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  1. M

    Cricket and Foodball live stemming

    Hello everyone After long time im posting thread... I hope all guys are doing well. Accully i trying cricket and football match live stemming from 7/8 month but i did make id perfect.. Still i got a copyright striker. So some people doing very well like they are live stemming continue around...
  2. jinxedsoul

    I Need help with instagram pls

    i think i opened a lot of pages with same device same IP, now i just use 3 pages 2 of them were model pages that i switched to memes so engagement dropped, and one of them is a fitness meme page that i did no follow/unfollow or anything bad but its shadow banned as engagement is very random and...
  3. arzul.cpa444

    Hello Everyone if i become a Jr. VIP member can i change my username!

    Hello Everyone if I become a Jr. VIP member can I change my username! Please give the Information.
  4. M

    Instagram - Confirm It’s You To Log In

    So today I was just looking at a post on Instagram scrolling through the pics on it, until all of a sudden, an action block saying we try to restrict the activity that happens on Instagram type thing. Then a second later, the confirm it’s you to login pop up appears and I have to fill in a...
  5. Android Tipster

    Question about Instagram and/or TikTok

    I have a website in the social media growth and marketing niche that receives about 1600 page views from search engines per day. I'm looking for a service for Instagram or TikTok that converts well to promote as an affiliate. I'd really appreciate if someone could point me in the right...
  6. DigitalDaniel

    Instagram Page Growth

    Hello everyone, I have a Instagram account with 100k following in the travel/luxury niche. The page has been steadily on the decline with followers and the engagements aren't good for a page this size. Is there a angle or a hack with the Instagram algorithm that I can grow this page? Any...
  7. P

    Instagram BOT

    I want someone to create instagram bot for me ! I want only Auto-Follows & Auto-Unfollows (the users who dont follow back) ! I want to automate 35-50 accounts with no blocks and without proxies if this is possible !! Contact me and tell me your price if you are interesting !!! thanks
  8. Haxkyboy

    Social Media Help needed

    Hello, Guys Need some help with social accounts I Have Created My first website so i have done some seo and now trying to do social media. I Dont know much about social media posting can anyone help me out and give me proper guide or tools any tips and tricks that can help me. if there is...
  9. R

    1 Million Member in Month

    As the Title I saw many groups got million member in a month.just omg. I want to know ,how do they that? Is there any method you know, please comment your service rate.
  10. S

    Facebook for tier 1?

    Hello all, I have about 15 Tier 1 web 2.0's setup, They are all handwritten with 1k+ words each, Only a few have been indexed so far, so i am thinking to make a facebook page dedicated to the Tier1 Web2.0's and make up some social signals for quicker indexing. My question is, would it be a big...
  11. UziVert

    Hey! What`s up, guys!Help me with Instagram, please)

    I’m relatively recently on this site and really want to know how you can make cool content for Instagram that subscribers like, share what you’re interested in, I`d be grateful!;)
  12. Kingking12a

    Hacked Instagram

    Can someone tell me how to get back my hacked instagram , My email and number is changed . When i try to revert this change from email , it says broken link ? I emailed to instagram too many times and i didnt receive any respond from them! Please someone tell me any Idea or What to do with this ????
  13. flashsites

    HAF: Bot maker needed for adult dating site

    Hi I need to find someone who has social bots for traffic.
  14. bWorkers

    Looking for social media marketer

    Hello to all Respected members in BHW. We are looking for someone who has specialized skill in social media marketing. I would like to request all respected marketer to contact with me. Thank you
  15. A


    Thanks for accepting me. i am amarachi from Nigeria. A newbie digital mareketer and a virtual assistant. Here to learn and connect with likeminds in the same industry. I hope to gain more and impact here in this site. Thanks Damien for accepting myrequest. This would be my last busstop.
  16. djabo1332

    snapchat ads 100$

    hi guys i don't know why snapchat ads manager will not accept my ad even i am using a landing page
  17. V

    REAL YouTube traffic through anyway possible

    Hello, I’m interested in growth a YouTube channel with real traffic. I’d like to hire someone that could help build a channel though any means, even other platforms. Please message me if you can help in anyway. Thanks.
  18. Shropdog

    Hash tag toold for pinterest

    What is the best hashtag tool for pinterest? Free and paid
  19. Shropdog

    What's the benefit of building links to my pins

    Why would I build links to my pinterest account and also individual pins? Would building to pins mean they rank higher in the serps? Also, why would I build links to other social media profiles I own?
  20. M

    Automatization tools importing

    Hello I would like to know what i need to safely import account to jarvee, gmt2... Username Password Proxy Cookies Anything Else? I dont want to get verfication notice, after importing to another tools. Thank you