REQ - what is the quickest way to make simple silo sites google will like

Discussion in 'CPA' started by oscarslater, Aug 14, 2009.

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    Hi guys

    I am getting into ppc and ppv again and looking to automate (or vastly speed up) the creation of silo sites google will like for my ppc campaigns

    Can someone with experience tell me how they do it?

    I know it can be done with xsitepro quite easily (well I have been told this not done it myself) but I would love to have an automatted way to make these 5 or 6 page sites.

    I will be using lpgen on custom landing pages on the silo sites but I want to really hammer down my quality scores with simple small sites that the landing pages attach to.

    Any help or advice either do's or don'ts will be welcome

    I have usually done my landing pages simply but I have fell away from ppc in recent years and don't want to learn the hard and expensive way. Hence asking the geniuses on here first

    Any ideas????

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    you answered your own question....Xsitepro
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