    Been steadily increasing my position since Febuary, and was just wondering if anybody else here is involved with the movement. Obviously been a rough week for the stock, but I'm hodling strong.
  6. abigailscott34

    [HQ] Download any paid Stock Photo in high resolution completely free

    It's web tool to download almost any known stock photos from over 30+ websites for FREE, without any watermark and important in high resolution. Please note that this doesn't grant you the license to use the photo commercially, or even personally but anyways. This...
  7. redouane1

    The best way to but us stock shares from Italy or Morocco?

    Hi everyone, Is there any alternatives of robinhood that I can use from Morocco or Italy to buy US shares and options? even the scam apps on the playstore can't be downloaded from here. I want an app that requires only a paypal account without any US document. Thanks.
  8. Phozed

    Should I invest in Tesla?

    Hi BHW I was wondering if any of you have interesting stories or lessons about the stock exchange. The reason I ask this is that I want to invest some money into Tesla and I'm not sure what to expect. Currently, I work at an approved tesla body shop and I am responsible for the cars once they...
  9. zankocunik

    #BYND IS IT A BUY?????

    Bynd missed earnings for about 600% and the stock is trading at about 120USD in the premarket. Is it a buy when market opens? Can it go any lower?
  10. T

    Who ate all the Apples

    Ok there has been lots of news lately on Apple event where they launched new products and updates. Other tech companies also released news of new ventures etc.. Netflix had that big deal with Prince Harry and megan etc... Then why have all these stocks dropped, dropped alot over last week...
  11. J Lyrix

    Ticket for small firm 5g investment (Nova X report)

    Michael Robinson of the Nova X report claims he knows of a 5g Tollbooth firm that Comcast, Verizon, T-Mobile, and even the Department of Defense will have to pay to use the 5G network. It trades for $8 right now but expected to climb to $68 in the next five months. Does anybody know the what...
  12. LogoKing

    Robinhood Free Stock Daily

    Hello my name is Charles. There is currently a great way to receive FREE Stock. Have you heard of Robinhood? It's FREE to sign up. This also in my opinion is the best way to Day trade or Invest your money. I would suggest you look up RobinHood so you know it's legitamate. I would also suggest...
  13. mainceaft

    Where to get news about new tech companies when they established

    Hi all , I just watch news about this new tech company named nuvia they claim they are about to launch new CPU's that's will compete against Intel and AMD , I was following tech companies for years but all newspapers resources I read was talking about already existing companies that's everyone...
  14. SirJackneeOff

    Robo Investors, Yay or Nay?

    I am interested to see BHW member's thoughts on who you use for robo investing. I got into the stock market in 2009 at the perfect time, now I am a little older and really do not want to research individual companies stocks anymore. I rather put some money in with a robo investor and have the...
  15. ShiningWarrior

    Where to find vectorstock/istockphoto/shutterstock images for FREE?

    Hi, most of the images that I need are only available at vectorstock, istockphoto and shutterstock only. I'm really surprised that they charge so much for a single vector and image. Is there any place where I can get images and vectors for FREE that are only available at vectorstock...
  16. Z

    Reasons why Cryptocurrency can not be ruined + Explanations about ICOs and further view

    Hi, guys I found a video that you guys might wanna watch. I think all cryptocurrency will start to rise from now and even more after G20. and I found this guy on Youtube that has similar idea as me. Check this guy's ideas about ICOs in the future. I think it's pretty interesting. This guy...
  17. lampard

    [Giveaway]Shutterstock HD Footage

    I'm gonna give away 3 Shutterstock HD footage. (1 per user) Note: Be careful if you are gonna use it for a commercial project as the license to the video is linked to the account it's downloaded from. Requirement: Minimum 100 post 1 Year old registered member
  18. lampard

    Shutterstock 5 downloads/user- Open only for 24 hours.

    Post the links to image/vector on thread. Request all 5 links in a single post. I will reply with zippyshare links on the thread itself. The links will be valid for 7days after which I'll be deleting the files from the host. I won't share 'editorial use only' content.
  19. KartikJha

    Judging stock prices

    Many of my colleagues in India are interesting in stocks in BSE and NSE and often brainstorm about recurring companies and up-and-coming market price of the companies. Out of my curiosity, I asked them the factors on which they decide where to invest. Here were some stated below: > Profit per...
  20. NamenloserHeld

    [FREE] Awesome Images! List with 37x FREE Stock Image Sites/Resources for your Projects!

    I recently found this list here and its too good not too share. Have a good start in 2017, i hope its helpful :) Source/Updates: * [AHoardOfPixels]( - CC0 images, small collection. *...
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