1. Yupwork

    Siteground is down for me or for you all?

    My site is down and inaccessible, when I tried to see what's going on by login to ADMIN AREA I found the Dashboard is blank and not working. Does that happen to you too guys?
  2. cninterpreter

    What host to use? Can anyone help me please? Thank you......

    Hi all, I have been hosting my website with SiteGround for year. I need to renew my hosting in two weeks. I am not so happy that they keep raising the prices, much higher. I tried to contact their custom support but it seems they don't even support members ( or takes forever to connect) I...
  3. Animation_Videos

    Siteground Black Friday or Cyber Monday Deals?

    i need to renew some hostings on siteground by 11-30-2020, are there any coupons or discounts available??
  4. MehtaM

    Should I go for shared hosting or VPS hosting?

    I'm planning to launch 7-10 micro niche blogs within few days and 1 Amazon affiliate website. Shall I go for shared hosting or VPS hosting? While researching I had planned to get Siteground hosting but their rates changed and renewal rate is too high now. Which affordable host with good support...
  5. benj_pirate

    Trying to get my SG wordpress site to load faster

    I have been looking online a loot to get a page that load fast. I managed to get decent metrix on GTmetrix see image: Here is my configuration: Siteground gogeek + cloudflare (free) + SG optimizer. Spent hours trying to configure these as good as possible thanks to google/here/youtube help...
  6. seowarrior008

    What Happened to my Siteground account?

    Hi, I am one of the Siteground customers, and I recently logged in to my dashboard. What surprised me is there is NO support tickets tab, and nowhere to find both online and offline contact methods. I have been searching all over the Siteground but found nowhere for contact or tickets button...
  7. KnightRider

    Possible SiteGround Affiliate Scam

    This is to alert you people of possible scam attempt by Siteground in delaying and possibly refusing to pay my affiliate commission. I sell websites and refer my buyers to their hosting because I found their performance to be good and pricing to be fair. Their affiliate payout structure made...
  8. Andrew Daniels

    Best Web Hosting Services For 2020

    Hey guys, today I will give you my opinion on what are the best web hosting providers in 2020! I see a lot of posts about "which is the best web hosting provider", "how to know which is the best web hosting provider", "please help me to choose a good web host", etc, etc ... I will give you my...
  9. homeriscool

    Should I Stay with Siteground or Move to a Vultr / Digital Ocean VPS?

    Hi all, my Siteground renewal fees are going to hit me month so I need to take action. Siteground web hosting renewal fees for me are as follows - 1 year £214 2 year £344 (save 20% ) 3 year £451 (save 30% ) Or do I move my sites to Vultr or DO? I don't know how to install or migrate...
  10. pamiso

    perfect Hosting for woocommerce

    hi, first of all, I want to thank you all for being here, for reading and answering for help. I wanna build store dropshipping with woocommerce so what the best hosting for woocommerce. woocommerce they recommend siteground and bluehost, but I also like Namecheap because they have faster...
  11. BlackGrumps

    [Temporary Fix] Can't edit with Elementor on SiteGround?

    Hey guys just a quick thread, For those of you who are having issues with elementor and are on siteground hosting. Apparently there's been a recent siteground update (with their new silly UI) that's impacted Elementor's ability to edit. Which I ran into yesterday with one of my sites. If...
  12. Enoryht

    Siteground for Web Designing Business

    Hello, Just a quick question. I am a web designer and want to design websites for businesses simultaneously hosting for it. For instance, I met client X. And we both agreed to make a website. But client X haven't decided for a specific domain yet. So I want to design the website first...
  13. Starblazer

    How many visitors can Siteground shared hosting handle at a time?

    Siteground shared hosting has a capping of 100k visitors/m in GoGeek plan. Do they restrict number of users at a time? Can we increase the limit through caching? I have heard from several users that Siteground takes down the site once you cross the limit. I want a honest review from users.
  14. kurosaki4d

    Migrate website to another host

    Hello, I am currently hosting a wordpress website in Godaddy, however i entend to move it to Sitegroud along with the domain name. That been said, i will be unlocking and migrating completely the domain name to Siteground, so i am concerned because i want to know if there will be any downtime...
  15. Zartan

    Any thoughts on WiredTree or recommendations?

    I'm thinking of moving from SiteGround over to WiredTree (SSD 2000) because it's a cheaper and I felt they acted unprofessional. Anyone have thoughts on WiredTree? I have mainly Wordpress blogs with 25k visits/day with North America traffic.
  16. Gigidus

    Siteground ?

    Hi everybody, first of all i want to say i just found this page few days ago and i think it's awesome! :) My question is, i wanna get a good hosting service that can receive decent amount of traffic and after some research i opted for SiteGround. It had by far the best user reviews i could...
  17. browsing_hosts

    How many of you guys have tried siteground hosting?

    Just wondering what people think because I have used them from the start and have not had any problems at all and they have great offers going such as 1 Year Full Featured Hosting for only $9.95! If anyone requires this cheap hosting package let me know you can sign under my ref ID and take...