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  1. Fatna007

    [ SMMA JOURNEY ] Scaling My Smma Agency

    Hey, hope you are doing great !! WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW : Currently, I already have an operational agency with 1 employee and 2 clients. The subject being discussed is scaling my agency rather than starting it. The agency is generating a revenue of $800-$1000 with a profit margin of 80-85%. I...
  2. B

    Building my digital marketing website with a very low budget

    Hey guys, I just want to share with y’all my new business, so long story short, I posted last month a thread saying that I wanted to quit my job and start IM, and everybody was like don’t “do it” “bad idea” “stay in your job till you make enough money…” but tbh my situation at the office was...
  3. GringoMonkey

    [METHOD] How to get (SMMA) Social Media Marketing Agency Leads

    I know many people on BHW are looking to get leads for their Social Media Marketing Agency. Over the years I have owned many agencies and thought I would share with you how I got leads for my SMMA. These are the 3 simple steps I follow: STEP 1 – Search for all companies in your chosen city /...
  4. AmeliaLily

    25 USD earn in First day form Adsense

    Hi Google Adsense will be harmful for my website ?.I feel my website looks littile bit slow and when costumer come in my service they will face problem doing order ? anyone tell me>
  5. Corazon1337

    [START YOUR AGENCY] ⭐Agency Academy⭐ - the eBook & the Academy

    Click Here To Download We accept payments through Credit Card and Paypal, all payments will be processed using Paddle. Refund Policy: Because this is a digital copy and cannot be returned, all sales are final because once downloaded, you will always be able to access the intellectual property...
  6. A

    How do you get your first client as an SMMA that runs Fb Ads for Local Lead Gen

    When Corona restrictions start to ease up, I want to run Local Lead Gen ads for high ticket local brick and mortar businesses such as plastic surgeons, dentistries and chiropractors and shit. However, I think that without any previous case studies or testimonials, no matter how prepared I will...
  7. JayMay

    [SMMA Advice Needed] Should I go for a niche-focused or general agency

    Hey guys, On my way to start a Social Media Marketing Agency. I've been following a pretty good course, and what they're saying is very important is that I should go for a specific niche for my agency, which would be stuff like SMM for Restaurants or Online Stores or Dentists etc. I'm not...
  8. W

    [METHOD] How My Digital Agency Got 4 New Clients This Month With Zero Efforts Worth $10K

    Hey Guys, Hope you all are doing well. Some of you here might know from my previous journeys and tutorials that I run a digital agency providing a number of services worldwide. I previously scaled the agency to 5 figure income per year and my team and I are doing all the efforts to scale it...
  9. MrT131

    Is it okay to resell HQ Panel Likes & Followers for a high price?

    Hey BHW, recently I saw somebody that created an agency just for selling panel likes & followers. When I PM him he confirmed that and told me that he don’t mention the fake likes & followers businesses. Do you guys think it’s scam to provide “Growth Services” for Businesses for 200€ and...
  10. Mircea1997

    Question about how to make a steady income via creating websites for clients

    Hi there! I am Mircea from Romania, I am currently a student in my senior year and I have some social media marketing experience in the background but due to Instagrams' latest update, my agency crashed down. So, as I have experience in webdesign too and webdev, I made 1 website for a client...
  11. W

    [JOURNEY] Scaling 5 Figure Per Month Digital Agency to 6 Figure Per Month

    Hello Friends, I am back after quite some time as I was facing constant health issues. Some of you know me from my previous journeys, so this one is basically a Part II of my digital agency journey. I scaled my newly formed digital web agency into a five-figure revenue per month in less than...
  12. Shabzy

    Looking for social media marketing expert in Prohibited Products Pharmaceuticals, Adult, Weed, CBD

    Hello, I need a marketing expert to help me advertise my products of social media platforms, SEO, and other methods which can be suggested. I sell pharmaceutical products so someone with experience in marketing these products would be ideal.
  13. MrT131

    Run a business in Germany under 18

    Hey guys, I’m under 18 and I want to start a SMM business in Germany. Can I run a PayPal account under my moms name that sends money to my N26 Business Account? (I think you can create a N26 under 18) Can I start a “Gewerbe” under my name?
  14. MrT131

    How to learn Facebook Ads without Start capital?

    Hey guys, the title says it all. I already tried messaging some company’s and asking them if they want to do a “free trial” etc. but 90% of them don’t responded and 10% told me that they don’t need somebody that runs ads for them. Thanks for all responses
  15. slickbrick

    R.I.P Dan Kennedy

    You know.. I never had a father figure. My father was never present and at 16 he left me, my sick mom and my 13 years old sister with 20€ and some bottle of waters. I remember I was so socked, I never trusted any adult anymore. I needed to make quick money, I knew a little English so I...
  16. slickbrick

    [Linkedin] Sales Navigator Alternative, Anyone?

    I was looking for a great lead generation tool to do some direct outreach in September but noticed that now the Sales Navigator is at 800€... So I'd like to stay away from it from now. I'm not sure it's worth the price for me at the moment. Do you know any good alternative? (Even if it's out...
  17. anamul365

    Do you know SMM Panel or Services provider details

    In the world thousand of Social Media Marketing Panel available. But some panel work properly and provided cheap cost services. From my experiences 1 or 2 month work fine and work smoothly. but most of the provider fall. Now do you know top-10 reliable, faster, cheap cost Social Media Marketing...
  18. RealDaddy

    [Guide] How to find Good Clients on Instagram?

    Hello BHW, Instagram can be a very lucrative platform for you [as a service provider] NOTE:- I will assume that you provide SMM services, this will work for any type of online service. We will learn "How to find Good Clients on Instagram?" step:-1 Finding the potential leads. Niche is the...
  19. T

    Looking To Get Into Digital Marketing and SMM

    Hey guys, I'm currently hosting and managing a few profitable adult websites that don't need much attention from me so I have a lot of extra time on my hands. I want to learn about digital marketing and was wondering if anyone could suggest a course or something that helped them learn it...
  20. W

    [LONG TERM BUSINESS] Digital Marketing Agency Startup - Targeting 6 Figure Per Month

    Hey Fellas, Some of you might be knowing me from my previous journey of PPC + Clickbank and how I successfully achieved my target of $1000/day through thorough planning, execution, and optimization. As I also announced on my previous journey thread, I had been intending to start my digital...
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