1. A

    someone sent me this email...

    Hello BHW I just I recieved an email from someone claiming my site has copyright images and if I don't remove them they will file a lawsuit under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and may be fined upto to $150,000. It was sent from a @yahoo email and when I tried to reply to the email it...
  2. IAmDaze

    My Hosting Account and Domain Will Be Blocked Forever !

    I received this funny comment on my WordPress site. Thought you guys might enjoy reading this :D:D
  3. K

    Targeted by spam accounts

    Hey y'all As I am growing slowly but steadily I guess I become more prone to spam attacks. They look like this: Over the course of 12 hours I get followed by 50 or so accounts that all have similar names (usually a name and a number e.g. taylor2487, jim1384, stacey1734, izabel7878), pic of some...
  4. IAmDaze

    Similarities in Spammer's Behaviour

    Lately, we all have been seeing spammers posting random stuff in BHW. I noticed that they always post in the same Forum (Graphics). Why is this? and why is BHW not implementing captchas while posting threads?
  5. WokHadBakHad

    It's Getting Harder and Harder to Survive on Online Earnings! FB is killing Me.

    So trying to make more from 3-4 years... Yes, I made some thousand dollars! Now it's 2017, I am on my knees again searching for working methods to make money online, just like when i type "How to make money" on google for the first time! I became overconfident when I made some hundreds of...
  6. Ray Rolls

    This Guy - Not One F*ck Given

    You gotta love his enthusiasm. I started noticing him hitting one of my sites from what I thought were a couple major brand names until I researched and then I saw this link. Not one f*ck given.
  7. M

    Spammer / Web marketer Wanted

    I am looking for someone who can market my website and also market my book. My book is available on amazon and i would like to increase sales through email marketing.
  8. agentk007

    Let's play dirty!

    One of the worst things in the wold is clicking the unsubscribe button at the bottom of an email (from a list you never subscribed to) only to get added to a dozen more. I HATE clicking the unsub link because of that. This was no different: Well... that was yesterday. Today I got 3 new...
  9. Vic Sage

    Just a Heads Up Regarding WSO's

    So I bought a few WSO's lately (softwares). Gotta admit these are quality products. But after buying on a clean email id of mine which I gave during signing-up I am getting tons of spammy emails promoting shitty IM products from various vendors. Not to mention the email id's I have signed-up...
  10. R

    Plz Must See Blackhaters and Suggest

    Hi Friend , I want to advice to you all . I have a word press site , i allow to user registration and submit article, but i did user not to post directly means , if user post content , content goes for moderation to Administrator.... Everything going fine.. But Since 10 days ...II...
  11. S

    Whats The Best Forum Spammer Thats FREE

    Whats The Best Forum Spammer Thats FREE
  12. S

    Partner with me and EARN USD 50K+ per month

    Hi, Looking for black hat SEO & email marketing genius to market my product. Please PM only if you are tireless and have strong knowledge in these 2 lines. Thank you.
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