1. L

    Google ADS cloaking expert

    Hello everyone, we sell glass filter tips for smoking joints. we tried to run ads ourself but google blocks them. We are looking for someone to help us to setup the whole thing (bypass google check), and hopefully see results. Our daily budget for the campaign itself will be 30€ and we are only...
  2. dnzul

    [$ IDEEA] HHC + Disposable Vapes?

    Hello, Recently, I came across a new substance called HHC, which is a synthetic cannabinoid. In my country, marijuana is illegal, and many people want to get high regularly but can't afford it due to its high cost and dangers. Since HHC is a cannabinoid, it provides a similar level of high...
  3. MgicalaEarner

    So You are a drugless like me ? or too much drug addict :/

    I have never smoke never touch alcohol, drinks, weed or any kind of drugs . This question comes in my mind because i went to GOA for a New year and i met with one guy who was too much drug addict , he told me to smoke and i said no i don't smoke and he told me after hour for weed and i said no...
  4. Pretoquis

    Any tips about stop smoking?

    Well it's been 5 years since i start smoking, and let's be honest, smoking is basically killing you slowly but faster than a normal rate. So i finally made the call and decide to stop. But is really really REALLY hard. Pretty sure here we've got some smokers or ex-smokers, so i'm simply asking...
  5. JohnyMSF

    Smoking niche | blacklisted / banned?

    Hello, Is it possible 1. Have smoking niche (tobacco or weed) on instagram without getting posts removed or "shadow banned" 2. Have a facebook ads about products related to tobacco or weed I didn't find any terms/blogs on google related to that. Thanks everybody.
  6. Nekronomikon

    Who of you guys quit smoking and how did you quit?

    I'm currently a smoker and figuring out what the best way is to quit. What are your experiences BHW?
  7. Mistress_Rave


    :smirk: Hey there fellow black hatters, I’m Mistress Rave. I’m here to join the rest of you in pursuing further brilliance in online marketing and money making :p I’m a smoking, bdsm, fetish and adult model as well as self producer/paid actress. Sales/services entrepreneur in many areas as...
  8. McGee Morroutu

    For all the smokers in here

    How long have you been smoking? How did you quit smoking? How long have you been clean? Personal reasons for quitting smoking (other than getting healthier). Things that prevents you from quitting. Challenges faced while trying to quit. Or maybe you're also struggling to quit smoking, share your...
  9. Bradbed

    Any tips on best way to quit smoking?

    Title really says it all. I’ve tried a bunch of times to quit smoking in the past year longest I’ve gone is 5 days and then I make an excuse of why I start smoking again. I’ve tried nicotine patches, mints, and gum and they help but I just can’t get over the feeling of an actual cigarette. The...
  10. badwhitewolf1

    Does Smoking Cigarettes Stop Our Growth?

    hey, I've heard many different opinions bout it, so that's why I'm asking, is it true, that smoking cigarettes in the age in which you still growing, can it stop your growth I mean height? :p
  11. badwhitewolf1

    Smoking Weed

    Hey, I've heard that some people may achieve emotional state like a strong depression and start to cry alot after smoking weed. The question is, if they smoke another time, like few days later or something, will they have the same emotional state or is it possible for them to get more like...
  12. L

    Is there hope for money making with my new site?

    Hello BHW, EDIT: Look below. My hosting has recently come under attack with a virus and it is affecting all my sites. Sucuri says they are clean but avast says other wise when i try to open them. What should my next steps be? EDIT: Mods, can you delete this thread? I just got off the phone...
  13. scottledeuce

    Looking for Glass Pipes Bongs and smoking accessory wholesaler/dropshipper

    The title kinda says it all, I built up a good rep shipping items I bougt in bulk off ali-express vendors now I want to ramp it up, Offer more items and have me just processing money and orders minus the shipping. If you have someting to offer please get in touch
  14. ch8878

    Adam Kokesh arrested smoking a joint in front of the white house

    Adam Kokesh arrested once again at Smoke Down Prohibition: Joint Summit with President Choom, in Washington D.C. outside of the White House.
  15. E

    Looking for a chinese tobacco pipes, water bongs, blown glass dropshipper.

    Been looking for days for a decent distributor, but not much luck. Most have very little inventory to choose from. Anyone have some connections that focus more on smoking products? :p
  16. J

    Anyone on BHW Smoke ?

    I'm trying to stop atm... Also I can get free Nicorette lonzenges for those of you in the USA if anyone's interested just PM me... I got into smoking while I was in boarding school at around 13/14 and I really regret it... I smell, I'm always broke despite how much I earn at 17... but on the...
  17. M

    Quit Smoking Magic

    Quit Smoking Magic Hi All I wanted to share with you my new product on clickbank, it called Quit Smoking Magic. I invested a lot of money creating this ebook, graphics, sales letter, affiliates center, special prizes. The website currently converts at 2.5% from google and bing traffic...
  18. N

    Attempts to quit smoking...

    Hi to all BHW members. This is my first thread, si if you see some mistakes of my English, please understand me, thanks. So i started this thread, because i wanted to know how were you trying to quit smoking and also tell about my attempts. I`m smoking for 8 years and my first attempt was 4...
  19. O

    Cannabis and Marijuana Site

    Hi guys and gals We have ended up with a website that is directly related to marijuana and cannabis that is on the front page of G for several high traffic keyword terms, totalling near on 1,000,000 estimated searches a month. Looking at the analytics info, we can see the traffic growing week...
  20. Katarsis

    Cigar aficionados of BHW

    Well now, was quite surprised that there's no dedicated cigar thread here! I refuse to believe there's no aficionados among us, so stop hiding. I'm not a regular smoker myself (nor do I smoke cigarettes - never have) but enjoy a good cigar every now and then. Even my humidor's pretty pathetic...
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