split test

  1. xanaIDE

    [Help] How To Use Netlify Split Testing Based on a Condition?

    Hello everyone, I started using Netlify to host a static website and I really like the performance. I'm not a techy guy, I was just using the manual deployment but I will see how to use the automatic deployment from GitHub. And maybe I will use Hugo as it seems a little bit easier for me...
  2. C

    Zend encrypted PHP code.

    Hello, Is it possible to decrypt Zend encrypted PHP code? I have a couple of scripts, a redirectot, and a split test script that would like to have decrypted to be able to usw with PHP7 in new servers. Thanks,
  3. Kostya76

    4 Ads in One Set yet 1 Ad get 90% of Impressions

    I have a n Ad Set with 4 Ads ( 2 long copy - 2 short copy x 2 different images). One of the Ads generates more conversions that the other three ads. Which is great. But this same Ad has more impression and reach counts than the other 3 Ads as well. So, what I am struggling to understand is...
  4. Mouton Roth

    Battle: PPE, Conversion, vs Impressions

    Hey Guys, i'm launching a Facebook campaign for a product video that can gain traction via attention, i.e. a trending product. I want to test out my target audience with three different optimizations: PPE, Impressions, and conversions (be it website views, ad to cart, purchase, etc). PPE ads...
  5. Mr.Charles

    WP PROFIT REDIRECT | AIO plugin with features as Popup, Track, Rotation, Cloaking And Page Jacker

    I am very proud to present this plugin for Wordpress, which I have long been working, plus I'm still working and accepting requests to update the plugin to suit all your needs. COUPON As a launch offer, I will offer a coupon of 25% of the product, just reply to this thread and I sent it by PM...
  6. Jiung

    [Split Test] Journey with Micro Niche Adsense Websites

    Yo BHW Community! I've been just a lurker here and there, trying out different methods and tactics and what not. From looking at sales threads here, I've wanted to try out something. There are a few people selling "Keywords" and few people selling "Websites" Keywords are generally cheaper...
  7. mytargets

    My gift to you for the new year - sequence URL rotator script

    My gift to you for the new year - sequence URL rotator script Here is the details: every time someone visits the script page ( index.php ) the urls will be rotated and the visitor will be transparently redirected to the next url in the list and back again ( loop ) The script compose...
  8. Jcsarokin

    ** Post Your Split Test Results **

    I figured it would be nice if we could share our split test results all in one thread. That way if your building a new LP for a product or just want to learn some useful information you can just shoot straight to this page. Putting a testimonials box on your sign up or order form page...
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