1. SnarkBash

    Hello BlackHat World Members

    I am IT Technician/Ethical hacker Freelancer, i love to challenges security, to learn new things and i love to share skills with others. Programming i used for security hacking daily job? Linux Bash scripting Python scripting GitHub Tools recently learning Golang basic scripting for level up...
  2. 1SEOWarrior

    Will parasites be considered SPAM in near future?

    As parasites are growing like parasites, what's your thoughts on the SEO impact of this black hat technique.? TIA
  3. I

    spamming keyword on google search anyone can teach how

    can someone know abot this spamming tools ??
  4. C

    New Here

    Hello, I'm new here and wanting to learn new stuff, surfing here got my interest on spamming, can anyone please help me with any automation tools and stuff? i don't really have anything to invest for now
  5. somewebmaster

    [METHOD] Find parasites or sites to place your post with links

    Hello I'm sorry if I'm not the first publishing this, but I don't remember seeing this before. I got idea while experimenting with the method I found here Let's...
  6. Lipstick Spoiler

    [Video course] ✨ULTIMATE SPAMMING MASTERY COURSE✨✅ Earn passive income by growing groups ☢️ Bonus Material $$$ ❌

    ⚡Unleash Your Digital Dominance: The Spamming Mastery Course⚡ CHECK REVIEWS BELOW: ✅ Free Method I posted Last year Below✅ Don't have any money to invest???? Okay, read this thread, which I posted a while ago. >>Make...
  7. R

    Tool Needed: Multi-Instance Android Simulator w/ Automation

    IDK if it's ok for this kind of question. I will delete the post if it's not appropriate. Newbie in BHW. I'm working for an agency and one of our competitors offered a multi-instance Android simulator to their clients, where fingerprints can be managed internally and support simple automation...
  8. Gesloten420

    German sms spamming

    hello, im looking for somebody or a provider where i can spam daily 20k-30k sms to german phone numbers. with sender id would be great please message me here or on telegram: @gesloten263
  9. Fail

    Need sms Marketer for paid work (US Carrier Targets)

    I have several campaigns I need sent out if you can send high volumes of sms then message me. I'm really looking for long term biz relationships, you have to be able to send message and link without needing to change or switch out anything. Please don't waste my time I wouldn't want to waste...
  10. D

    My So called HQ twitter tokens gets suspended Fast!!!

    Yo guys, please help me out here. I can't seem to get through with twitter mass mentioning because my tokens keep getting suspended on one account posting and don't last long. As a result, the remaining mentions vanish. I had firsthand experience with this using Tweetattackspro and received the...
  11. YoloRO

    [Question] Spamming mobile phone numbers

    Hello, I have a new business open and I would need to "attack" a little competition by spamming calls and/or messages to some phone numbers in Europe. Is there any way to do this? Any advice or would be a great help. Thank you in advance!
  12. G

    YouTube Shorts Spamming | Will I get banned if I...

    Will I get banned if I upload like 30-40 videos (same video) a day, but if I reach a certain amount of subs, like 5k, I delete my videos and start a normal channel? For now I spammed 70 videos and I have 4k. Will I get banned? (I started today)
  13. G

    Can someone tell me what is the point of spamming shorts?

    And how do people dont get banned? Where can I find sites that I can promote in my videos, like those Robux and Vbucks craps?
  14. A


    I need a gateway with a web dashboard that I can top up with bitcoin which would equate to account balance. Then use the balance to send out emails and hit inbox at a set rate (for example: 0.002/per email sent out...) or something where I can pay monthly and send up to a certain amount per day...
  15. A

    PHP coders needed for antibot script

    I have some spages I am trying to host and get traffic to, my pages design and so on is completely undetected but my antibots are not strong enough to stop the page from going red. I need a script to implement on my hosting to stop my sites pages going red and suspicious. If you can help let me...
  16. Sandie2018

    How to open port 25 on OVH?

    Hi guys, I have been sending email campaigns from my SMTP on ovh and I've got a message from ovh that port 25 has been blocked for suspected spamming (they are absolutely right ;)). They sent me a link from which I could unblock port 25 after reviewing my activities but the link doesn't work. I...
  17. N

    Regulation required in post or thread report option

    I have 2 points 1) I have reported a few posts if it has any selling motive. But I do not know what kind of action was taken on that report. if you know what kind of action has been taken for the previous report means, next time as a member you can do proper action if you see the same kind of...
  18. Dmitry Belanskiy

    Is Instagram Bot Marketing Still ALIVE?

    Hey, wassup, marketing brotherhood!! I see that for the last few months Instagram and its updates totally killed any bot activity and spamming methods. It`s really so hard to perform any actions as massfollowing, sending dm messages using bots in Instagram and I really think that this sphere...
  19. Immorra

    Chaturbate spam bot

    Hello guys! I`m need a freelancer, who can do chaturbate spam bot for me. More info in pm. Who can help me?
  20. beastkay

    Really Happy To Not to have that B|A|b|a|J-I THREAD's On Top

    If you're one of them who is on BHW for long time and from past week this tripathi or some baba has been spamming our forum with indian phone number and posting threads like sex problem, love problem babaji will solve that and all shit things. He thought that BlackHat = Black Magic maybe...
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