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Mar 2, 2009
I figured it would be nice if we could share our split test results all in one thread. That way if your building a new LP for a product or just want to learn some useful information you can just shoot straight to this page.

  • Putting a testimonials box on your sign up or order form page increases conversions 25%.

  • Arial 12 pt font increases readability by 30%.

  • Red is the best headline color. Grabs attention and increases performance 25%.

  • Blue is the best background color, it increases trust between your users and yourself. 20% conversion increases.

  • Testimonial box below opt in form - 20% increase in conversions.

  • Live chat option increases conversions 40%.
I think this will be very helpful. I am bookmarking this page.

It is not a landing page so much, but I am building a membership site and am split testing two different pages right now, to see which one brings in the most sign ups.

I have found that Red for the headline and Blue for the background is very helpful.

I will post more of my results as I go. I am also thinking about starting one of those famous journals on here. I just try really hard not to spend all of my time on the wonderful BHW that sucks you in so quickly and actually get work done.

Thank you for all your helpful information.
here's just some general landing page tips i picked up over time. i don't really have any split-test statistics to back them up, but in general they seem to be working pretty well.

use specific numbers as much as possible.

however, saying "you can make $10,561.73" makes no sense whatsoever. it works much better if you say "i made $10,561.73, and here's how i did it".

emphasize benefits (what it can do for them) rather than features (facts & figures)

put multiple [order now] buttons on your sales page if it's very long. like one every 3-4 pages.

use hand-drawn red arrows to direct attention towards important stuff (like order buttons and opt-in boxes)

include plenty of screenshots of actual promised results

include a picture of the product itself

use javascript to pop-up a message box when they try to close the page, offering them a discounted version of the product

simple graphics work better than fancy graphics

use a sans-serif font

use bold, underline, italic, red text, highlighting, larger font sizes, checkmarks, capitalization, exclamation points, and hand-drawn circles to direct attention where appropriate

include pictures with your testimonials

include a video

write a high price, then cross it out and put a lower price next to it

say there are only x number of copies remaining, or x number of hours remaining for this price, and put a timer on the page

if the order form's on a different website, put a screenshot of what it will look like after they click the order link so they don't think they're getting phished.

heh that's all i can think of for now :)
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