1. A

    Benefits of using Instagram

    If you follow Instagram then do you know benefits you will get , 1. Visual engagement 2. Audience milegi 3. Build our own company
  2. lcf_talon

    Get the checkpoint 282 link in a heartbeat, tested 10/10 (image prove)

    Step 1: Download the image from the following address (Do not change the image name): Step 2: Update your profile picture --> Take three breaths and then...
  3. Y

    Facebook Unlimited Comment For Web Traffics

    Hello, I hope the members here are always in good health. #ASK I want to ask, is there a way to have unlimited Facebook comments? especially links. I spread links to FB to get organic traffic (not ads) to my website, but I always get warnings every 15-20 link comments per accounts. The other...
  4. blackhatpr

    addthis Share Tool Down

    Hello Everyone, Most of our websites using are not working. Can someone here tell me if there is downtime on their site ?? Any input would be appreciated.
  5. K

    Help Me With DropDown Share Button Setup (Please!)

    Hey I've been trying to set up a dropdown share button on my WordPress site. I want that button to look like a share icon, when clicked shows 3-4 social media options and another open for "Copy Link" Something like this - Spent a long time, and I had no clear option. Please help!
  6. S

    What is your favorite Social Networks Share Plugin?

    What is your favorite Social Networks Share Plugin that shares all your WordPress posts to almost all social networks and Web 2.0's?
  7. MR.Spuf

    Free proxy - ❗Public proxies ❗

    Hey everyone! I recently stumbled upon a great resource for free public proxies listed by country, and I thought I'd share it with you all. This website provides a regularly updated list of public proxies that you can use for anonymous browsing or to bypass geo-restrictions or for various task...
  8. N

    Need a Facebook Bot

    Hello guys! I am looking for someone who can build or sell me a custom bot for Facebook. We'll discuss the features I want in private If you have or know how to build it, please, contact me here: skype:
  9. Nw_Work

    Looking for envato template kit

    If you can please share with me a link to download for property development or real estate envato template kit. Was looking at these...
  10. Queen Heidi

    Weekend thread is ready !!! :)

    When is your birthday and what will you do on your special there any memorable moment? Time To Share ....:p -Queenheidi;)
  11. B

    Invisible links

    I recently received a message that included a description, and when clicked I got redirected to a photoshop page asking to purchase their software. The weird thing about the message is that there was no actual URL in the message, but it still redirected me to a website (screenshot of message in...
  12. Nana Dada

    Share: My userscript for BlackHatWorld (custom colors and limited width for better readability)

    Hi guys, I have been reading BHW for quite a while (lurking for more than a year now) and all that time I felt that it is somewhat hard to read, especially on large and wide desktop monitors. And I know there are some people just like me out there who find it hard too. And that's really a...
  13. CPA Studio

    List of Approved DL Sites?

    so can i have the list of approved DL sites please? My post was taken down because of not having downloads on approved DL Sites would appreciate responses.
  14. Fkleppe

    CDKEYS Gaming Affiliate Program

    Sorry, formatting does not look the same as in preview.
  15. H

    problem for share website link in facebook fanpage

    hello i have big problem , i share my website link to my facebook fanpage dont reach or facebook make my link spam! what is problem ? how can fix this problem ? please help me ?
  16. Peter Jacob

    Looking for Pro Advice <3 ? (and giving my own experience)

    Hello guys, i'm Peter from france, i ve created my french youtube channel early 2019 with my best friend (he isnt a BHW member). And i would like to share my own experience about using SEO & Youtube, and asks advice in same time if you got any, coz i'm really hard stuck at the moment. #qqsadface...
  17. fredrik123

    mozilla firefox clone trick for your unlimited work (fb/ig/yt/adword/email per each clone)

    this is old trick, i use this in 5 years. but i believe some people don't know about this trick. every browser clone is fresh browser after you creating. every clone have own cache and cookies, you like have multiple browser. so you can do unlimited work, create multiple social account, create...
  18. D

    Algoritm bot for new music platform

    Hi Guys, We need someone who can help us with the development of our new, low entree, minimal, "discover", "listen" and "share" music platform. We have a designer, we need you to code the algoritm needed to feed our platform. More details?, please PM. Already thanks for your reaction(s) Daniel
  19. _Venom_

    Best Tools to find out which posts are most Shared on SN?

    Hi guys, What are the best tools to find out which posts are most shared on Social Media like Facebook, Twitter etc? Thanks a lot very much to those who will answer me :)
  20. F

    Free Softonic Solutions Votes

    Hi, How can I do up vote in softonic solutions. It tried with vpn, proxy, socks5 but nothing up I am testing something, so who want test and get 20-30 votes for free? just first 2 people. Thanks
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