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  1. Dexser

    Spinner for French texts ?? :)

    Hi, Does anyone know a spinner for French texts? WordAI has a version for the French language, but it doesn't work... Do you have any other Free / Paid tools? Just a tool that does its job properly. Thanks a lot!
  2. Dexser

    Tools to retrieve the positions of the sites in relation to a competitor.

    Basically I'm looking for a way, technique, tool to get for example the first 10 or 30 positions of my competitors on several keywords. To have the list of the first 30 for the keyword "car". To have the list of the first 30 for the keyword "bus". Have the list of the first 30 for the keyword...
  3. jiya raichand

    Someone copying my website content with anchor link too

    Hi All, Having one doubt, not sure what to do. I was checking my GSC backlinks report. From there i found one website based on our niche and they copied whole content from our website, even they didnt change the link also :D . On my website i have inter link one to other page, they kept same...
  4. kurosaki4d

    Question about Keyword Cannibalisation

    Hello, I have an article that is performing well for the keyword, ex: fast sports shoes for 100km And I have other articles in mind that I think that I can rank for. They have closely similar keywords, ex: fast sports shoes for 200m solid sports shoes for 100km Which leads me to my...
  5. E

    Does Marijuana related content hurt DA score and google ranking?

    My question is about publishing THC, CBD, Vaporizers, Grinders, etc. content on our website. Seems like these people have a hard time finding sponsored posts. Does google dislike ranking these types of articles? Would it hurt my overall DA to start excepting content that is related to...
  6. LearningForever

    Spanish speaking SEO writer

    Looking for a freelance writer for SEO articles in native spanish: neutral spanish for latin america (ie. Mexico) or spanish from Spain. Must know about SEO and marketing to know how to write to sell products. Articles contents will be about various niches (fitness, health, spirituality, pets...
  7. jiya raichand

    Hack to increase your DA ahref, moz etc

    Hi all, I am not sure is it useful or not but I just noticed one thing from a competitor. These types of link building they are doing:- , -- is it useful ??? and by doing like this...
  8. jiya raichand

    Sudden Drop in organic traffic

    Hi all, My site was doing well but after 16th aug there is big drop in clicks and impressions though avg position and CTR same, there is no change in that but how come clicks and impressions dropped. I checked google analytics too there is big drop in organic traffic. Please Let me Know :)
  9. R

    SEO specialist and marketing expert

    Hello Friends, We are looking for an expert SEO specialist and marketing expert to promote our websites. The right candidate will be able to publish articles and press across many popular sources and make sure they are highly ranked on google. We are looking for a long-term position...
  10. jiya raichand

    SEPT 2020 Google Update.

    Hi all, Did anyone notice any sudden ranking drops for the respective sites ? In the search console, I noticed a sudden drop in ranking for some of my site. Please confirm. Thanks :)
  11. curiousbro11

    high school graduate introduction

    Hello everyone! I just joined this forum. I am 17 years old high school graduate. I am coding my own website so I am here to learn various methods to monetize it, bring organic traffic and make website more SEO friendly. I hope to learn a lot of things from everyone here.
  12. J

    Indexing content

    Good day, please I submitted my sitemap to search console and they have not indexed some of my articles, Over 5days now but some of my pages are indexed while none of my post has been indexed, now the question is that I want to apply for google adsence, must my post be indexed before I apply?
  13. B


    Wil rewritten plr articles rank? Or will they just be a waste of time?
  14. akaseo

    **Recommend** SEO Tips

    This is my website and I need advice on how can I improve my DA. Also, I need to know especially for my website what i need to do or buy to rank it more above.
  15. *Heracles*

    Newbie SEO Strategy

    Hi folks, I am launching a new eCommerce website and trying to come up with a simple SEO strategy. I am thinking of creating a series of pages (1000 or so), each page will focus on a specific keyword including pic, heading and description. Has anyone used this strategy before? any hints and...
  16. Mr.Leo

    SERP Analysis: Can't find my page

    I'm using a keyword with low difficulty and when I search for it I can't find it in the top 100 not even in the top 10 and even when I type Site:mysite intitle: keyword the blogpost doesn't appear... I want to know what is the reason and is there is any potential for this page to be removed...
  17. kamezzz

    Looking for advice about SEO

    Hi, everyone. I'm a Chinese user learning SEO these days but it's a bit hard to find the completed guideline for that. And I also want to know some free tools for SEO. Thanks!
  18. Danki

    What do you think of this idea? (letting people submit articles)

    I'm a person who love science, and I'd like to contribute and share information about this topic. It's a very hard niche, BUT I chose to start it anyway. So I run a science website, and working for a long time, I realize that I can't work on this niche alone, so I thought maybe letting people...
  19. C

    <html> <header><title>Hello World</title></header></html>

    Hello everyone at BHW! I've been introduced to this space by my manager/mentor. I'm here to learn about IM, SEO and SEM while understanding how this world works. Thanks, C
  20. Colbatz

    Copywriter Vintage Design Niche

    Hi, I am searching for a native english copywriter to write seo optimised articles for a design gallery website. I want to find a person to create a long term collaboration. The offer is 1.8 $ for 100 words. Every article should be at least composed of 1000 words. Payment with PayPal.