Day Trading & Economics - Forum Section Idea #1


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Sep 12, 2010
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I was thinking that some people like riding the modern day hurricane leading development and innovation across the world.

Due to the stated fact that the economy is shifting to a worldwide epidemic of acquisition and futuristic viewpoint I feel this section would streamline and educate people about subjects not seen anywhere else on any other user discussion board.

This fourm has the potential to offer intelligent ideologies nobody else can compete with due to the educated bunch specializing in this category of money making with limitless potential.

People have lasting input not found elsewhere and this section will initially slowly populate and bring more mass scale monetization ideas not matched by any other community due to the high graded minds and value that can be offered to those willing to learn without paid education.

I think Day Trading qualifies as a hybrid style Internet Marketing specialty and that Economics would increase the input across the entire forum once people start reverse engineering the quality and mastering the demographics.