social marketing

  1. AmeliaLily

    How do I promote my website with low budget?

    How do I promote my website with low budget?
  2. A

    Value of using multiple social media platforms

    I am the social media person for an amateur sporting organisation. It is voluntary work and quite a time consuming doing a good job with (1) Facebook to get it right and I also duplicate some of these posts in my club notes section of a (2) local newspaper and we also have an extensive (3)...
  3. SuperS

    Looking for a free social content locker that works with elementor

    I want a plugin that allows me to lock a page, with the key to unlock being an FB like or a tweet. I've found one (Social locker). But it doesn't seem to work with elementor, or maybe the problem is that I created an independent page for the article instead of a post, not quite sure. I need it...
  4. Dream Eater

    How to upload photo

    Any one help me ? how to upload image in a thread ? Thank's
  5. Muhammad Husnain Habib

    Is it possible to add dislike button in FB?

    Hello guys, As we see dislike button button in YouTube,why not in FB ??? Some posts need to be disliked But Its not possible,there is only like love smile etc emojis
  6. Shinichi Izumi

    The top 3 social media networks to be on in 2019 AND 2020! ⁣ ⁣

    Being on the right platform as a content creator and business owner is important. Especially when a new platform takes off, you have a huge advantage of climbing ranks fast.⁣ ⁣ In this post I will share with you the top 3 platforms to be on in the next 12 months. I can't see into the future but...
  7. GringoMonkey

    [JV] Your Social Media Audience, My Monetization

    I can match influencers with brands that are looking to offer FREE Giveaways to your audience. I can monetize any audience geo, although brands pay the most for Tier 1, English speakers. Your followers do not need to enter any details, or buy anything, just simply click through and you can...
  8. keithdu45

    Instagram automation sectors

    Hi I was wondering: which business sectors use Instagram automation tools the most? Or with a different formulation: what sectors are most likely to use Instagram automation tools? From your personal experience or from articles written about that (I haven't found a topic on this question...
  9. wildwolf1

    Social marketing

    Hello, I have a Dropshiping site that sell headphones, speakers and more ... See link below. The problem: I'm really not good at marketing on Facebook and Google. My suggestion is this - someone who understands Google advertising and Facebook will advertise my site, and for *every* purchase you...
  10. G

    Oldie but Newbie!

    Hi Guys, my names Ged Callaghan I am 62 so have been around everywhere for a long time, but only just found my way here. Thank you for providing such a valuable forum and for letting me in. Hope I can add some useful stuff as I get into this site. All the best Cheers Ged
  11. M


    Hi, I am Mrigank. A web developer, and got some marketing hacks.
  12. ShaPi

    Need some help with IG/FB accounts FROM SCRATCH for e-comm

    Hey guys, I've been selling on Amazon last couple years and currently working on a couple Shopify stores and sales funnels using CF for some of the products I sell on AMZ. My only problem is that I've never used ANY Social Media platforms to send traffic, create an audience...
  13. C

    Expert Face Book Advert Manager Wanted Can Pay $15k Per Month

    Hi guys i have a $40k per month budget im looking for a absolute FaceBook Advertising expert i own a company with over 60 staff and we needs leads feeding in. Please do not message me if you are not a expert with FaceBook ads. My company is based in the UK i will need UK customers. Im also on...
  14. P

    Social Marketing for Adult Website

    There is problem with social marketing for Adult / Porn Website Like my website is when ever i add link on facebook page its shows spam link. So how can i do social marketing for porn websites??? Please suggest.
  15. T

    Managing Instagram Accounts/ IPs

    I am in the process of managing multiple aged real Instagram accounts to manage/help drive organic niche/targeted followers/engagements to users accounts (following/unfollowing/liking). I am doing this by having them give me their IG username/password. I am afraid that once I login to a...
  16. S

    YES, I am A Jr.VIP Band Member Now

    I was not previously band member. I don't know that id, what are showing (suspicious activity) to login time in my accounts (mondol786). I have no another id. That was is my only one ID. Its a Mistake Sir. I am living beside of Dhaka (City), Bangladesh. It is one of the same area divided by two...
  17. L

    Would it be effective to make accounts to use as bots for promoting a main account?

    I have an account with 2.2k followers that I am trying to grow organically. If I were to make another account or two and pay for a bot to run on those two accounts, with each account having a username/bio/posts to promote the 2.2k follower account, would that be effective? I was just trying to...
  18. R

    Hi! I'm Ririh

    Hi guy! While searching for instragram information, I found this forum. I like it, it has a lot of info. I'm Rita. I like internet and I would like to create a business with my passions: school, photograpy and food. But I still have to grow. I hope this forum gives me some help
  19. J

    Some facebook / affiliate marketing questions, see if you got answers?

    Hi everyone, it's Jason and these are my questions: 1, Where should I go to build all the basic concept in affiliate marketing ASAP? 2, What kind of feature would you like to have in a facebook ad related tool? 3, How can I tell from a link that a specific affiliate network it...
  20. R

    social marketing

    hello all!!!!!! someone please tell me how we can increase the facebook page likes ??????????????
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