1. C

    New Member with skills for VA

    Hello everyone i am looking to be hired as VA i got skills in email marketing and develper web and automation with javcascript or python i am ready to start and for 24/24
  2. C

    Most common skills

    Hello everybody : What are the most in-demand skills to work online?
  3. Z

    What are the Top skills you can learn in 2023 to start making money online?

    Hello guys, I will dedicate 2023 or at least 6 months to learn a new skill (Using my free time after my work 3 to 5 hours/ day). What are your recommendation for a skill that will help me generate an extra income online?
  4. lilkrito

    Easy & Fast Skill To Learn In The End Of 2022

    Hi BHW Community In 2022 there's a lot of demanding skills have popped up and had great value, so I'm asking for a skill to start learning in the coming 2-3 months or less so that I can be hired in these 3 months or less. This skill could make me from 300-500$ a month, and don't take much...


    Have you ever been discouraged when trying to acquire a skill?
  6. Mjinnn

    Best skills that I can learn within 6 months and start working remote

    I want to change my career path and start an IM business. I'm wondering what are the best paying skills to learn that don't require a huge budget to learn? I'm currently learning to copywrite but I already have some experience with FB ads.
  7. hercai

    How can I earn money in line with these skills?

    Hello, I'm Kagan. I'm an Elementor/Elementor Pro developer. I personally create templates using Elementor and Elementor Pro for a long time. Sometimes I create landing pages, sometimes I create comprehensive themes. Thanks to this talent, I want to make money now, but I don't know how to move...
  8. davidmiller28

    Long Term Income

    What the best way to get long term income with short time? 1.Doing affiliate marketing From my sight of view it need high budget and high risk. (of course high income) 2. Learn Unique skill and do freelancing Past years i was doing wordpress and it has high demand on it. Come to the 2021 it...
  9. Dosto

    I need your help: What skills do you recommend to get back on your feet?

    Hi there at this moment for several reasons, I feel a bit lost but I would like to try -or rather, I must- to get back into the game and try to change things I hope that changing my mindset could help me better manage the depressive events from which I happen to suffer (even only a few people...
  10. GainTheImpossible

    Your Clients + My writing skills = $ Let's JV for a better life ;).

    This time I will make it simple so everyone can understand my idea of JV. For some time, I've been around here and saw and learned many things while just watching people argue. I open this JV intending to create something out of nothing. Yes, it is possible! My idea consists of combining our...
  11. Forest Code

    Need a Article Writer with Low Price

    I know many professional here working on website and have good content writing skills, i want to create some affiliate niche website and service website, i need a good article writer i mention on title low price, not meaning of very cheap, i need a good writer and medium price that i can...
  12. G


    Hello guys, I have 3 or 4 hours free a day, what should I learn to start earning money consistently from the year 2021? What skill or job do you think will be more profitable in the near future?
  13. U

    What skill to learn to freelance?

    What skill should I learn in order to freelance? If coding please suggest language. Thanks Also suggest courses book sites etc please
  14. G

    How to Sell my skills?

    Hello again after a LONG TIME Over the course of years of failures i've gathered a particular set of skills and i'm wondering what's the best way to sell them? Please note i'm already working as an animator ( the pay is ... well it could be bigger ) i'm just looking for extra income because...
  15. H

    Hello everyone! Designer here

    Hi everyone my day job is a UX/UI designer but interested in making extra income with this website and also looking to learn. So far seems pretty good, if anyone has any questions with UX/UI give me a shout. I also used to run some e-commerce sites a long time ago back in 2013 but they are...
  16. M

    My name is maikelblogo and i want to learn...

    I have registered a few months ago and is just today that i have created a post. I have this username since 2005 or later and i have used it in porn forums. Then, i had decided to used as my formal nickname. I'm here in BHW because i want to learn some Black Hat Tactics on make money in BTC...
  17. thebotmaker

    [GUIDE] How to make MONEY online!

    Hello BHW! Seeing threads where newbies ask for a 'guaranteed' money making method.To find a guaranteed money making method in Internet Marketing, you must find a way to sell whatever goods / service you can! People will buy ANYTHING, you just need to find a way to sell it to them! Find what...
  18. owaisjwd

    Hi Newbie heRe!

    Hi All, Is it possible to earn from your skills? To answer this question! Need your feedback! Which skills are common here to earn money nowadays? Looking for your feedback guru's. Thanks Owaisjwd
  19. P

    What is the #1 skillset in your opinion that is worth in 2018-19 and beyond ?

    The title says it all. What do you think is the no.1 skillset that anyone can learn from scratch and has the potential to benefit long term ? Mine ones are - Web Design and Seo
  20. Vagr

    Is web development knowledge essential for success in IM?

    It seems that everything revolves around websites and if you don't know how to make them, you have to pay someone else to make them for you. At the very least, it seems to be the most useful skill you can learn. Thoughts?
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