1. A

    WTB - email spam gateway

    I need a gateway with a web dashboard that I can top up with bitcoin which would equate to account balance. Then use the balance to send out emails and hit inbox at a set rate (for example: 0.002/per email sent out...) or something where I can pay monthly and send up to a certain amount per day...
  2. A

    Need STRONG Antibot Script

    I need strong antibots to stop page going red. My page keeps getting detected and going red, I need help to avoid this issue.
  3. A

    Need STRONG Antibot script

    I need strong antibots to stop page going red. My page keeps getting detected and going red, I need help to avoid this issue.
  4. isaac.b

    Working On Building Social Bot Empire Using Cpa

    saw on another thread, using free traffic from social spamming to make 10k/month from cpa i have all the relevant software needed for the spamming i just need hundreds of accounts so does anyone know any free mass social account creators? and.... whats the best networks to monetize these...
  5. G

    [Journey] A spammer's journey to $30,000 monthly income in 2 years!

    Hey there, I'm a super lazy human being and I work maximum 2-3hours / day on a productive day :) and my current income is around $200, and I make this by traffic coming from basically just spamming. I already created around 5 threads in here most of them related to spamming and all of them...
  6. Microwave5

    Free Floodcrm invite code

    Here is a free floodcrm code 71385c55ff209de28b3c80b5386cab9e Claim it quick
  7. deedee1whoa

    Hundreds of tagged photos immediately Pics are from 7 hours ago (or from whenever you go there to check it out). He has 500+ posts, not sure all were posted (and heavily tagged) at the same time. He's going for the "no link in the description" strategy, by having the website in each photo...
  8. LuckyGirl9334

    Any Mods Online Right Now? Spammer on the loose!!

    Hey Mods, There's somebody spamming threads right now tot he tune of a new thread about every 30 seconds. Check it out!
  9. TheBizCat

    so i messaged the spammer that’s been on BHW...

    So, a few days ago I decided to say to hell with it and see what’s up and maybe waste a little bit of time with this spammer. This is the outcome. He stopped replying after the Jr.VIP comment so I just said to hell with it. If you do this aswell please leave screenshots on this thread...
  10. K

    Targeted by spam accounts

    Hey y'all As I am growing slowly but steadily I guess I become more prone to spam attacks. They look like this: Over the course of 12 hours I get followed by 50 or so accounts that all have similar names (usually a name and a number e.g. taylor2487, jim1384, stacey1734, izabel7878), pic of some...
  11. pj777777

    Youtube Virgin

    Hi Guys, I saw an interview with Holly Starks the other day and was really impressed with her attitude to youtube and business in general. Never really delved into youtube, but wanna play now ;-) Here's the link to the interview from Matt Diggity's blog...
  12. Darkweblover

    I have spoted a spammer

    This person :- himanshuleon Is not using marketplace to sell his goods and services but indirectly promoting his goods! In this thread :- thread link I have a proof ,this is my fb conversation with him:- You can see he mentioned his official site
  13. AmazonSEOexpert

    Which Threads are harmful for newbies?

    I'm a newbie here I don't know which posts are harmful to newbies. For which posts I can be the spammer.
  14. Ray Rolls

    This Guy - Not One F*ck Given

    You gotta love his enthusiasm. I started noticing him hitting one of my sites from what I thought were a couple major brand names until I researched and then I saw this link. Not one f*ck given.
  15. Noah Hawryshko

    What Is Twitter Doing to Fight Spammers That Instagram Is Not Doing, and When Will They Start?

    Hi BHW, A little while ago, I posted a thread ( that asked why Instagram didn't tighten up follow filters to stop spammers. The answer I got (that I'm still convinced by) is that...
  16. KHR

    What the F**K is Going Here?

    Spammer continuously posting this shits... Whats wrong with him?
  17. B

    Whatsapp BOTs (BlackSanta)

    Whatsapp BOTs I am a new member to Black Hat World and to make a positive start I have got a creative idea for some whatsapp automated spam BOTs aka a more powerful whatsapp bomber. I will be developing this application in C#. Fuctions - Load upto 10 BOTs - Spam one person from loads of...
  18. D

    my nomination for the Spammer of the the year 2013

    my nomination for the Spammer of the year 2013 goes to: these 1/2 Gods just think that they are f****** untouchable :) ...
  19. pokerjk

    This WILL Make You Laugh - SEO Spammer Google Dance

    Read this first thing this morning.... haha READ THE ABOVE POST BEFORE WATCHING VIDEO BELOW Was in tears...
  20. W

    Bad Business - What not to get involved in.

    So I hired this guy 2,5 days ago and paid him 60$ upfron to post videos on one of my tubesites, 1 day after hi did not started yet, then he posted 3 videos, and our agrement was 100 videos per day, anyway i also told him that i wanted non copywrited material, but the first video he post is...
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