stock market

  1. Toz

    [!?] WTF @ Robinhood :mad:

    Uhh, so I just randomly received this email: The problem is that I never placed a market order to sell anything. So I Googled it and this sorts of thing seems to happen to a lot of people. This is nuts!
  2. IamNRE

    Transitioning from IM to WallStreetBet Sophisticated Theta Farm Retard

    After playing the IM game for a decade +, I've decided to give this shit a break for now. Its hella tough. There's very little control, you either rely on a social network that can ban your ass for breaking the tiniest of terms or just because its Tuesday and the soul-less noob working...
  3. rauza

    [Caution] Everybody Thinking About Getting GME / AMC - This is Important to Understand - Please don't be stupid

    Disclaimer: I bought GME early so I am just putting this out there incase someone sees that as bias but here's my opinion over everything that's happening. Honestly, I'll say buy GME *if you can afford to* but not because I think it's an amazing safe investment opportunity - it really is super...
  4. Nw_Work

    Your honest opinion on trading in USA stock market?

    How has it been for you? Have you been able to curb your losses or took the hit on bad decisions? Overall has it been a profitable venture or a loss making one just Interested to see everyone's views:) Best Regards, NW
  5. Nw_Work

    Anyone knows a good software that analysis any country stock market and give out accurate stock predictions??

    This is something I am looking for hopefully someone knows an online tool or software that does all the tough comparisons and analysis and gives out the most accurate info needed to make good decisions on entry and exit points. Best Regards, NW
  6. J Lyrix

    Ticket for small firm 5g investment (Nova X report)

    Michael Robinson of the Nova X report claims he knows of a 5g Tollbooth firm that Comcast, Verizon, T-Mobile, and even the Department of Defense will have to pay to use the 5G network. It trades for $8 right now but expected to climb to $68 in the next five months. Does anybody know the what...
  7. Rey Roy

    Banks are the weak point of this economy..

    Banks are the weak point of this economy.. You bring them 1k in savings, they have rights (given them by the governments) to give 30k in loans away, based on your 1k. It means that they just made 29k from the thin air, while you had to work hard to earn that 1k... I call it the Ghost Money...
  8. SMMnet

    Coronavirus has stocks down | Invest now right?

    I've done ok with stocks. When I say stocks, I should mean stock because I invested into Tesla when it was $250/share and when it capped at $900/shares before the virus hit I felt like a godess. But honestly, what stocks would you recommend investing into now that this virus has the market...
  9. vaibhav123

    Stock Market Vs Internet Marketing

    Which have more risk and which have more money earning potential ? Any Internet Marketer (Online Money earner) have experience in Stock market ? Share it.
  10. HelloBTCMINER

    A "Stock Market Crash" Could Be Coming...

    This Favorite Warren Buffett Metric Tells Us a Stock Market Crash Could Be Coming Read full article - One of Warren Buffett's favorite valuation metrics is now at an all-time high. Do you want to say something @Sherb ?
  11. msadax

    Stock market

    Hi, whats the best way to gain knowledge about investing in stocks, im from europe so penny stocks in not aviable for me on robinhood :(
  12. KanishkaSEO

    [FREE] Make Money in the Stock Market as a Private Investor

    Make Money in the Stock Market as a Private Investor: Invest in the supermarket of the best companies in the world and get financial freedom Kindle Edition Get it Free
  13. S

    Trading Question

    I was approached by a trader who gave me two options.First,I give him money for trading and he will give fixed 4%/m interest on that amount.Second,let him do trading on my demat account and profits will be split 50-50%.Is this legit or scam?
  14. funkybunker

    $450mil - 40 transactions

    I admit this one is goofy, but fun.
  15. Shadexpwn

    Day Trading & Economics - Forum Section Idea #1

    I was thinking that some people like riding the modern day hurricane leading development and innovation across the world. Due to the stated fact that the economy is shifting to a worldwide epidemic of acquisition and futuristic viewpoint I feel this section would streamline and educate people...
  16. zoomsixx

    Using SEO to manipulate stock prices

    I know technically this is illegal but maybe some of you have "friends" who have done something of this sort. I remember when spammers successfully did this with penny stocks. Share any details you may have. Just for entertainment purposes only of course.
  17. J

    Just found out how powerful social media really is

    The Asocciated Press Twitter account was hacked a couple of minutes ago and the hacker(s) tweeted that there was a White House explosion and Obama was hurt. This tweet, within minutes, scared investors and the stock market dropped over 150 points, which is considered a huge drop, especially in a...
  18. F

    Want to Share my Daily Stock Tips

    Hi fellow BHW members, I want to give more contributions to this forum. So I decided to give daily stock picks here so probably it would help you to find stocks which have a potential to go up. I have a blog and it contains my articles about US stock market since 2009, so actually I'm not a new...
  19. 8

    New Affiliate Site: Loads of Tools 75% commission

    Hi, I just started a new site called "phd-trading" and looking for affiliates to get the ball rolling on the right track. The site is under clickbank marketplace and is brand new. (just got approved 2 days ago) The site started earlier this month and has about 1000 freebies with traffic at...
  20. W

    Forum Postings - Stock Market Niche - Easy Money - $0.10/post upto $18/hour

    This is a great way to make some extra money. Here's the rules: 1.) Posts must be relevant to Stock Market 2.) Must be posted in the correct area 3.) Feel free to modify/use content from other stock forums (to get ideas) 4.) Must be written in clear English (see #3) 5.) Minimum payout is $4.00...