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    My articles disappeared from Google

    Hi After the October update, All my ranking articles have disappeared. My site decreased from 1,500 visitors per day to 20 visitors. I modified more than 30 old articles and published new articles, but they do not appear in Google, while in GSC it appears that the link is indexed. 1. What is...
  2. N

    E-commerce Seo Help!!

    I am still confused about how to write a product description as per SEO as some of my product descriptions are too long to make it more informative than my competitor's as Semrush's on-page checker suggested but still not ranking well and outranking the competitors Any suggestions or tips...
  3. Kutum

    Few questions about SEO

    Hello, everyone. I'm currently working in the IPTV industry and generating a decent income. I'm considering leveraging SEO to increase sales and traffic, but I have some critical questions before I invest time in learning SEO or hiring an expert to do it for me. If my website receives a DMCA...
  4. webMahesh

    "What are the latest Google algorithm updates, and how should I adapt my SEO strategy to stay compliant and competitive?"

    "Can someone tell me what Google recently changed in how it ranks websites, and how should I adjust my website to stay competitive and follow these new rules?"
  5. hightable

    My SEO goals

    As an SEO expert, my primary goal is to optimize and improve the visibility, rankings, and organic traffic of websites in search engine results pages (SERPs). my aim is to enhance a website's online presence, making it more accessible and attractive to search engines and, ultimately, to users...
  6. ciphercipher1

    Regarding work at SEO agency

    Hello everyone, I am not really sure if this kind of posts are allowed here, but I am looking for a job at SEO agency. I am not a complete beginner and I can pick up technical stuff pretty quickly. I am willing to talk about my experience in private. If anyone with an agency needs some workers...
  7. mnsharma769

    Hiring Someone to Unravel Website Ranking Secrets on Google!

    Hello fellow forum members, I am currently in search of a skilled freelancer who can assist me in unraveling the mystery behind a particular website's remarkable ranking for some of the highly competitive keywords on Google in the USA. I'm astonished by how this website manages to rank so high...
  8. T

    [journey] planning for the the Ultimate Authority Niche Blog

    Greetings, members of BlackHatWorld! Im from tier 3 country with a plan - to create the go-to authority niche blog after reading this thread by #### [splishsplash]#### ### and this...
  9. C

    Why is my competitor outperforming me without any relevant keyword targeted content?

    My competitor is ranking for keywords without have any sort of relevant content on the website. How is this possible? I have checked through tools like screaming frog and find no trace of content which includes keywords such as eg: melbourne graphic design agency, design...
  10. GGP AD.gif

    GGP AD.gif is a gest posting agency, that sells guest posts on both low budget and premium websites. We have a data of more than 20,000 websites where we can publish for our clients
  11. armur

    How to Stop This Free Fall in Website Traffic

    I've had this Amazon Affiliate Blog for over 4 years now and the traffic was always steady around the 60-70k impressions per month range. That was until last Feb (2022) when traffic started dropping steadily. I thought it was some seasonal thing and let it be and didn't really concentrate on...
  12. uhq

    [QUESTION FOR BHW PEOPLE] Is Google penalizing websites with AI-generated content as "spam"?

    Hello BHW! I have seen people saying that Google is penalizing AI-generated content on the search engine because it's "spam". Other people are saying that AI-generated content is not penalized, and Google it's okay with it if the quality of article is good. So what do you think guys? I'm...
  13. R

    Competing Against Directories

    Hi All my first real post beside the intro. I primarily came here to buy links, sorry guys selling links :) . I started looking around and as a blackhat "SEO" guy I found a lot of stuff to read, the kind of stuff where I was like yeah I knew that works when 90% of the internet says it doesn't...
  14. jiya raichand

    Can anyone help me to solve the mystery of "Google Analytics Direct Traffic"

    Hi there, For one of my client website from Oct 2021 to July 2022 there was hug increase in direct traffic/goals in GA. Please check the attached screenshot. As you can see in the given screenshot, now he is not getting the traffic. What could be the reason for this? Please help me to...
  15. dakudaddy

    Internal Link Method ?

    Hey BHW Is there any way to link hundreds of post internally? Thanks
  16. S

    Thanks for existing, BlackHatWorld! New user ready to learn from you guys

    Hi everyone! I cant tell you guys how excited I am to finally find an in-depth forum on SEO! Now, I'm quite new to the world of SEO, indexing and Googles' ever-changing circus. I am however someone who loves reading up on things and absorb from people with much more experience then I have on...
  17. uhq

    [TAKE A LOOK PLEASE] Advice: $10k per month with Scratch New White Hat SEO Website

    Hello BHW, Some time ago I created a "successful" SEO website but it took me 2-3 years to get recognition and it was all free with Blogger (if you are starting in SEO you can make a free website with 0 investment and persistence). Currently, I want to get into the SEO world again but do it...
  18. jiya raichand

    UTM Parameters - Will it affect SEO

    Hi there, I have one doubt, one of my client using utm urls to track their leads. For eg - ( this url she is using to track how many leads comes from GMB ) similar way on blog post, instead of linking our idle page, she is giving...
  19. syconet

    Blogspot Domain with1 page & high DA

    Hello, I'm seeing some blogs with 1 page and high DA in some link profile. There is no redirection to those domain, though high number of backlink. Do you think such backlink will help the main site?
  20. kamilnazarli

    10 Proven Strategies for Improving Your Blog's Performance on Wordpress, Blogger and other Platforms

    There are several ways to improve your blog on Wordpress, Blogger, and other blogging platforms: Optimize for Search Engines (SEO): Use relevant keywords in your blog post titles, meta descriptions, and throughout the post. This will help your blog rank higher in search engines and drive more...
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