social media optimization

  1. S

    Boost your Social Media Presence with The Tech Gigs Social Media Management and Optimization Services

    Social Media Management Service We will create content for your business and publish it on your social media channels. Note: You need to provide us access to your social media accounts for content publishing. Payment Mode: PAYPAL, UPI, Payoneer, bank transfer, Transferwise Communication...
  2. Aparnathumu

    1 Review copy on Social Media Optimization with custom creatives, content on 4 Platforms

    1 FREE review copy to a single member for a BST service review About the package: 1. Social Pages Creation. (Facebook, Twitter, Insta, Pinterest) 2. Social Media Optimization on your Brand/Business Social Platform (Facebook, Twitter, Insta, Pinterest) 3. Custom Content, creatives, Posters to...
  3. SirLouen

    Social Media Optimisation: A pompous term?

    After the super-seller ASO, now comes SMO! Considering that most SEO "pros" have been hyping SMO, do you truly think this is for real? Or this is just a pompous way to get some attention? There are similar-techniques in social graph-like search engines, that can be optimised? I've been...
  4. Vik Pathania

    Facebook Has a New Way to Rank Videos in the News Feed

    Here is an article from SEJ, hope it will be helpful for you guys:
  5. S

    social media integration best for creating online presence

    Integrating social sites like Twitter , pinintrest,Facebook ads help in creating mass brand awareness and optimization
  6. anandcte13

    where to sell a offer for promotion at social site

    hi everyone at BHW I am working in social media marketing. can any one suggest me a trust able marketplace for social media promotion work.
  7. G

    Newbie needs HELP with SEO & promotion of new site...

    HELP! I am attempting to make a social/cyber footprint & gain traffic for my new online business & need help with the best referrals & suggestions anyone can offer in terms of purchasing services for SEO, online promotion & generating traffic. I am seeking resources exclusively from this site as...
  8. D

    Save $3000 on A Single Click! Bumper Deals from adss30

    Hello BHW Members, Please Check Our Services & Legit Reviews Questions before you order? Send PM or Post on our thread Email: [email protected] Skype: adss3031
  9. Tunenchi

    Any one working for a telecommunication company in the social media?

    Hey guys!!!! Did some research on some telecommunication companies in my country, there are companies that don't do as much as I think they should do in the social networks... if anybody in the BHW community is up on this please PM me or add me on skype "james.parker534"....would like to ask one...
  10. chuckleboo

    SEO provider needed for ranking Social media website

    Hi, I have a website that is ranked already on the front page for a lot of social media keywords - such as "buy youtube views" or "buy facebook likes" - however I need someone to keep me on the front page for a lot of these keywords. Have used mainly white hat methods so far. This arena of...
  11. zoomsixx

    New social media tips site, worth checking out

    I'm in no way associated with this site. I received a notice for it on Facebook because I follow SEO 101. If you know what that is. If you don't check it out also. This site allows people to submit tips for various social media sites. I spent 10 minutes on it and have already learned some...
  12. G

    I have $1000 to invest - any recommendations on where to put it?

    I became interested in SEO when I started building my own business websites. I currently own a Bachelor Party planning company. We run out of NY, Philadelphia and Atlantic City. Currently, I have 7 websites for them. I am getting about 15,000 hits a month - I rank on the 1st page (mostly top...
  13. W

    The Death of SEO? How To Get In Top 10 of the SERPs In Record Time !

    Let's Me Tell You A True Story... (It's Just Happen Yesterday !) Yesterday, I have put Web 2.0 Site aka "Social Media Optimization" (by utilizing Social Networking Sites and Social Bookmarking Technique) to the test. I'm wondering that the tradition way of "In Site Optimization" as well as...
  14. S

    Information for my thesis about black hat social media marketing

    Hi everybody! Right now I'm writing my bachelor thesis in the subject area of Social Media Marketing and brand awareness. Within this topic I also want to show methods which are settled in a gray area, be it in a legal or morally range. Since there are no real field reports I would be glad if...
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