spam backlink

  1. boaob2011

    How to remove spammy backlinks in my search field

    Hi, guys any idea how to prevent spammy backlinks in my search field? I found lots of backlinks in my search. How can I prevent this? thanks!
  2. kurosaki4d

    How to reduce my website Spam Score?

    Hello, I have a blog that it's around 10 months old. I've been working on it's SEO for a few months now. That been said, i noticed with MOZ tool that the spam score of my website is 22% when i looked up the backlinks of my domain, i found out that it has many Chinese backlinks who's spam score...
  3. Dred Shep

    How much does it harm one's site to post links to it in other people's blog comments?

    I watched a guy the other day who was spamming forums, comment sections, et. al. with referral links. It was pretty spammy, slightly disguised as legit messages. 1. I've been wondering how badly that could harm a site if it were not referral links but links to a specific wordpress click funnels...
  4. Missy123

    Need Help With Unwanted Backlinks

    Hey everyone! I have a problem with spammy backlinks to my blog, hope you may be able to help. A couple of weeks ago, I started receiving a bunch of them (about 5 a day). They are all from different websites, including gambling websites, youtube videos, and foreign websites. However, whenever I...
  5. Electro_Maddy

    Website Ping / Backlink Ping is spam ??

    There are lot of pinging site, like -, etc etc... After pinging, Is this spam or harmful ???
  6. AuraMarketing

    Korean Spam Links to Money Site

    Someone is sending Korean spam links to one of my money sites causing fall in rankings. These are 2 of the 20+ websites sending multiple spam links. Strictlychristmas shows nothing. Even the viewsource is empty. Unidiabetes seems to be a genuine site...
  7. Guts

    So i Tried a Method and this happened.

    May 2018 - April 2018 - Site is approx 300-400 days old (i wont be telling exact) Also, I started working on this year only Niche is Saturated.