1. D

    Search engines who are easier to scrape for SERPs than Google?

    Google has very good anti-scraping measures. Which means to scrape Google you need good proxies, or need to pay for results from an API provider. I was wondering if anyone knew if the other search engines were also similarly tough to scrape for SERPs, or if maybe there were some search engines...
  2. davids355

    Building and ranking a niche website in 2022

    First things first; when you get started on your project you need to have your head in the right place. Think BIG, think POWERFUL, think of your niche website as a samurai sword - you want to keep to the original specification of a sword, you don't want to over-complicate it or turn it into...
  3. Myst3ry

    December seems like unstable month for the SERPs

    Well.... Happy New Year BHW!
  4. NooneInParticular

    What do you make of these spikes?

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this, yet I'd be really curious what the pros among you say to that SERP timeline of a certain keyword. Question is, why these spikes? Any ideas? Thanks!
  5. ClickNinja

    Youtube Competiton Analysis / Keyword Analysis???

    On Google it can be pretty easy to see if a keyword that you want to rank for is competitive or not: You simply look at what domains are ranking, are they big sites or forum posts? Are most of the results targeting the exact keyword? Are they long several thousand word posts? etc... But with...
  6. TomTheCat

    Google is testing a new pagination with infinite scrolling

    Is it just me that is seeing this? Just saw it for the first time a few minutes ago. It seems that Google tests infinite scrolling results, but you have to click on more results. Notice the page numbers on the left side, in circles, and the more results button in the footer. Also, it colors in...
  7. R

    which tools you use to monitor your SERPS?

    I usually monitor my important positions in Google and Bing by hand, using a VPN. Since the number of sites increased, it's becoming harder and harder to keep track of everything. As I need both Google and Bing, Ahrefs is not of much help, especially for a day to day basis. And, of course, I...
  8. Louis Timothy Dioso

    My meta description, tags and title is not showing on google search results

    Ok guys so I just wanted to ask some questions because last night I have added a new links to the search console because I optimize all my page already but those posts are already posted live on my site last last week. When i check my site on google ( the meta descriptions, tags...
  9. M

    Is the a keyword hack for GMB and knoewledge panel?

    When you type in a brand or business name into google (which happens to have a GMB listing) it will show up in the knowledge panel because google thinks you are searching specifically for that. When a business decides to name their business the exact keywords of a local service e.g. "plumber...
  10. Starblazer

    What is the logic behind interlinking same post?

    I've seen a 4 months old site rank for a competitive keyword without considerable backlinks. It has only 16 articles without any interlinking between the posts. But there are multiple links to the same post within the content. The content quality is decent but nothing extraordinary. Ahrefs & SEO...
  11. M


    I've been analyzing a niche with domain authority ''1'' and about 30 backlinks that are in the position one of the serps, is this normal?
  12. alexel

    Will Google Remove Your SERPs If Your Content Is Locked?

    If I'm ranking on 40+ keywords, and I lock the content for members only and asked them to signup to access the post - will Google remove my rankings?
  13. fxkool

    PMDs in 2020

    What do you think about PMDs in 2020? I use a PMD with the homepage in affiliate website. The domain itself is almost 1 yr old and now I am thinking whether I need to keep it or use a branded name instead? The ranking isn't great though...BUT I am not certain if the domain change would boost...
  14. Robertxl

    Blasted by Googlebot, No difference in ranking/index pages

    Hey guys, Question, my site gets an enourmous amounts of requests from Googlebot, and has been getting these for atleast 3 days straight. However when I search or check the serps, I dont see ANY differences at all. I finally thought I was about to kick off. Does anyone else...
  15. PbnGeek

    PBNs still WORK- AHREFs OP!!!

    People talk all about the trash and mumbo-jumbo about PBNs without any proper research into the subject. Just worked on a client site with some powerful PBNs and wanted to share the results here. Quite positive, right? :) Here I have simplified(from highest search volumes to lowest) the...
  16. JF92

    Been trying to identify the cause of a rank drop for 7 months now... help officially needed!

    Hello folks! As the title suggests, my company has been dealing with a fairly devastating loss in rankings and traffic since the beginning of this year. I'm absolutely out of ideas at this point, and I could really use the advice of this awesome community... I'll start with a little...
  17. K

    How To Have Multiple Pages Displayed When You Rank 1 In SERPs

    In some search queries the first results get multiple pages showed under the main page, how can I make my website look that way when it ranks first. For example, if you search amazon the first result would be and underneath it "amazon prime" and "today's deal". what's the name of...
  18. da_marketing

    Why is the biggest SEO forum on the internet not talking about this?

    BHW is hands-down one of the biggest forums on the Internet, and there is no questioning that. We talk about pretty much everything from raking top on SERPs to social media marketing. But, one thing that rarely hits the forum topics is Top Stories -- biggest money-maker for publishers. I'm...
  19. mancunian

    How do I remove a banned Live Event from Google rankings?

    OK so a competitor got some of my questionable YouTube live events banned from YouTube and my account closed by Google. Problem is that the listings & thumbnails for my Live Events still appear on page 1 of Google even after several months and when they are clicked on the message is something...
  20. mikev

    Extra High TTFB For My Sites

    Hello guys, all of my pages on my Host Gator shared hosting plan have TTFB > 0.3s. Two Affiliate Sites are having 0.6s TTFB, but my biggest site now has around 6.22s TTFB on average which I know is unacceptable. My site is currently struggling in the SERPS and the reason behind this I believe...
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