shared hostings

  1. llrestio

    Hosting for movie site?

    Hello fellow bhw user. Good evening. I wanted to ask you a question about hosting for movie website. So I am going to host my videos at service like streamsb, tape, doodstream etc. So I am only talking about website. I am new to this thing. Actually currently I don't have money. So i am...
  2. mainceaft

    Top 5 Best Shared Host

    Hey every one . I Just Start writing article about best 5 shared Host I Already reach half away on it . My sources first my personal experience specially I tried many hosting company . Second : review I read from customers specially from and Here...
  3. Ramsweb

    Why you should stay far away from GoDaddy hosting?

    I have always read that GoDaddy hosting sucks but I never really bothered to change my hosting plans as the traffic was too little to even bother. But, one site is beginning to get a steady stream of traffic and I started looking at site load speeds in Google analytics. Some wordpress pages...
  4. allphase

    Offshore Hosting Review

    I would like to start a offshore hosting list with real life testimonials of the pros... and the cons... of each i.e. (tos) (shared/vps/dedicated) (support) etc... Now I know there are a lot of them out there... But maybe we could narrow it down and help a lot of people from losing time...
  5. M

    Shared Hosting vs Dedicated SEO

    Does having a dedicated server really help you that much? Example: Site A - shared hosting Site B - dedicated hosting Both same content - same everything Will site B outrank site A? The reason I'm asking this is I have a few domains on shared hosting server. I...
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