seo help needed

  1. F

    Can i get some advice regarding duplicate content on Ecommerce site

    Hi All, Since most of your are experts at what you do hopefully you can advice me on how i can resolve the below issue without having to 301 each url manually which is just too long. so this is my issue i have a ecommerce website and since i list the same product in multiple categories this...
  2. L

    Help: unknown URLs getting associated with domain

    Hi everyone, This forum has motivated me to start my own blog. I’m new to this game. I got a domain name, made Wordpress blog. I purchased domain name for example in august. I kept on working on my blog and made my blog go live around end of September. before purchasing domain I checked...
  3. H

    Need Expert Advice for On-Page SEO

    Hi SEO experts. Looking for Expert Advice for ON-Page. Our current site is ranking for a good amount of keywords, but we rank for a lot of keywords for the same page. We want to start creating keyword-specific articles with URLs, meta titles and descriptions dedicated to on focus keyword...
  4. F

    URL Inspection - pages not indexed question about user defined canonical

    Hey guys I am quite new to seo and building sites. I am checking my GSC to see if all my URLs are indexed and I am seeing my host address as my user-defined canonical. Should it be this or... what should I do?
  5. D

    Need a SEO VA

    Hi I am looking for someone who is advanced in SEO and has helped grow blogs before. I have a travel blog that needs more views. Send me a DM with examples of work you have done and any testimonials.
  6. D

    Need SEO VA

    Hi I am a travel blogger and have my own travel blog that has been running for about 2 and a bit years now. I am from the UK and my travel blog is about places I been around the world and travel tips etc. my DA is 31 but only getting 3 to 7k views a month I want more views and my content...
  7. alishakapoor

    [Need Help] Getting lot of impressions but No Clicks

    Hello Folks, Its been 6 months since the website is live & because of constant updates from google website is yet to get any credible traffic. Though I see a lot of impressions coming, but no clicks. What can be the possible reasons? Your help is appreciated
  8. D

    Need SEO Link Backing Help?

    I have a travel blog that I have had for 3 years and only getting around 30 views from SEO a day. I need help with what was I can do to get more backlinks to my keywords so that my blog posts can get more views and so can my site. is there any other ways than just doing guest posting. I...
  9. Sushant Pawar

    If I used WP translator plugin then..

    Hello there If I used WP translator plugin then on my blog then will my blog list for that keywords? For eg. My blog is about "fitness" then will it list for "fitness in Spanish" Or I have to translate whole blog post manually and repost it?
  10. D

    Need SEO advice

    I run my own travel blog on wordWordP and it has been up for about 3 years. I can only seem to get about 50 views a day From SEO and I need some advice on what I am doing is write. Also how do I get high quality backlinks to my keywords and is domain authority score important and if so how do...
  11. Y

    How long does it take to rank after backlinks have been indexed!

    Hello guys, I've been busting my ass trying to build quality backlinks to my website and have succeeded. I was trying to rank for one keyword for one URL on my site. I have finally gotten quality backlinks to my URL and its been 1 month they have been indexed too. But my URL is still stuck on...
  12. ColeAsh

    Thinking about giving up, well idk

    Howdy, I am thinking about giving up on the whole SEO thing, well I'm just feeling really down. The Story: I started a local service business to bring in more money for my family. Our goal (my new wife and I) is to buy a house and put a good down payment on this house. I started working 7...
  13. ReliableSEOGuy

    On page SEO WP ecom

    I'm currently travelling without my laptop and doing everything on my phone is a pain in the @ss. Tasks that are still open: - doing on page SEO for 7 pages (nothing done yet) - importing products (mainly the pics and a few metrics) Payment: Let's discuss this via pm. I'm open for an hourly...
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