1. Wall Whisperer

    Looking for recommendations - DIY and home decor niche

    Hi all. Just wanted to know if you have any experience or tips for the society6 or the etsy programs and if can maybe reccomend me other programs that could fit my niche. Thanks!
  2. CGG

    A Newbie Affiliate Journey to 10$ a day in 2019

    Hello everyone, I figured that the only way I could contribute something to this forum at this point was to share my journey. Being a complete beginner at affiliate marketing, I do not have many secrets up my sleeves just yet – but maybe we newbies can encourage each other, and learn along the...
  3. F

    Any Society6 Auto Followers/Promoters Out There?

    Thanks for stopping by. I was wondering if there are any up to date Society6 bots that auto follow/auto promote works? I have read that there were a few on here, but that was many years ago. If anyone has a script, or would share something that would work, I would be very appreciative. Thank...
  4. L

    Is There A Society6 Botnet and Soft To Like & Comment Arts with it?

    I'm wondering, if such a soft exists and for sale. I'd like to have soft where I can upload a list of login/pass pairs for 100-1000 S6 accounts and make each of them like and comment arts from a given list of urls. Maybe also soft that will register these accounts at first. Does anything like...
  5. JamesBond143

    Hello there, Digital Marketing Expert , Working On Dating Sites

    Hello there, Digital Marketing Expert , Working On Dating Sites Any Suggestions ?
  6. freshaero

    Is the use of Public Domains images now officially forbiden on POD?

    Hello, I would like to know if the use of public domain images is now officially forbidden on main Print On Demand sites. I stopped working online during the last years so I may be missing something (having presently some issues whith few sites). Thanks in advance
  7. freshaero

    Do I need my own site for society6 curator program?

    Hello, I am planning to start society6 curator program. However, I have not found any plugin allowing to promote society6 products on my wordpress site. Also I would like to know if a single twitter account will be fine for this purpose. Thanks in advance for your help, FA
  8. freshaero

    How to create several stores on Society6

    Hi all, I would like to know if it is possible to create several stores on society6 like on zazzle. Is it done by simply opening a society6 account for each store? If it is the case, can I use the same Paypal email address (different from the email address of each account) for all the...
  9. freshaero

    Low of Large numbers (LLN) - Promoters, how do you measure the accuracy of your conversion rate?

    Hi all, In science, there is a law called The Law of Large numbers ( which say the following : In probability theory, the law of large numbers (LLN) is a theorem that describes the result of performing the same experiment a large number of...
  10. marbinx

    Society6, Anyone making money with it?

    Hello guys, I recently created a shop on Society6 and I wanted to know if anyone had better experience than me? I have currently around 500 followers and some work has around 100 promotes, but no sales... I just wanted to have opinions and advice of anyone who did money with this platform...
  11. S

    Society6 Bot

    I Need Some One Who Can Develop script to auto like other users works And Follow Other Members I'll Pay 5$ I Know It's Not Something Big But That's All I Have
  12. D

    Society6 - journey to $200 a day

    Hey guys, So if you don'y know about Society6 then here it is: As an artist you upload your work to the Society6 website. Society6 then apply your art to mugs, posters, t-shirts etc For every item sold you get a % of the sale....EASY My story... I started my journey long before this...
  13. Chadnovsky

    New Money Making Method?

  14. D

    *** How I make $200-400 a month ***

    Not your normal BHW thread of making money but if you have design/ artistic skills you should check it out. First you need to sign up to, once registered you can upload artwork and they will print it onto: t-shirts Iphones Laptop Pillows Bags they sort out shipping and any...
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