serp analysis

  1. L

    Is this the ugliest SERP you've ever seen?

    For me yes, I passed out while trying to count how many times the domain appeared the most. Perhaps you have even more disturbing examples to share? I'm really curious how much this update messed up the SERPs.
  2. R

    Is there a way to check sites by content and keys at the same time for a list match?

    Colleagues, hello! 1. Suppose I have several hundred sites. 2. I have a list of words that are relevant to my queries. For example, everything about cigarettes: smoking, cigarette brands, smoking treatment, etc. - dozens or even hundreds of words. 3. I have a need to check all these sites for...
  3. T

    Duplicate meta description showing in SERP after writing new meta description for each page.

    I Google is showing similar meta descriptions across all the pages. I have updated all the meta descriptions on my own and they are properly placed in the code. What's the issue? Any help would be highly appreciated.
  4. H

    Scrap Google url SERP Zennoposter

    Hi, I met a problem and didn't find any solution. I'm trying to scrap url on google serp, but i can't scrip it because a h3 class is remove (before i was taking this part) and i don't how to take the url from <a href ; because Zennoposter desn't regonize the div class. Any idea ?
  5. mainceaft

    My new website is indexed but not ranked

    So about 4 months ago I bought new domain and decide to start from scratch, I already prepared long mid-easy competitive KS's list, and I start creating contents for it, I even hire writers. Surprise surprise, my website SERP weren't moving a bit in past months, nothing change at all, I never...
  6. mainceaft

    Link relativity are stronger than you think in eyes of G

    Couple minutes ago I was searching in G about some project I was planning to do, The KW aren't competitive so G shows to me two results from same domain the official KW page in that (authority domain) were second while the sub page were first . The second page contains only links for examples...
  7. M

    Does bigger onsite keyword density make you rank higher for this keyword?

    Hi, I'm thinking about cannibalization. So I've read few articles about cannibalization, and there've been said you should target only one keyword within a page/URL. So my question is if you have more content about a specific topic such as smartphones. Doesn't it make your site rank higher for...
  8. predator1988@

    SEO help for pages?

    Hello I have 1-year-old website with 10K pages. Around 300 referring domains all contextual, good diversity etc. I am in the top 10 for the main keywords but my pages are not ranking very well. They stuck from 20-40 positions. Any advice?
  9. Bajanman

    Rankings fell this week. Whats going on??

    Hey everyone!! I noticed some major ranking drops this week. Anybody know whats going on? Thanks in advance guys!!
  10. Vinyas Gowda

    Backlinks showing up in semrush but not in SERP!

    I see most of the backlinks which I have done shows up in SEMrush but while searching with site : (url) it doesn't show up in the SERP. Does this mean URL is indexed by Google or not? If not indexed how come semrush picked it? Requesting experts to kindly advice.
  11. Didou

    Outranking high DA websites

    Hello everyone, I hope you guys are doing well. Often when I check the SERP to see if the keyword is low or high competition (based on backlinks, DA, PA..etc) I see some high DA websites that are ranking on the first page of google but not for the exact keyword. For example, let's say that I...
  12. Mr.Leo

    SERP Analysis: Can't find my page

    I'm using a keyword with low difficulty and when I search for it I can't find it in the top 100 not even in the top 10 and even when I type Site:mysite intitle: keyword the blogpost doesn't appear... I want to know what is the reason and is there is any potential for this page to be removed...
  13. Meet Patel

    How can we add the total number of SERP search results in Google Sheet?

    I want to scrape total number of SERP Result for Particular Search Keyword, and then put that number in Google Sheet. Is there any specific Formula/Query for that?
  14. B

    Ahrefs SERP traffic (FREE) alternative?

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for a free alternative to Ahrefs serp traffic analyzer. Ubersuggest has some nice features, but when it usually shows traffic of 0 when you want to see how much traffic page's ranking for a certain keyword are getting. I don't mind if its limited as I wouldn't be...
  15. T

    SERP Analysis: 10 Steps to Accurate Keyword Qualification

    Looking for a way to more accurately qualify keyword opportunities? Use this SERP analysis framework. You’ve built a keyword list and tagged all the relevant opportunities. But there’s another crucial step before you start optimizing your keywords and creating content. And that’s Qualification...
  16. zerolimit

    my kw got beaten by new website with no backlink

    for SEO guru here, maybe you can help me a little bit, as I'm quite confused. There are 2 sites : site A and site B. site A (rank 1) kw mention 26 long tail kw got mention 1 another long tail kw got mention 10 page speed : 6.3s DA : 1 PA : 5 TF : 0 CF : 0 created : 2019-05-23 site B (rank 13)...
  17. the gent

    How To Approach these kind of KWs?

    Hi there So, i have my 'Homepage' ranking on First & second page for a couple of KWs like these for example: - healthy chicken recipes - healthy lunch idea - healthy snacks - healthy banana bread All KWs are low difficulty keywords Long Tail that are written on my homepage description and...
  18. Larry Igna

    Serp tool

    Just found this by googling around, it may be useful to some here. Link HERE Maybe you guys need this
  19. HenryObi

    These Keywords Are Ranking Already(Stats Included), How Can You Improve Them?

    Was going through the my site's performance on the Search console. Apparently am stuck at these positions, if you were in my shoes what would be your next action to improve them? The screenshots are for both web and image search, my site is image intensive site, and apparently I get lots of...
  20. ProRankTracker

    [From the creators of ProRankTracker] Simple&Powerful SERP Rank Monitor. Starting $5/m

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