social marketing


    Followliker / Massplanner / Instagress ?

    Hey i'm new into social media marketing and about to buy software. Which one is worth to buy? Followliker/Massplanner/Instagress? Give us your opinion and are the features of three of them still working? Thankyou :D
  2. FormerBoxer

    Is Facebook Accurate?

    I been doing post page engagement ads and I spent around $150 with 0 purchases on my dashboard with this product. However, I got many shares. If a customer buys this product through a share on the ad would it show up on my purchases for this ad? I'm asking because I spent this much money and...
  3. S

    YELP REVIEWS NEEDED! $10 for aged/$20 for elite, Northern California

    Hi All, I need five stars yelp reviews from aged/elite yelp accounts, preferable in bayarea, California. Reviewers must write their own reviews (subject is a restaurant), can not be too short, does not need to be grammar perfect. Reviewers must also be willing to share pictures that I am...
  4. S

    how to send friend request to all group members (Request)

    Anyone can tell me how I can send friend request to all members of a group at once without wasting too much time for free
  5. FormerBoxer

    Stealing Competitors Fans

    On one of my fan pages I think a competitor is taking my fans. We sell the same stuff and their are not many fan pages that sell this. Some of my fans message me and tell me blah blah blah fan page is selling the same and he/she told me about it. My fan said I would of bought it off you. How...
  6. MayorBurbon

    Best Social Media Marketing TOOL ?

    What is the best social media marketing tool? I am looking for any tools that will help me with massive twitter or facebook marketing. Years ago I have seen tools like TwitterBot (by SharePro) or TrafficBuster and these both were awesome... I made tons of money by using them but it's not...

    SharePop 101 - Let's start earning with CPI campaigns!

    Hello Black Hat World! As we are all new to this amazing community, we decided to post this thread to introduce our affiliate program and explain how it works! So we gathered the most frequent questions our users have asked us since we exist and wrote this FAQ thread. However, should you have...
  8. mapasorimon

    I have over 2000 USA buy sale trade groups list for marketing

    Hello friends I have over 2000 US city wise USA groups list for eCommerce marketing any type of product buy sell etc. interest person knock me on PM
  9. skrizu43

    I give many traffic from cl, g+ and fb for dating and need an offer

    Hi, I will give many traffic from craigslist, google+ and Facebook. and I am email marketing expert. So I can give many real traffic for affiliate marketing. and I need an offer for affiliate marketing. I am strong hard worker so any people will be happy if with my work.please any person help...
  10. W

    Eight Ways to Get More Followers on Pinterest

    Getting more followers on Pinterest isn?t much different from getting followers on any other social media network. You must be a contributing part of the community on a regular and ongoing basis, ask for people to follow you and follow them back. 1. Add a Pinterest Tab on Facebook ? You can...
  11. L

    hi anyone has ever made sales with social networks? what about the conversion?

    hi anyone has ever made sales with social networks? what about the conversion? for me, I have been doing facebook, twitter, Pinterest marketing for a long while. If post regularly on these networks, it can bring visitors/traffic. But I never have good conversions, I mean I find it's very hard...
  12. R

    Looking For Social Media Consultant - Follow Liker Expert

    I just bought Follow Liker and am looking for someone knowledgeable who would like to help me create a blueprint / gameplan on how best to use it for 2 of my businesses. Ideally we could partner on more work in the future. Open to hourly or flat rate for the work. Would prefer someone with...
  13. Dayowl

    I am looking for people with big social media accounts to share our posts

    Hey, guys I am looking for people with big fan bases on social media sites, like Pinterest , Instagram, facebook, twitter, Tumblr. We need to grow our websites and get traffic, so you will post some of our posts and get paid . If you are interested please PM me url of your account on social...
  14. T

    Need suggestions for features to add in my facebook marketing bot

    Hi, I am new here and hope will get help from here! I just finished a basic version of my facebook bot(a c# windows service application). The idea behind the tool is to increase sales of my mobile apps(Plan is after increasing page likes I will advertise my apps through the page and also...
  15. moneymakinguy

    How Can I earn money from my 2000+ Friends Facebook Account?

    Hey BHW! This is my First thread here and Im a newbie here. I am a school student an I am experimenting ways to earn money and IM interests me... I have a Facebook Account that has over 2000 friends and its increasing everyday, I use it to get views on my adfly links and to send traffic to my...
  16. B

    I have Lots of Twitter IDs

    I am new to the Twitter social marketing side of things. Been blessed to have targeted list of ids on Twitter...I have an offering but not sure how to reach them? I am open to suggestions...JV could be an option offering is Long Term, so perhaps someone with CPA experience could...
  17. UrbanMedusa

    What is the benefit of buying Twitter retweets?

    I hope this doesn't sound dumb But is there any benefit of buying thousands of Twitter retweets apart from visually looking like you are more popular then you are. Or or do they help your tweet get pushed up more to real people
  18. J

    [SHARE] Onlywire 50% discount

    this is my share with the community: if you want a 50% discount when you sign up to onlywire: signup (free), then click the orange button from your dashboard "upgrade now". Then don't complete the transaction (e.g.: sign out). In a few minutes you will receive an email saying: "We noticed...
  19. S

    Looking for online social marketing

    Hey people, i am interesting on social marketing and i want to know about it.I have little knowledge about but i want to know about details.
  20. Fbtrade

    How do i monetize my 700k sexy active Facebook fan page?

    Hi guys! I got many fan pages niche (sexy) , but have no income from it, do you guys have any idea how can i monetize my fan pages?:):)
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