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  1. HatSwitcher

    Get an Affordable Topical Authority Website → WordPress Silo Structure and Design + AI Writer + Topic research + Long-tail Keywords

    Now You Can Escalate Your Website as a Topical Authority with a Remarkable Compound of WordPress Silo Structure, AI Writing, and Long-Tail Keywords! May Be The Precious Advantage You Were Waiting For A Long Time And The Chance To Beat Your Competitors - Now You Can Get The Bargain On The...
  2. A

    How to silo ecom with informational articles

    I understand the concept of silos, and thanks to them, I believe I rank on Google with my affiliate and information based websites. But now, I would like to use it on my new e-commerce project, and I would like to use informational articles on e-commerce stores to get an edge over my...
  3. Enlightened Orangutan

    How can I achieve this in a Virtual Silo Site?

    I restructured my old wordpress site into silo. Now I want to show breadcrumbs in my site. Since I don't want to mess with link structure I used plain virtual silo structure for siloing. I am using pages for parent pages instead of category pages. I don't want to use 301 in categories. How can...
  4. E

    Is this Silo structure right for my authority site?

    Hi, So I'm starting a blog for NY membership site. The front page is going to be a sales page kind of thing with calls to action to my free membership, product listings etc. It'll link to my blog too, from the top menu. Now I've been researching a solo structure to use for that blog...
  5. mydreamlives

    Does silo work in 2018?

    Hi, I recently know about silo structure, does it work in 2018. If Yes, So how to setup silo on WP site. Thanks
  6. MediaConsult

    Silo structure for international directory listing

    Hi everybody I am building on a silo structure for a directory listing for international directory listing now I was wondering if its better to focus on the silo pages 1) main keywords (which are maximum 5) 2) locations (in order to get good rankings for locations) but since its an directory...
  7. Backlinked

    Any SILO Pro around here?

    Hellow, Anyone here knows site structuring / Siloing / SEO coding really well, someone who can study a site, niche, and keywords really well and can come up with a solid plan? If so, send me a PM please, Cheerios, Backlinked.
  8. F

    To Silo or not to Silo

    Hello there So am about to put in alot of effort in a couple of websites that am planning on deploying two weeks from now and i started doubting shit again :( . I 've got two questions: 1 - Should i create my own website with static pages and silo it or forget about that and use wordpress...
  9. igy254

    How to restructure website ?

    Hi, everyone ! So the structure of the site is pretty general and simple. For example,let's talk about structure of gym equipment website: HOME CARDIO STRENGHT BOXING and that is all, so equipment posts that are cardio related are sent to CARDIO and equipment posts that are STRENGHT...
  10. johandr

    Amazon Affiliate Silo Website Question

    Hello BHW, I'm currently building an Amazon Affiliate website using a Silo Site structure. I think i've got it down, but I've got one question regarding silo pages and support articles. The whole silo principle relies on this markup: Homepage > Category > Silo page > supporting article...
  11. T

    Whats The Best Silo Structure For My Blog With 1,500+ Articles Targeting 4 KW's?

    I posted this in black hat seo but its best to me in blogging... So i re-posted in blogging as there was nowhere to edit the category. Feel free to delete me! Here is the reposted version...
  12. G

    Silo Structure: about that static main page

    So I have been reading a lot on this forum and the web about silo structuring. One of the biggest problems I haven't found much about however is the main page having to be static. My sites are content heavy authority sites with magazine themes, so to describe the paradox: Making the main page...
  13. B

    SEO Siloing and how/when would you turn a niche site into an authority site?

    I'm about as green as it gets when it comes to affiliate marketing, but I'm quickly putting the pieces together and had a question for all the seasoned pros out there. I've found a pretty interesting market with a number of sub niches that I could absolutely compete and rank for within the next...
  14. J

    Looking For Best Silo Theme

    Hello, I Am Looking For Best WP Silo Structure Theme!! If Anyone Have Any Idea About Best Silo Structure Theme Please Post On Thread .. Thanks
  15. nycdude

    Physical silo vs. Virtual ... or both?

    Hey ya?ll I?m building a new website and I?m in my ?layout? stage with strict siloing in mind. I have experience with both physical and virtual silo structures but I never had the opportunity with my own site built from scratch to do what I want. Now, I assume if I set up my site both ways it...
  16. oscarslater

    REQ - what is the quickest way to make simple silo sites google will like

    Hi guys I am getting into ppc and ppv again and looking to automate (or vastly speed up) the creation of silo sites google will like for my ppc campaigns Can someone with experience tell me how they do it? I know it can be done with xsitepro quite easily (well I have been told this not...
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