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  1. ensky

    Can we write duplicate content part? Within the same site.

    Ahrefs has a concept of keyword cannibalization, which talks about the problem of keyword cannibalization ( ARTICLE example: ARTICLE: 1. How to Choose the Right Laptop H2: Pick Your Operating System H2: Know Your CPUs H2: Graphics Cards H2: How...
  2. jiya raichand

    Some ideas for my new website

    Hi all, I have one domain where i was putting content mostly related to "marketing blogs" ( blogs on social media or related to SEO ). Recently i have changed my website and planning to make that website as a digital marketing agency website but i am not sure will it work or not. I am having...
  3. Muneeb07

    How To Plan A Perfect Content Strategy

    To me a content strategy is a document that clarifies the following for everyone involved: · the business goals for the content · what we know about the target audience · assessment of any current content given the above · a list of new topics, formats, timing and delivery platforms · the ways...
  4. M

    Specialists for Google ranking as well as downranking of unwanted content

    Hello all, at this point we are looking for an absolute specialist in the Seo area. It is about the following: We have many projects that we actively promote via Google Ads. The problem is that a few days after the start of the application, bad reviews about us already appear. These are not...
  5. Bilal343

    How do I choose and write for a keyword or topic?

    In essence, this depends on what type of website you have, how new it is, what your goals are, and what the competition is doing. Having a local website for an accountant will lead to many different topics than a national e-commerce website that sells fidget spinners. In general, most people...
  6. Bilal343

    [Regex Power in #SEO] How to find FAQs you can write answers for and get extra instant #organic traffic?

    First of all: "Instant" = 1-3 months in SEO NOTE: You need some organic data to make this method work. 1) Go to Google Search Console 2) Click "+ New" and choose "Query" 3) Choose "Regex" from the dropdown list 4) Input ^(who|what|where|when|why|how)[” “] 5) Apply This Regex will find you all...
  7. B

    Gatsby.js for Blog?

    Did anyone use Gatsby.js for their personal Niche Website or Authority Website? How does it compare to WordPress SEO wise? Also are there any special SEO practices that I need to implement for a Gatsby.js website? I work as a front-end developer, so pretty much I am able to code up my own...
  8. H

    Need Expert Advice for On-Page SEO

    Hi SEO experts. Looking for Expert Advice for ON-Page. Our current site is ranking for a good amount of keywords, but we rank for a lot of keywords for the same page. We want to start creating keyword-specific articles with URLs, meta titles and descriptions dedicated to on focus keyword...
  9. andykym

    Promoting My Blog Failed !!

    I have a blog based on CRO (I am a Beginner) niche. One of the way that I choose to promote is using Niche related Forums. I found WorriorForum, Actiontakershub, H-educate Forum , Money Maker Discussinon forum etc.... on these list I allowed to post only on H-educate Forum and Actiontakershub...
  10. B

    Looking for SEO partner

    Hi There, I have recently started celebrity XXX site that i need for SEO Partner. If you have good knowledge In SEO and getting traffic from 1 and 2 tiers then feel free to PM me. We will split the profits 50/50, no bullshit. Looking for a real partnership here. So only contact me if you're...
  11. S

    Need SEO expert in spanish niches

    I want hire a seo expert in spanish & niches The goal is to rank them efficiently, they are monetized with lead generation Thanks
  12. ensky

    how does google determine authority?

    1. Does google determine the authority by one page or by the whole website? Everyone says that vertical Niche is easy to get ranked, what is the reason? Some people writing an article only need a week and can have hundreds of keywords ranked. while others may take two months, does it have...
  13. K

    Engaging And High-Quality SEO Articles & Blog Posts Writing Service at $0.70

    Content writing services are everywhere. But with professional content writers, you get one of the best pieces written that rank your web pages and websites high on the Search Engine. I have been working in the Content Market for several years and prioritize Client Satisfaction when it comes to...
  14. Hostinglogy

    decline in website traffic

    So the ranking of my website is stable, however, the traffic has decreased a lot since 25th May, which is the day Google started rolling out the core update. My question is whether the decrease in traffic is somehow related to the core update or something else. The dates coincide but somehow it...
  15. Chdead

    What would you like in a NEW simple SEO plugin that works with most websites?

    Hello guys I'm creating an SEO app (not mobile app) like Yoast but I want it to be beginners friendly and focuses on the most important features rather than the hundreds other apps provide without actual results. Which features would you like in a simple SEO app that will help you optimize your...
  16. jiya raichand

    Automatically Change Website Language Based On Visitor Country

    Hi there, I have one website which is in english language. I want to show same content/page in different language depending on country wise visitors. How can i do this in wordpress website and will it affect SEO ? Thanks :)
  17. P

    What is first step towards SEO for a fresh website?

    I have created a website and fully optimized it with fresh content, design and everything, now I want to optimize it for SEO and I want to know hat is first step to do SEO where I start to do SEO.?
  18. Q

    [Journey] To Scale a Niche Website to 50,000 Pageviews a Month

    I've been reading the website journey on BHW for quite some time now, so I've decided to start my website with this journey thread. I'm writing this journey to keep me motivated and focused. I'll be updating it weekly. About Me: I haven't introduced myself even though I have been here since...
  19. Nishida

    What has been the most useful SEO topic for you at BHW?

    Hi, What has been the most useful SEO topic for you at BHW?
  20. S

    i just started my blog website and i want tips to bring more traffic

    Hello i just started my journey with my blog and i want to learn more about seo and how to bring traffic organically and also paid if possible for now i just want to use adsense to generate so if you have any tips please help me i want this project of mine to work for the long terme so i will be...