day trading

  1. S

    Thoughts on Day Trading

    Hi everyone In february I got really interested in trading, I was obsessed with the markets and I tried to learn everything. When I thought I had enough knowledge I opened a Binance account and deposited 1K. If you've ever tried scalping you probably know what happened next One thousand...
  2. M1nnow

    Looking for day trading stocks courses

    Hey fellow bhw friends, idk if its the right place to post it but im looking for some decent day trading courses out there that anyone could share, would be helpful thanks in advance.
  3. addictedtolearning

    Selling Trading Courses

    Hey all, So, I've been fortunate enough to come across a stock and crypto trading mentor. He's been doing it full time almost 2 decades, and the methods I've learned from him aren't ones you just find on the internet. On top of that, I've gotten upwards of $50,000 worth of courses from him...
  4. R

    Greeting to All

    I am the owner of several internet based companies. Our company goal here is to introduce several of them to the BH Communirty. Our main objective here is to offer seamless Payment Gateway assistance to IPTV Providers and others. We offer a variety of options for Gateway Payments. As per the...
  5. TheSingh

    Monetizing Forex + Day Trading Email Lists

    Hello! So here's the thing. I've got like thousands of dollars of ad spend being spent to gather emails for a couple of clients of mine, mainly in the Forex and Day Trading Niches. Both of them are about 20k strong with people worldwide and which are active (i purge inactives every month) Now...
  6. TheSingh

    Best Place to get Forex/Crypto/Day Trading Leads/Email Submits

    Hey, So i just got approved for this advertising network where they're offering a set rate for every legit email submit for Forex/Crypto/Day Trading email submits. Basically they want people who are interested in buying these products, where they are forex EA's or like Day Trading System...

    Hi BHW

    Hi guys! nice meeting you all. Im new here i really like this website it's awesome, i am learning about day trading so I would appreciate it if anyone can give me advice or anything that can help me with trading.
  8. MrAnta997

    Day trading

    Hey guys.. Couple of questions.. A lots of guys on Yt are doin day trading and all of them are some kind of a fucking gurus.. I find this forum relatively reliable, I mean, I invested in stuff I'm learning here, so yeah, i think you guys are genuine.. Anyway, do you guys have success with day...
  9. INCC

    Anyone here day trading Cryptos on Plus500 or any alternative platforms?

    Just as the title says.. I want to start so maybe someone here can give a few tips about the platforms i should use or avoid completely, i heard that Plus500 had massive issues closing trades and some other BS.. Any simple form of tips are much appreciated, i will start with low budget...
  10. syzygy1

    Crypto Day Trading: Is any one trying it?

    Hey guys, I have been following the blog of a person name John Ommar from which is all about day trading crypto currencies. Day Trading which is not equal to investing is something which many stock trader does but with limit as most exchanges don't allow day trading or swing...
  11. bmanfacts

    How I saw EXPLOSIVE Growth on 2 Small Alt Coins (Over 500% Growth Each)

    I think this may be my first time posting a thread here on BHW in my time on here, but today I saw 2 of my alt coins explode. Alt Coin #1: Mooncoin from 1 sats to 5 sats (500% growth overall) Alt Coin #2: BitBean from 70 sats to 460 sats (630% growth overall) Note: This thread is not intended...
  12. jr_sci

    How I Doubled My Money Within 48 hours Buying PIVX Crypto Currency

    What's this thread all about? I share my story on how I doubled my money within 48 hours investing in a crypto currency (PIVX). Some of you might already be aware of trading in crypto currencies. For other's however, this might be a brand new concept. Why am I sharing it on Blackhatworld? I...
  13. Shadexpwn

    Day Trading & Economics - Forum Section Idea #1

    I was thinking that some people like riding the modern day hurricane leading development and innovation across the world. Due to the stated fact that the economy is shifting to a worldwide epidemic of acquisition and futuristic viewpoint I feel this section would streamline and educate people...
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