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  1. T

    [Done-For-You] HIGH CONVERTING LANDING/E-COM PAGES █ Free Hosting & SSL █ Over 4000+ Templates Available

  2. glhawkins

    Sales Landing Page Recommended Services?

    I get served up ads on IG and FB all day long, and love the look and feel of these landing pages: https://www.smlmprogram.com/blueprint-main https://thumbnailblaster.com/special-offer2/ https://videomarketingblasterpro.com/special-offer2/ https://mapify360.com/offer-cb/ Anyone know anyone that...
  3. M

    Check Out This Tai Lopez Squeeze Page, How On Earth Did It Get Approved?

    Hey everyone, I am trying to learn how to do landing pages correctly and currently doing a bunch of research so I can pull the trigger and set up my own. A lot of sources (white hat) are saying that you need to show your menu, t&c, privacy policy etc etc... Basically make your landing page as...
  4. GoodLife Naciri


    Hi, I tried instapage before but it doesn't work correctly on mobile then I tried Wix and it worked perfectly, I just wanna know is it a good idea to use it as an affiliate landing page ?
  5. Harnur

    I Get 33.33% Email opt-in rates on my landing page, Is it Good? Is there Scope for more?

    Hello, I am using PPC(Bing Ads) to get traffic to my landing page. Is 33.33% optin rate good(keeping in Mind that i pay around 1 USD per email lead)? Is this estimate good? Am i paying too much per lead? Is there scope for making profit? How much opt-in rate do successful internet marketers get...
  6. Harnur

    Best Landing Page for Affiliate Marketing..?

    Most of the people go for landing pages that capture Email Leads. Other than capturing email leads in my landing page, is there anything innovative i could do with my landing page, that can help me get good conversion rates(for affiliate products).
  7. Harnur

    PPC+ Clickbank : In-Need Of Desperate Help !

    I am using paid traffic(Bing Ads) to capture email leads and i am paying close to $ 0.70-1 USD for email leads. ($ 0.3 USD is my CPC). I am getting 30-50% optin rates on my Landing Page. But the thing is that even after, spending so much money on getting subscribers, i get around 40-50% email...
  8. Harnur

    Is it Alright to COPY Someone else's landing page?

    I found a perfect niche and I am using PPC for sending traffic to my landing page. Its it alright if i copy my rival's(in the same niche) landing page. His(rival's) landing page is too good and i don't feel like creating my own landing page. Is it alright to use the Same-Exact landing page as his?
  9. Harnur

    Is it Alright to Copy-Paste content from Advertiser's website for my landing Page?

    Is it alright to copy paste contents like reviews, videos, images from homepage of advertiser to create my landing page? But, after viewer subscribes to my optin-form, he will be redirected to the same advertiser's website(having the same content as my squeeze page). Should i do it?
  10. Dary Info

    How To Create A Powerful Free Landing Page In Blogger!

    Hello Guys! in this post i wanna share with you an easy way to create a powerful free landing page (squeeze page) in Blogger! So if you are planned to start your own email marketing business but you dont have a budget to buy host, clickfunnels...this is for you! Watch the video and follow the...
  11. UrbanMedusa

    How To Make Money With Clickbank

    I am running some highly intensive Twitter campaigns for different Clickbank products but I am not earning a cent. Do you think Clickbank products are over saturated? Or do people not fall for all those hyped up tacky sales pages anymore?
  12. T

    can I promote squeeze page with bing ppc ?

    can I promote my squeeze page with bing ppc ? my thank you page will be a clickbank sales page and the display url will be the sales page url at bing ads . as I have got mixed opinions . Any idea ?
  13. Y

    May anyone help this newbie ?

    Hi .. I have decided to take action and begin promoting Clickbank products (Weight Loss niche) .. i have create a website for reviews an use PPC networks to promote it, after that i have created a squeeze page to collect name and and email, at the first time i have promoted this squeeze page buy...
  14. A

    Rotation squeeze page

    hi guys , i want to create 4 squeeze page in my website (wordpress) , is there any plugin ( free) or tricks to rotate them to do A/B testing ?
  15. A

    it's normal 160 Subs and 0 sales

    hi guys, i'm building my list using squeeze page ( double option ) , after confirmation , they get email with free book and an CB offer bellow . my stats : 160 subs , 5 hops/day , 0 sales did something wrionh here ? please
  16. M

    How importent is squeeze page design?

    Hello! So i started with bing ads promoting clickbank products through my squeeze page. I have only gotten 3 leads from a squeeze page i made myself on instapage (if anyone want see it i can pm). Now i am considering outsourcing a new squeeze page from fiverr, but im not sure if its the squeeze...
  17. D

    Send Twitter followers to landing page or to website?

    Hi, do you think sending your Twitter followers to a landing page with e-mail subscription is profitable (no website, only landing page)? Or would you recommend a whole website? I'm a Clickbank affiliate and an Amazon Affiliate. You can send Clickbank links per email newsletter but you need a...
  18. I

    I am a web developer and need help with marketing my squeeze page

    Hello BHW pros, I am a web developer with both front end and back end skills. I want to spread my knowledge to other people via a google hangout. I have created a landing/squeeze page for the same and now I need help how to market it via Google Adwords or any other means. Also any suggestions...
  19. F

    50% converting Squeeze page True or Myth?

    Hello friends, I'm referring to a Stacey Adams claiming 'My Squeeze Pages have been tested and convert at 40% or higher!" Does anyone have such squeeze or landing page? I typically hear 2-10% conversions to be normal, but over 40%? Sounds Insane! If so is there a trusted vendor here who...
  20. S

    Squeeze Page!

    Hi I just made a squeeze page today for my click bank product, please sign up if you want to and give me any feedback. bit.ly /1dRxAvZ take out the space!!
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